The first (Selection Series)

This Movella is based off of the Selection series, and takes place in that world. Lilian Schrevne, the daughter of King Maxon and Queen America, has come of age to me married. Usually, princesses get married off to other countries instead of having a selection like princes. Lilian forces her parents into the first ever female selection. Will she find the results she was hoping for, or will she cause something beyond her power?


2. Breakfast

They all gave me a low curtsy as soon as they entered.

"Your majesty." Lila, my head maid, said sincerely.

Lila was maybe mid-fifties, short, and plump which was unusual for a maid because of how much she worked and how little her portions were. She had streaks of brunette in her grey hair and wrinkles that rested in her face.

"Your majesty." Alice and Susan repeated in unison. The two of the them were both young and spry with kind but quiet attitudes.

Alice had shorter, platinum blonde hair that was almost always in a braid that wrapped around the crown of her head. She was the quietest of the three, but had the steadiest hands which made her an important asset to the team.

Susan was tall and strikingly beautiful. Her hair was long, thick, and a deep chestnut color that matched my headboard. She had big, green, sparkling eyes that matched her sparkling personality. She always had something witty or inspiring to say in a time of need, which I valued.

"Good morning," I said calmly, knowing now my day of preparation has started. "What's on the agenda for today?"

"Well," Susan said stepping forward. "After breakfast, the King and Queen would like to have a word with you in the King's study, then Silvia would like to go over some edict practices for the Friday Report, you have a few paging letters from the Italian princess that just came last night, and-" She was counting off everything on her fingers and looking at the ceiling to remember. "Gwen would like to know if you would attend her tea party this afternoon in the tea room."

Alice giggled at my invitation and so did I.

"Well first off, we all know what is most important." I said looking completely serious. "Tell Gwen I wouldn't miss it for the world."

"Will do." Lila said nodding.

"The rest I can handle myself, but if one of you could bring me my letters after I have a word with my parents that would be much appreciated."

"Spoken like a true queen, your majesty." Alice said smiling.

Pride swelled up inside me. To be a queen, to be in charge, I can't imagine.

"Thank you, Alice." I said smiling.

"I'll draw your bath, your majesty." Lila said opening the door to my bathroom. "Susan! Alice!" She barked, "Set out her outfit for the day please." She closed the door, but I heard the water rush from the spout and start to fill the tub.

"We will be right back, your majesty. We have to go fetch a dress that we just finished from our quarters." Alice said as a guard from the outside opened the doors for them. The doors shut with a quiet snap and I climbed out of bed and opened the double, glass doors to my balcony.

The light, summer breeze blew back my blonde hair and made my thin nightgown dance. The sun was just over the horizon and I could see all of Angeles. The roof tops, the ally ways, the empty streets soon to fill up with cars. Everything. I would have to leave it all in two days. Sure I would come back for holidays, but they would want me safe in the kingdom. I rested on the handrail and soaked it all in.

"Good bye." I whispered solemnly. "Good bye roof tops, good bye streets, good bye ally ways, good bye little shops, good bye factories, good bye Angeles."

There. I said good bye without crying.

Lila called me in for my bath and I obeyed, closing the doors to my balcony and walking into the bathroom.

I pulled off my nightdress and climbed into the soapy water. Lila began to add oils to the bath that made the room smell like exotic fruits and vanilla.

"If you don't mind me asking, your majesty," She said as she popped the cork back on a little bottle. "Who do you think you're going to marry?"

I sank deeper into the bubbles and thought about it. Who would I end up with? Iella had quite a few allies, which I think I'm go to end up with. They won't use me to make new allies, just fortify them. Scarlet already made an alliance with New Ireland when she became of age.

"I don't know, maybe South America Alliance. Iella is drifting from them and a marriage can fix that." I said it in all honesty.

Lila began to shampoo my hair as she spoke.

"Maybe you could go to Italy." She said this with hopefulness in her voice.

"Maybe." I said quietly. "Just somewhere not as far from home."

"Why not? You could go somewhere exotic."

"I don't want exotic. I don't want Italian. I want home." I complained, holding back tears.

"Oh Lilian," she said sympathetically, "Don't be so sad. This is what you've been waiting for your entire life!"

"I suppose so, it's just- I'm going to miss this place."

"But it will be better for you out there, greater for you out there, your majesty."

"Nothing is greater or better than home."

She sighed and rinsed my hair out before rubbing in conditioner.

"It's not fair." I said crossing my arms.

