The Dakesh Field Guide

This is a field guide featuring most of the terms/people/plants/animals/etc. used in my "Books Of Dakesh."


3. Minor Characters

Forest Story:

Aerins World: N/A


Katasa's Journey: N/A 


Linian's adventure:

  (In The Castle)


        Ren and Crell: Identical twins from Oonuk (Lorda Clan); age 17; straw-blonde hair, tan skin, sky blue eyes, medium build, slightly muscular; Ren is the sweeter twin while Crell is more stubborn.

        Maaka: From Jeshmaik (Twanek Clan); age 16; light blonde hair, fair skin, deep indigo eyes, slightly plump; very calm and obedient; a favorite of The High Emperuss

        Prim and Tess: Sisters from Aquay (Raine Clan); age 15, 17; auburn hair, fair skin, teal eyes, thin; Prim is shy, while Tess is bold and upfront


        Bash: From Aquay (Allander Clan); age 17; dark hair, tan skin, brown eyes, medium build, muscular; talkative

        Tenatt: From Caroom (Sana Clan); age 18; dark blonde hair, tan skin, yellow eyes, thin; very quiet and unresponsive

        Perce: From Kytar (Lanya Clan); age 19; Dark brown hair, pale skin, brown tinted eyes, lean; untalkative and shady

Sage's Time:

      Reina: Sage's older sister who is favored by their parents and posesses great powers only Sage knows about

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