Whispers [L.T.]

She left without a single goodbye. He was devastated and heartbroken. No one knew what to do to help his aching pain. Just as everyone thought he was starting to heal up tragedy struck once more. News of her death soon swept everyone's ears. No one knew how she died except her best friend. Her best friend knew something that Maria was keeping from just about everyone. She was pregnant. Now months after Maria's death news of this baby girl surface and her guardian is forced to make amends with a few of her bullies from high school in order to keep custody of her. Will this little baby girl bring two aching hearts together? Can just one little girl be the cure of happiness everyone is looking for?


7. Baby Daddy.

Louis' POV:

 Today was the day. I would finally get to spend time with Annie by myself. Okay not completely by myself because of course the guys are gonna be there but I mean Lauren isn't. Which I mean I'm not trying to say I don't want her there because I do, but not around Liam. The last couple days I have been texting her and I realized that I have feelings for her. How strong, I don't quite know yet. However as long as Liam is around I will never get to figure these feelings out. So right now it's better that they aren't near each other. 

Does that make me sound selfish?

I hope not. 

Maybe I should stop talking to myself.

"Hey Lou!" Harry snapped his fingers breaking my thoughts. 

"Oh Sorry Hazza." I smiled at him. 

"Annie and Lauren are here." He said walking away.

I jumped up and hurried to the door where Lauren was holding Annie in her arms. When she heard me she looked up and smiled at me. My heart started to pound as I smiled back at her. She handed me Annie then left after saying goodbye. I carried Annie into the living and sat down with her. 

"Annie, daddy has it bad." Harry teased kissing her cheek. 

"I have what bad?" I asked playing dumb. 

"As if you don't know." He chuckled. 

"What don't I know?" I frowned. 

"Dude you like her." He rolled his eyes. "And by the looks of it she likes you too." 

"Really?" I tried to hide my happiness. 

"Yeah man I see the way she looks at you. It's the same way Liam looks at her." 

I frowned. 

"Don't worry I think Niall knows you like her as well, that's why he keeps messing up their dates." He chuckled. 

"You think?" 

"Yeah mate." He smiled. 

I wonder if he's right. I wonder does Lauren like me the way I like her? Man why does these things have to be so hard to figure out. 


Around nine Lauren came to pick up a very sleepy Annie. She looked like she had been crying which really made my heart ache. 

"What's wrong?" I asked. 

"Huh? Oh nothing.." She lied. 

"It's not nothing if it made you cry." I frowned. 

"Just an old boyfriend..." She whimpered trying to fight back the tears that were fighting in her eyes. 

"Do I need to kick his ass?" I asked half joking but half serious. 

"No.." She giggled. "But thanks." 

"For you a thousand times over." I smiled and kissed her cheek before handing her Annie. I watched her leave with a soft smile glued to her lips. Seeing her smile was the best feeling, specially knowing it was because of me.

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