Punk the Skunk

i don't even know...


1. Punk the Skunk

   *Note* This is terrible writing, for me at least, so it's supposed to be bad.


   Once upon a time, there was a skunk. He lived a boring life, doing the same boring things, every boring day. One day, he got so sick of it all, he turned to his best friend, The Internet, and searched up, "How to not be boring." This resulted in various discoveries; how to skateboard, how to be cool, how to be in a band, how to be a clown, what to do if your friends hate you, and so on. 

   Skunk scrolled and scrolled, trying to find the most perfect result. And then he found it; "How to be punk." His eyes lit up like fireworks and his smile grew from skunk ear to skunk ear. He quickly clicked the link a got started right away. He went to his nearest Punk Store and bought all of their punkest CDs and band merch. He also purchased the punkest clothes, and got the punkest hairstyle. 

   When he got home, he looked in the mirror and smile with tears filling his eyes. "I'm so punk," he whispered. 

   "Yes, you are, Punk the Skunk. Yes, you are," said his inner voice.


                                                                   THE END!


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