"You're right. It's not fair that only princes get a selection."

I huffed causing bubbles to fly.

"If I could change it I would, but I do believe," She scrubbed my scalp as she finished her trail of thought. "Only a queen could change this."

A light bulb went off in my head when she said that. Only a queen could change this. A queen. My eyes widened as I nearly leaped out of my bath, reaching for my towels.

Lila screamed as I squirmed to get out of the tub.

"Lilian! Lilian! What has gotten into you?" She cried.

"I have a great idea! I'm going to make it all right! How could I not seen it before?" I dunked my head under water and rinsed out all the bubbles.

"See what?" Lila demanded.

"You'll see!" I scrambled out of the tub and wrapped a towel around myself. "Thank you Lila. I couldn't have figured it out without you."

"What are you talking about? Lilian, this isn't very lady like! Come back here-"

As soon as I entered my bedroom, Alice and Susan walked in with my new dress. They were both taken aback to see me running around, sopping wet, in a towel in my room.

"Your majesty. We um- brought your dress." Susan said looking around the room, trying not to make me feel out of place. Alice did the same.

"Thank you. You can just set it on my bed." I said gracefully.

"Yes, your majesty."

Lila stormed out of the bathroom, half wet, and furious. She had to keep her temper in check because after all, she was speaking directly to a one.

Iella was set up in eight castes. Ones were the royal family, twos were soldiers, guards, celebrities, and athletes, threes were the great minds of our country like teachers and professors and inventors. Fours were business men and factory workers, fives were artists and performers, sixes were house keepers and maids, sevens were manual laborers, and eights were runaways and homeless. All my life and my parents' marriage, they've been trying to eliminate the castes. So far, they have eliminated eights and allowed them to find work. People are still prejudiced towards eights, but most people enjoy the fact that the castes are dissolving.

"Your majesty," Lila said heatedly but carefully choosing her words. "What on earth or you talking about? All I said was-"

"You solved everything Lila. Thank you." I said with a regal tone of voice, proving that I wasn't a crazed animal.

Lila sighed smoothing her half soaked dress and sighed. "Just promise me that some day you'll explain this to me?"

Poor Lila. Forced to watch me day and night and chase after me and deal with my antics since my birth. I was calm most of the time, believe it or not. It's just this fabulously wonderful idea Lila has popped into my head has suddenly just solved everything that has been invading my mind for the past three years.

"I promise." I took her hand and gave it a light squeeze.

She smiled and went back into the bathroom to clean up all the water.

"Um," Alice said placing the dress on my bed as I had instructed. "Would you like us to dress you now?"

"Oh! Yes please."

They reached into my closet and placed the covered dress that was on my bed in my closet, replacing it with a deep blue day dress. It was a cotton material that didn't scratch my skin when I moved, like some dresses of mine did. It had sleeves that went to my elbows and an embroidered bust with white string. It went to my mid calf, not like night dresses do. They let me wear flats today, since it was a mildly casual day.

I stood up and held out my arms so they could get a good look at it on me.

"Twirl please." Susan said rotating her finger in a small circle.

I obeyed and walking in a small circle. When I finished Alice smiled and clapped her hands.

"Perfect!" She exclaimed.

"How does it feel?" Susan asked.

"Snug, but comfortable." I replied.


"Now for the hair and then you can go. I know you must be hungry." Lila said stepping out of the bathroom.

I sat in front of the mirror in my room as my maids pulled my long, blonde hair into a low bun like I always wore it. Lila nodded her head when Alice did something good and scolded her whenever she did something bad.

"Not to many pins, Alice." She said slipping some out of my hair.

Alice's face wrinkled a bit as she nodded in agreement.

"Right, sorry."

When I was done, I was finally allowed to leave. I stepped out into the hall and nodded hello to my morning guards.

"Holmes. Rufus." I tried to sound regal. You know, a little practice never hurt.

"Your majesty." They both replied.

I heard my footsteps echo in the hallways as I headed to Gwen's room. It was in the next hallway to the left, not to far of a walk for her to sometimes scurry to my room whenever there was a thunderstorm or she had a nightmare. Not to far for me to hear her faint giggles or her small, mouse like footsteps slapping the marble floor. I reached her door and acknowledged the two guards outside her door as well.

"Peterson, Wilson." I said smiling.

"Your majesty."

"Have you been invited to Gwen's tea party? It's going to be the most talked about event of the year." I giggling.

Peterson smiled at bit.

