Whispers [L.T.]

She left without a single goodbye. He was devastated and heartbroken. No one knew what to do to help his aching pain. Just as everyone thought he was starting to heal up tragedy struck once more. News of her death soon swept everyone's ears. No one knew how she died except her best friend. Her best friend knew something that Maria was keeping from just about everyone. She was pregnant. Now months after Maria's death news of this baby girl surface and her guardian is forced to make amends with a few of her bullies from high school in order to keep custody of her. Will this little baby girl bring two aching hearts together? Can just one little girl be the cure of happiness everyone is looking for?


5. Dinner.

Lauren's POV: 

 I laid on the couching watch Vampire Diaries and crying my eyes out when my attention turned to Hazel running in. She looked extremely happy and I've learned that it's never a good thing for her to look like that. 

"What happened?" I asked. 

"He wants us to go to dinner with them." She squealed and I groaned. 

"But..." I muttered. 

"Come on clean up your face and get ready!" She pulled me off the couch and pushed me towards the bathroom. "It'll be fun."

"Speak for yourself." 

"I am!" 

I splashed some water on my face but decided not to redo my make up. I walked back out and engulfed Annie up in my arms. She smiled up at me as her blue eyes glowed. I followed the loud obnoxious sound of my best friend into the living room. She was yelling at the TV like usual. 

"Done yelling at the TV?" I asked. 

"Yes." She sighed. 

"Lets go then." 

"No makeup?"

"Nope." I said popping the 'p'.

When we got to the restaurant I asked for a highchair. After we got a highchair the waitress took us over to the guys. Louis scooted over and allowed me to sit next to him while Hazel sat next to Niall. I avoided making eye contact with Harry and Zayn because I could just feel their eyes. 

"So how was your day?" I looked up to see Liam smiling at me. 

"It was nice." I mumbled. 

"Annie and her had coffee with me this morning." Louis said playing with Annie.

"Oh that's nice." Harry muttered. 

"Yeah Annie is already becoming a daddy's girl." I smiled. 

"She has your eyes Lou." Niall smiled. 

"No those eyes belong to Maria.." He muttered. Those eyes that caused everyone so much pain... I thought. Everyone went silent for a few seconds before Zayn's phone started ringing breaking our thoughts. He left the table and went outside then lite up a cigarette. 

"He smokes?" I questioned. 

"Yeah it relieves the stress." Liam answered. 

"Do you all smoke?"

"No!" Louis defended.

"Just Zayn." Liam chuckled. 

"I hope it kills him..." I whispered under my breath. 

"What?" Harry asked rising his eyebrow at me. 

"Nothing." I smiled as Louis started chuckling. 

"I heard that." He whispered in my ear causing me to blush. 

"So Lauren what do you do?" Liam asked. 

"She's a stay at home mommy." Hazel giggled. 

"Hazel is the one who works while I stay home taking care of Annie." I smiled at the little girl in Louis's arms. 

"She wanted to be a music producer and an actress." Hazel smiled and I blushed. 

"Hey guys we gotta go." Zayn said rushing back in almost out of breath. 

"Something wrong?" Hazel asked. 

"Fans." Niall sighed. 

 Everyone got up in a hurry and rushed towards the back. When I stood up I heard a rip and noticed that my shirt ripped. 

"Crap..." I muttered. Louis stood there with Annie in his arms staring at me with worried eyes. "Go I'll be fine." I tried to reassure. 

"No, here put this on." He said handing me Annie before taking off his hoodie. I handed her back before putting on the hoodie, then he grabbed my hand and we hurried to catch up with the others. Sadly we couldn't find them but instead the paps found us. 

"Who's this Louis?" One asked. 

"Is she your new girlfriend?" Another asked. 

"Is that baby yours miss?" 

"Is it yours Louis?" 

Louis looked like he was going to explode with anger or sadness I wasn't exactly sure which one. So as Annie clung to him I looked back at the paps who were taking pictures of me. 

"I'm sorry" I whispered to Louis. "Louis just saved me like the great guy he is. That little girl is mine so please don't deface Louis." I started to tear up. They stopped taking pictures and let us pass. I noticed the sad look on their faces and felt like I had just won some major battle. 

"That was brillant!" He shouted with happiness. "You were so great, I even thought you were about to cry for a moment there!" 

"Well I have had practice." I giggled blushing a bit. 

"You're fantastic Ellie." He smiled at me. 

"Ellie?" I blushed. "H-how..."

"Maria told me." 

I looked up from my feet to see Hazel and Niall waving at us. I smiled as she ran over to us. I noticed Zayn was on the phone leaning against the wall smoking yet another cigarette. Harry was talking to Liam by a tree. 

"Are you okay?" Hazel asked me. 

"Yup." I said popping the 'p'.

"You guys should see this girl act man." Louis said smiling. "She's fantastic." 

"Lets get inside before we are mobbed again." Harry said yawning. Louis frowned slightly before handing Annie over to me. 

"Goodnight Annie." He kissed her cheek. "Goodnight Ellie." He whispered in my ear before kissing my cheek. After he followed the others inside my attention turned to Liam who walked over to us with curious eyes. 

"I was wondering if you'd like to hang out tomorrow? Just you and I..." He blushed slightly as he rubbed the back of his head. Hazel started going 'aww' which made me roll my eyes. 

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