Human Again

Cyra has been a vampire since as far back as she can remember.
Only that all chances when she runs into a witch.
The Witch curses Cyra to be human again, and only shall she become who she truly is when she falls in love.
According to Cyra though, her lover already died long ago.
There can't possibly be someone for her.
Especially not while she's human again.


1. Prologue

She placed a hand on his shoulder, making him jump a little.

     “It’s time,” she leaned down and kissed just below his ear.

He signed and placed his hand on hers. “Already?” he whispered, “But it’s only been a few weeks.”

   A small sigh escaped her luscious red lips. No matter how many stolen kisses that were shared between the two, they always remained red.

     “Yes.” She said simply, “I must go.”

He turned his head to face her, “Just one more night, milady. That’s all I ask of.”

   She smiled, amused, “I wish I could, but I cannot.” She reached out and ran her thumb over his cheek.

   He took her hand in his own and stroked it, “Just one night, Margret,” he pleaded, “I need you by my side.”

   Once again, she smiled bemused at his thoughts. “I cannot, I must leave tonight.”

   He frowned, but pressed a gentle kiss to her knuckles.

      “I love you,” he whispered softly against her skin.

She smiled again, leaning down; she pressed a delicate kiss to his forehead.

     “I love you, too,” she lied easily.

He looked up and smiled at her. He kept stroking her hand with the pad of her thumb.

   Her smile slowly faded, “I’m sorry about this,” she said.

      “I understand,” he cut her off; “I’ll miss you.”

She smiled again, a deceiving smile, “Not for long you won’t.” He stood up from his chair and let go of her hand.

   Lifting his hand, he brushed the pad of his thumbs over her freckled-dusted cheeks.

     “I will always miss you, my angel.”

He leaned in to kiss her gently. But she turned her face away, his lips connecting to her cheek.

   He frowned, “Milady, what’s wrong?”

She smiled at him, and brought her hand to his neck. She stroked his jaw line.

     “Nothing, good sir,” she whispered almost inaudible to his ears.

Her bright green eyes met his, her pupils reduced to slits, “I was just thinking about how much I’ll miss you.”

   Then with one hand, she wrapped it around his throat and crushed his windpipe.

His eyes widened to the size of the moon, he made a weak attempt to pull her hand off of him.

     “Good bye, Jeremy.” She whispered as she broke his neck easily.

He stopped moving, his eyes glazed over.

   She laid him gently on the ground and pressed a small kiss to his forehead as the color drained from his skin.

  Blood coated his lips as she knelt down and kissed the dead body sweetly, tracing her tongue over his lips, she drained his body of all blood before getting up from the ground.

   Brushing the dirt off her hands, she went to the desk where her former lover was working at. On the desk laid a hand drawn picture of her.

   A frown formed on her lips. She took up the candle in her hand and set the picture on fire. She watched it turn into nothing and then left the building quickly as the desk set on fire. Burning away all memories of what had happened there that night. 

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