Whispers [L.T.]

She left without a single goodbye. He was devastated and heartbroken. No one knew what to do to help his aching pain. Just as everyone thought he was starting to heal up tragedy struck once more. News of her death soon swept everyone's ears. No one knew how she died except her best friend. Her best friend knew something that Maria was keeping from just about everyone. She was pregnant. Now months after Maria's death news of this baby girl surface and her guardian is forced to make amends with a few of her bullies from high school in order to keep custody of her. Will this little baby girl bring two aching hearts together? Can just one little girl be the cure of happiness everyone is looking for?


2. 3 Months.

Lauren's POV:

 I sat in front of the high chair that held Annie. As I tried to get her to eat green squash baby food I made airplane noises with the my lips making her giggle. Her bright blue eyes reminded me of Maria. Soon those blue eyes would be just as cruel as her mother's were. 

 "Are you fucking kidding me?!" Hazel yelled as she slammed the door behind her. 

 "Hello there's a child here!" I narrowed my eyes.

 "Sorry Annie dear." She kissed baby Annie's forehead. 

 "What's going on anyways?" 

 "They are trying to threaten us!" 


 "One Direction's management!" 

 "What why?!" 

 "Because they found out about Annie! And if we don't allow her father to see her and what not then they'll bring lawyers into it!" She sighed. 

 "I've never had problems with Annie's father though Hazel..." I muttered. 

 "Me either! But you have had problems with some of the other boys in that group!" 


 "Your high school bullies are in that band."

 "Really?" My smile fell. 

 "Yeah...." She groaned. 

I looked back at Annie who was making bubbles with her mouth. I softly smiled again as I lifted her up into my arms then carried her to the bathroom. After I gave her a bath I changed her into a cute little summer dress. When I walked back out into the living room Hazel was on the phone probably trying to figure out ways to get out of this blackmail. Then she threw the phone across the room in anger. 

 "You need therapy." I giggled. 

 "People who think it's okay to blackmail need therapy!" She grunted. 

 "Well should we go then?" I asked. 

 "No! I have to get ready!" She jumped up and ran into her bedroom. For someone who wasn't in any kind of hurry to see those boys again she sure wanted to look nice for them. Well I shouldn't say them because I know she was just trying to catch the eye of a blonde guy with blue eyes and a killer Irish accent. I giggled a bit as I strapped Annie in her stroller. 


Liam's POV:

 Everyone was on edge when we heard the news that the girls agreed to bring the baby. Well of course they would agree, who would want a baby to be taken away from them? I sat down in the chair and peered over at Louis. He was pacing back in forth with nervousness deep in his eyes. Every little noise would cause him to jump a bit. Poor guy. 

 When Maria left him he was broken. There wasn't a smile on his face for months. Then when we finally got him smiling again the news of her death had reached our ears. The management had tried their best to keep it a secret because they also didn't want to see him hurt again. So when they heard about the baby that was kept a secret from him they made it their mission to bring it to him in hopes that it'll bring that smile we all know and love back onto his face. 

 "Why does the name Lauren sound so familiar..." Harry mumbled. 

 "Didn't we go to school with a Lauren?" Zayn asked. 

 "Couldn't be the same geeky girl right?" Harry chuckled. 

 "Nah." Zayn laughed. 

 "So you bullied a girl because she was geeky?" Niall frowned. 

 "Hey we were kids back then!" Harry defended. 

 "That's no excuse." I frowned. 

 "Whatever." Zayn sat back and rolled his eyes. 

Everyone's attention turned when we heard a soft cry from a baby. We looked over to Louis who's eyes widened as a female holding a baby walked up to him with a soft smile on her face. Gosh she was beautiful. Behind her was another female with dirty blonde hair. Her eyes kept wandering over in our direction right at Niall. I wonder if they had history. The other one handed the baby over to Louis gently. I watched as tears swarmed his eyes. 

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