The first (Selection Series)

This Movella is based off of the Selection series, and takes place in that world. Lilian Schrevne, the daughter of King Maxon and Queen America, has come of age to me married. Usually, princesses get married off to other countries instead of having a selection like princes. Lilian forces her parents into the first ever female selection. Will she find the results she was hoping for, or will she cause something beyond her power?


9. Kriss' Chat

I made my rounds around the hall, trying to speak with every one in the room. Kings and Queens from foreign countries congratulating me in languages I couldn't understand, distant cousins hugging me and tugging at my dress, butlers shifting around the room with trays of wine glasses and cheese trays, people dancing to the orchestra quartet, diplomats straightening their floppy hats, and old men making conversation. It was all so overwhelming, I needed something to calm me down.

When a waiter offered me a glass of wine, I couldn't refuse. I clutched the crystal goblet and sniffed the ruby red liquid like my mother and her friends sometimes did. "Letting the wine breath" they called it. I took a small sip and forced myself to swallow the bitter drink. The cup was stained from my lipstick, but I set it down on a near-by table anyway.

"Lilian," someone behind me called, "how nice it is to see you!"

I turned around and saw one of my mom's old friends from the selection, Kriss Ambers. Her dark brown hair was half pulled back and pinned with pearls. Her dress was a deep violet with sleeves that came to her wrists and covered in lace. I could tell she had aged quite a bit from her thin wrinkles here and there on her face. Her arms were out stretched, inviting me for a hug.

"Ms. Ambers," I smiled, accepting her hug, "it's an honor to see you again."

She wrapped her arms around my body, encasing me in her smell of vanilla. I was careful not to gag at the smell.

"Oh please," she scolded happily, "you can call me Kriss."

"Oh, alright then Kriss."

She let go and scanned me from arms' length. I could see the sadness flash in her eyes for a moment. I had watched the selection footage many times and I knew how much Kriss loved my dad. And I could definitely see the jealousy that he chose my mom instead of her. I'm surprised that she comes back to the palace at all, considering that she would just reopen old wounds every time she saw our family. But she swallowed her sadness as she let me go and took a sip of her drink.

"So," she began, smiling at me darkly, "you're having a selection."

I nodded and gave a soft smile.

"It would seem that way." I vaguely responded.

"Selections are a lot of trouble, you know." She commented.

"I know."

"When I was in your father's selection, it felt like I was always second guessing myself. Everything I did made me think about him. It was maddening." She glanced over at him and took another sip of wine.

"I could see how that would be difficult," I responded, "but honestly, it's not really a competition."

She cocked her head to the side and stared at me intensely.

"How so?" She asked.

"Well," I began, "it's truly my decision of whom I marry. They have to know that being cutthroat and rude to the other selected won't gain them any higher. In fact, it's a major turnoff."

"That's not going to stop them, Lilian-" she shook her head.

"Princess Lilian." I added curtly.

She looked at me and I gave a small smile.

"Princess, Lilian. They'll be confused and angry and scared and they'll act unfashionably."

"If they do, then I'll send them home. It will mark as an example to the rest of them."

"That's an interesting strategy." She commented.

I sucked my teeth and gave a forced smile.

"I just remembered that I have to go speak with the duke of Wellington!" I exclaimed, hurrying off before she could stop me.

There were so many people here and all of them wanted to have deep, thoughtful conversations about life and especially my selection. It's mine, it's all my decision, so why do they had to be in my business? I sighed and took a glass filled with sparkling, white wine from one of the waiters. The moment it met my lips, I felt calmer. You're soon to be the queen for christ's sake! They'll all be listening to you soon enough.

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