Our Love Story

This is the story of our love. Mine...and Soul's...together.


1. My Mysterious Birthday

| Maka POV |

I woke up to the delicious smell of pancakes and eggs with the sound of it simmering on the hot stove. I knew it was Soul that was cooking. He usually makes breakfast on Saturdays.

I sat up and put on my slippers then walked out to greet him.

"Good morning Soul," I said with a yawn.

He looked over at me and said, "morning,"

"It smells good," I walked over to him and stole a strawberry that was in a bowl next to him. "I'm going into the shower,"

"Alright. Breakfast will be done soon," he warned.

"Mm! This is really good Soul!" I exclaimed with a full mouth. "Thank you!" He had put whipped cream and strawberries on top of my pancakes and that was my favorite!

"Maka," Soul began. "I have something...."

"Yes?" I looked up knowing that I had some whipped cream on my face.

He walked over to me and wiped off my face with a napkin. He looked me in the eyes and said, "happy birthday Maka," and put a tiny, cute, now that was wrapped in blue paper into my hands. I looked at him with my blushing cheeks. He watched as I began to unwrap what was a mystery.

Inside was a necklace. It had the shape of a soul with Soul's name on it, 'evans'.

He took the necklace out of my hands and went behind me. He gently moved my hair out of the way and put the necklace on around my neck. I felt the way he gently brushed my skin and blushed.

"S-Soul, I-" I stopped and looked at him kneeling in front of me. His crimson eyes looking into mine. I couldn't stop blushing. "Thank you,"

"Maka, I have something to tell you,"

"W-what is it soul...?"



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