The first (Selection Series)

This Movella is based off of the Selection series, and takes place in that world. Lilian Schrevne, the daughter of King Maxon and Queen America, has come of age to me married. Usually, princesses get married off to other countries instead of having a selection like princes. Lilian forces her parents into the first ever female selection. Will she find the results she was hoping for, or will she cause something beyond her power?


6. Father's Promise

"Lilian," my Father said delicately, "This will take a lot longer than one day to convince the people. Traditions can't be twisted around like this. They just can't."

"The tradition of the caste system doesn't seem to count right now then." I said sarcastically.

"And see how long it takes us to change them? Almost my entire rein as king had been devoted to that and we still have only eliminated the eight label." He snapped back.

"Just ask them then! Ask the people what they want for me. They're not going to get another selection for a while unless you and mom have a boy, which seems about as likely as a dragon flying into the castle." I said pacing back and forth in his office.

"You can't just ask the public why they want. You're due to leave in two days."

"One, if you don't count today." I added quietly.

"Besides the point," he said "How do you propose we do that, Lilian?"

I hadn't thought about it really. How would we get it to the people if our only form of government news is the Friday Report, which would air tonight.

"We could make an announcement in a few hours." I suggested.

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, we go on tv and give an announcement saying that we would like to take a poll on wether or not I should have a selection."

"We would have to call in the tv crews and bring in Gavril. It would be a lot of work." Father said.

Gavril was the announcer for every report. He has been doing what he's doing since before my dad was born.

"The tv crew's all ready here, remember? They come in the morning to set up. And we don't need Gavril until tonight, we can just giver he announcement and BANG we're off."

The shag carpet made it hard for me to keep my heeled shoes on due to the urge of slipping them off and letting the yarn wiggle between my toes.

His office was huge and had four windows along the back wall. It had another door opposite the on that lead to the hallway, which was a safe room. You couldn't see this door, but if you pushed it in, it would swing open to reveal two staircases. One lead to the main room for the royal family and guests and the other lead to a safe room equipped with food and water that would last month, a toilet, a sink, and a few wall hooks.

The entire office was painted a deep blue with white molding. The seal of Iella was painted in gold on the wall that faced Father's desk. I paced in front of his desk now and watched him rub his temples. He stayed quite for sometime, thinking.

"Fine. We'll make a public announcement today and tonight we'll see how the public reacts to it."

"Thank you." I breathed.

I didn't know if a hug was appropriate right now, but I hugged him anyway. He hugged back and told me to run along and enjoy myself.

I walked down the hallway and almost ran into my mother.

"Sorry, I didn't see you there." I said.

"Oh it's fine. Have you spoken to your father yet?" She asked.

"Yes." I replied simply.

She was quiet, maybe waiting for me to indulge further into our conversation.

"Okay then. I was just heading there." She stepped around me and disappeared down the hall way.

Mom and I almost never talked anymore. She was either with dad or in a meeting somewhere, but I didn't mind when I was younger because Scarlet was always there to step into the role of mom. Then Scarlet left and the preparation of my departure was sent into motion. That's when I began to mind.

Over the years, her hair began to become home to silver streaks and her eyelids heavy, but she powered through everyday. I mean everyday. She overworked herself to the bone, wether it was meeting with Queen Nicoletta, (which she did a lot), playing with Gwen, picking out new drapes for the castle, making appearances all over the world, or just passing laws, she was there doing it working day and night.

But the moment I realized my mom had Alzheimer's, was when she started screaming into the phone, demanding that her father come get her from the palace and take her back to Carolina. Her father had been dead since she was seventeen years old. It almost killed dad inside when she got the diagnosis. The memories fade and her mind slips more and more every day, but she's still here.

I stopped by the kitchens to say hello to Bridget, a little kitchen girl I have come to know.

The kitchens smelled like crab soup and cheddar cheese, which is most likely going to be lunch.

She was picking the crabs with a few other girls her age when I spotted her. I waltzed up to the group of them and put my hand on her shoulders. She jumped almost instantly.

She gasped.

"You scared me, your majesty." She spoke in her French accent.

"Good." I responded playfully.

The other girls immediately curtsied and smiled once they saw me.

"Ladies." I curtsied.

"Your majesty." One giggled.

They were about 10 years old and very petite. All three of them had big, blue eyes and caramel hair. Their hair was hard to see under their white, servants' cap. They went back to picking the crabs and I faced Bridget.

