The first (Selection Series)

This Movella is based off of the Selection series, and takes place in that world. Lilian Schrevne, the daughter of King Maxon and Queen America, has come of age to me married. Usually, princesses get married off to other countries instead of having a selection like princes. Lilian forces her parents into the first ever female selection. Will she find the results she was hoping for, or will she cause something beyond her power?


1. The morning feel

Most people can't wait for their birthday to arrive year after year. How can you blame them? Birthdays mean gifts and parties and friends and attention. Not complete and udder pressure slowly pushing harder down on your shoulders. The fear of living anywhere but home creeping closer and closer into your head. The amount of government officials meeting in your father's study to discuss the best possible ally to marry you off to. I mean, at least I get a party.

In two days, I will become of age for marriage. Which means that my parents will decide what country we need as an ally, and send me off to marry the prince and fortify the bonds between our country of Iella and them. Princess don't get a say in their marriage, which is usual, but princes do. Once a prince of Iella comes of age, he gets to select his princess from the population of Iella itself, to show that everyone is important to the government. Every caste is important.

Any girl between the ages of 17 and 21 can sign up for the "lottery" of girls picked in each province. One girl from each of the 35 provinces is sent from their home to the royal palace to stay while the prince chooses his wife. He sends home girls he does not wish to marry until there is one remaining. That's how my parents met. He was Prince Maxon when he met my mother America Singer. They fell in love after some time and had me, my older sister Scarlet, my younger sister Posy, and my little sister, Gwen. But the selection is only for men and that's that.

I breathed in the morning atmosphere. The sun leaking in through my balcony, my sheets encasing me in my bed, my room empty except for me. The morning is the only time I ever have my room to myself believe it or not. Maids fussing about my hair or stitching up a hem on a dress, guards taking regulated precautions, Gwen running around or playing dress up with my older clothes, Posy asking for advice about something. This was my time. My only time of serenity. My haven. But soon, even this would be gone. I would wake up every morning in a foreign castle with some prince for the rest of my life. I wouldn't even have all my little things that make me feel at home like my rot iron rail on my balcony or my oak four post bed or my white and gold sheets or the smell of Posy's perfume lingering after she comes to talk in my room or the sound of Gwen giggling outside my door when she tries to scare me. I couldn't take them anywhere with me and nothing could ever replace them.

I sat up and stretched my arms and neck, letting out a sigh. I no sooner climbed out of bed, that my maids came knocking on my double doors.

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