Whispers [L.T.]

She left without a single goodbye. He was devastated and heartbroken. No one knew what to do to help his aching pain. Just as everyone thought he was starting to heal up tragedy struck once more. News of her death soon swept everyone's ears. No one knew how she died except her best friend. Her best friend knew something that Maria was keeping from just about everyone. She was pregnant. Now months after Maria's death news of this baby girl surface and her guardian is forced to make amends with a few of her bullies from high school in order to keep custody of her. Will this little baby girl bring two aching hearts together? Can just one little girl be the cure of happiness everyone is looking for?


6. Him.

Lauren's POV:

Tonight is gonna be the first date I have been on in a few years. It's gonna feel weird not having Annie on my side but I knew she was safe with Louis tonight. I looked at my reflection in the mirror as I traced my eye with makeup. After I was done I walked into the living room to see Lou playing with Annie and Hazel flipping through the channels. 

"Wow you look great." Louis muttered as his eyes widened. 

"He's right Lauren!" Hazel smiled at me. 

"Thanks guys." I smiled at them right before we heard a knock at the door. Suddenly nervousness took over my body. Annie answered the door and Liam walked in with some lilies. He kissed my cheek before we left for dinner. 


Louis's POV:

 When Ellie had called me asking me to watch Annie for the night I was excited, until I found out why. Liam asked her on a date. Why did it bother me so much? All I know is when I saw her in that dress I wanted to stand up and kiss her. Maybe it was just the heat of the moment. Or maybe just maybe I was starting to develop feelings for her. I mean is that even fair? 

"She looked great." Hazel muttered staring at me. 

"Yeah she did." I said. 

"Doesn't that bother you?"

"Bother me?" 

"Yeah you know, her going out with Liam and not you?" 

"Why would that bother me?" 

"Oh come on Lou, it's obvious you like her." She giggled. 

"No what's obvious is the feelings you have for Niall." I teased. 

"Even Niall says you like her!" She stuck her tongue out at me. 

"What would he know?" I chuckled. 

"Stop denying it!" She pouted causing me to laugh. 

"I'm going to put Annie to bed." I said picking her up in my arms. When I got into Annie's room I put her in her crib and stared at her. She was a beautiful baby but each day she looks more like Maria. Those blue eyes of hers are going to cause pain for any guy that falls in love with her, I just know it. I was a fool to fall in love with Maria, I was even warned. By Ellie actually, but I doubt she remembers it. 

"Since when does a date involve two guys?" I turned my head to see Ellie leaning against the door. 

"Two guys?" I questioned. 

"Yeah Niall tagged along." She sighed walking over to me. Niall you cheeky monkey...

"So you didn't have fun?" 

"At first it was okay but I dunno.." She sighed. "It didn't feel right for some reason." 

"Maybe it's because Niall was there." I joked. 

"Maybe." She shrugged. 

"Or maybe it's because you're in love with someone else." I teased. 

"That would make a lot of sense." She giggled rolling her eyes. 

"Maybe it's Annie." I smirked. 

"Totally." She smiled. 

"Well since you're home I guess I'll leave." I smiled. 

"So soon?" She frowned. 

"Well I could stay.." I started and saw a smile form on her lips. 

"I have wine." She smirked. 

"Then I guess I could stay longer." I smirked. 

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