The new boy

April doesn't have friends. She prefers school to home which is proper weird because she is bullied up until the new boy and her become closer, who is the new boy and why is Aprils problems disappearing?


2. The first day back

It's the first day back on school so I've tried extra hard to look my best, my hair was carefully curled, my make up well, I don't like to brag, but it looks perfect just like people's in the movies. I'm not like many 16 year olds I enjoy school, it's better than home. Home is hell. Anyway I get dressed with not a single Crees in my grey jumper with the ugliest school logo in the whole world I slide into my skin tight trousers put my blazer on tie my tie and leave the house.

The school bell rings just as I enter the school gates "shit, I wanted to be early today!" But I don't run, i don't want to look like a loser I don't want the girls to see me. "Hey loser, get your fat arse over here now!" Too late Veronica and her followers they saw me, I carry on walking down the corridors to get to my form room. "Didn't you hear me? I said get over here now, you ugly bitch!" I carry on slowly speeding up, I don't say want thing just carry on walking. "Girls, can I borrow some gum?" I knew what she was gonna do, so I run. I run down the corridor trying to hold the tears from falling down my cheek. I look behind there following me their speeding up running. Finally I get to the form room. Everyone states at me. They begin to laugh as I walk to my seat. I sit down next to my 'friend' Anna. "Ew, is that gum in your hair. Mucky bitch!" I suppose she's not really my friend after all. "Ew, must have been Veronica". I pull as much gum out as I could but it was proper stuck I had to cut it, I had to cut my long blonde hair that I'd been growing for over three years, it's all the way to my bum now, or should I have said was down to my bum I had to cut it so now one bit is super short and super noticeable. I scoop my hair into a scruffy bun, as soon as I do that a boy ovs new I've never seen him before walks into the room. He strokes his fingers through his beautiful blonde hair he's so beautiful. " hey I'm new, I'm meant to be in 11DP is this the right room.?" His voice sounds like an angles I feel like I'm floating up to the sky the teacher points to the chair opposite me and tells him to sit there. Eeeeeeeek.



"Hi I'm Niall I'm new"

"Hey, i know your new here I mean your too gorgeous not to notice " omg did I literally just say that omg I'm too embarrassed I guarantee that I'm as red as a fucking tomato

" erm thanks.... I think"

" erm I'm really sorry that sort of came out wrong, i meant it's a small school there's not a lot of people so when a new person arrives it's like breaking news "

I've totally saved my self phew

"I liked the first thing you said better"

I bet he did. I mean you could resist this hottie. Haha. A lot of people could. I stay as cool as I can but every lesson I'm with him he is sent to the opposite side of the stupid classes. I could have sworn I nearly shouted 'no sit next to me' in maths. now that would have been embarrassing, okay maybe I did shout it out no biggy I'm sure the whole class didn't hear it and start laughing at me.

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