You're My Drug

Alison Gonzalez is just a normal teenage girl. Her parents are overprotective. They won't let her date or do anything. But, what happens when she falls in love with the bad boy of school? Will her parents find out? What will she do?


1. Alison's POV

"Ok, Alison. You are to go to school. Don't talk to strangers. Mind your teachers. No sex, no drugs, no beer, no wine, no alcohol, and definitely NO dating," said my dad.

I'm pretty used to them saying that. We have to go through that every single day. My parents are really strict. They don't let me do anything fun. My best friend's name is Niall Horan and our other friend's name is Liam Payne. I hang out with a lot of boys.

"ALISON! LISTEN TO WHAT YOUR FATHER IS SAYING!" my mom yelled, snapping me from my thoughts.

"Yes, ma'am. Yes sir," I said, not really paying attention.

I walked out the front door to Niall's house. Knock Knock Knock. Niall answered the door and grabbed my hand. He pulled me to the bus stop.

Just then, my bus came. Niall, Liam, and I sat together in one seat.

"So, Ali. How's your parents?" said Liam.

"Shut up," I said. "But, they still won't let me date."

"Awe. Poor Ali," said Niall.

just then, this boy  walked onto the bus. My friends pushed me onto his seat. He looked at me and smiled. I blushed.

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