"How are 'zoing?" Her French accent slurred some of her words.

"Stressed to the bone." I sighed.

She eyed the door to the hallway and I nodded. She followed me as I headed out the door once again.

We walked down the bustling hall filled with maids and chefs coming and going carrying plates and trays. We blended right in. Well....she blended right in. I had to curtsy every two seconds and smile at everyone we passed. We reached the small lounge where we usually hung out and I closed the door.

She collapsed onto a near by chair, face down.

"Oh lord 'itz 'fees 'vonderverl to 'zit down." She sighed.

I laughed.

"Yes well you did seem to be working hard."

"'Verking hard?," she scoffed, "I 'verked myself to 'za bone! Picking 'crebz all day just 'vont do."

"That's all you did today? Pick crabs?" I asked.

"'Zes. Believe 'zit or not, not everyvan 'leevs in 'za life of 'luxerey."

"Oh I know, I know." I played with the hem of my dress, unable to look at her.

"Hey," she called, "I'm gonna miss 'zoo 'zand I 'vish you didn't have 'zoo go."

I couldn't tell her yet. Not yet. She'd know soon enough.

"Thanks." I replied simply.

Ever since I was 14,she was one out of my only two friends outside my family, the other being Princess Valentina of Italy.

She had immigrated here from France with her mom and two brothers at the age of 13 and was forced to work in the kitchens while her mom became a maid and her two brothers worked hard labor in the palace. It was hard for the four of them since their English wasn't very good and the palace staff had little tolerance for their ignorance. Her mother later pasted away of the swine flu when she was only fourteen. That's when I found her crying in the kitchen storage and befriended her.

Of course, I can't come out that I'm friends with her. She's a seven...they just don't mix with ones. Even though father has eliminated the Seven label, we still see them as that. I see her as a friend, but she's a friend that just has to be kept secret for a while. Not forever, a while.

"Hey," she said sympathetically, "It 'vill be okay, okay?"


And we just sat and talked for a while. About our days, gossip, who hooked up with who, who said what to who. You know, just the usual stuff, she called it. Then reality came back and she had to put her servant cap back on and go back to work and I had to slip my sky blue heels back on and get to work.

As I headed back towards the great hall, where the preparations for my party would be held, I stopped to admire the paintings on the wall. I heard men's voices shouting at each other and I instinctively dove into a closet. The voices grew closer and closer until they were right outside the door.

"If officer Cane doesn't stop screaming at us, I swear, I'll send some rebels into his room and they'll just tear-" The voice was young.

"Shhh! He might be able to hear you!" The voice was higher, more feminine maybe.

"Let him hear me. I'm done with him!"

"Would this help?" The voice asked.

There was silence until I heard the noise of a kiss breaking apart.

I gasped a little. If that was two guards out there, they were breaking a lot of rules. A lot. Women couldn't draft into the army, and I have a feeling that they aren't both guys out there. And if it were a maid and a guard, well, that's not illegal as long as they don't make physical contact on duty. Which they are doing.

"Hey," the girl whispered, "Maybe we should hide. If we get caught kissing-"

"I know, I know. I just want to let all the walls down with you, Emma." He responded sympathetically.

She sighed.

"I do too. It's just, not here in the hallway."

"Maybe the closet?" He suggested slyly.

She laughed.

"Officer Whitley, you are breaking a lot of rules." She whispered. Her voice was a lot prettier when it wasn't forced into sounding more masculine.

"Said the girl posing as a guard." He laughed.

She laughed once before I felt someone against the door. I knew then that they were going to come in. The sound of kissing continued as I locked the door and backed away to the back of the small, dimly lit cabinet.

He twisted the knob and I heard him curse under his breath as it shook. A whistle sounded down the hall to signal the rotations of guards.

"Damn." She whispered.

"It's alright," he assured, "Tonight, meet me in 4409. Okay?"

"Okay." She responded hurriedly.

"Bye." He rushed as he ran down the hall.

"Good bye." She whispered to herself before heading in a different direction.

After a few minutes, I unlocked the door and slide out into the hallway. A maid walked by me and gave me a funny look before stopping.

"D-did you just come out of that closet, your majesty?" She asked.

"Er- um, yes I did." I stood up straighter.

She slowly nodded, still looking at me.

"Very well, your majesty." With that she walked away.

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