"No your majesty. I have not had the privilege of being invited to such a prestigious event." Wilson responded.

"Oh well if you would like to attend, I do believe Gwen could save you a seat."

"Thank you your majesty."

I knocked on Gwen's door.

"Gwen," I said in a deep voice, imitating the guards. "I would like to have the honor of escorting you down to breakfast this morning."

I heard Gwen's giggling from the inside if her room.

"Who is it?" She responded in her squeaky voice.

"Prince Lilian, your majesty." I said in my deep voice.

The door opened wide to reveal her little body, dressed in a green, poofy, dress. Her hair was in two little braids that I knew her maids had done. She posed with her hand outstretched, waiting to be kissed.

"Your majesty." She said in a mysterious voice.

"Come here!" I bent down and snatched her up in my arms, her squealing and laughing hysterically. I was tickling her and held her on my hip.

"Thank you." I said curtsying goodbye the two smiling guards.

"Your majesty."

We walked down the hallway with me holding her.

"Lilian," she started as I brushed back a loose piece of red, gingery hair out of her face. "Did you get my invitation?"

"Of course! I would love to attend." I said smiling.

She squealed in excitement and shook her little hips.

"Oh goody! I saved you a seat next to Silver." She said happily.

That's what she called Silvia, Silver. From a young age, we were taught by Silvia so Gwen had to say her name before he could learn to pronounce words and she always messed it up and called her Silver. Silvia gave up trying to correct her and grew fond of the name, so that's just what she calls her.

We reached the dinning room and I set her down. She pushed the doors open and ran to mom and dad. I followed her, closing the doors behind me.

"Mommy!" She ran into mom's arms as she bent over to pick her up and hug her.

"Gwen!" She exclaimed in the same tone.

Mom was truly beautiful. She had red hair like Posy and Gwen's but over the years it had lost it's' intenseness. A few grays hid in her hair line, but where hardly noticeable. She had only small wrinkles near the corners of her eyes that came alive when she smiled. She was still thin, like she was in the selection.

Dad stood up out of his chair and walked over to embrace me. His arms held me tightly, who knows how many of his hugs I would have left? If my new found plan went accordingly, the number wouldn't matter.

"Morning pumpkin." He said brightly.

"Morning father."

His blonde hair, identical to mine, was neatly combed on his head. His chocolate brown eyes were awake as he hugged me.

"Did you get our message?" He asked.

I nodded. "I know what it's about." My voice seemed a little shaky.

He sighed. "I know you know."

I nodded again walked towards mom.

"Lilian." She said standing up to give me a big hug. "Did-" She was about to ask the same thing as dad.

"Yes." I interrupted.

"Oh." She seemed a little surprised and look at dad, smiling. "Okay."

Our dining room table was a long, oak table covered in a golden table cloth and golden table wear. When Scarlet used to live in the palace, it was set up that mom and dad were in the ends, Posy and Gwen on one side and Scarlet and I on the other. Now the closest thing I have to Scarlet's presence is her empty chair.

I sat down and looked at her chair for a brief second before turning away to face the door. Posy walked in in her light green day dress, hugging both mom and dad before sitting down on Gwen left near dad's end.

"Morning Posy." I said smiling.

"Morning." She replied before pulling out a book. Surprise, surprise, Posy has a book with her. I swear, all that girl ever does is read. If Posy didn't have a book under her arm, something was wrong.

"What are you reading now?" Gwen asked settling in her seat.

"A history book." She looked at the cover to make sure and smiled as if nothing was wrong.

Mom gasped a little, Dad's head turned towards Posy, Gwen looked around worriedly at our reactions, and I grabbed the book out of her hands.

"What?" She said grabbing at the book. "Lilian, give if back!" She reached across the table, almost knocking over a cake stand.

"Posy," I said seriously. "You can't read these. Ever."

"But, what are you talking about? I always read them!" She said looking at Mom, Dad and me.

"Posy!" Mom said sounding disappointed.

"What?! There's nothing-" She tried to explain, but I stood up closing the book.

"Where did you get this?" I said sternly, but calmly.

"Why does it matter where I-"

"Where?" I repeated.

"The library! The one on the first floor, by the lady's room!" Posy exclaimed.

I was confused. All the books there were especially picked out because of Posy and what my parents think she should or shouldn't be exposed to. My face must have shown my confusing because Dad stood up and took the book.

"I'll be right back." He looked at Posy who was on the verge of tears. "Come with me."

"But Dad, I didn't-" She looked crushed.

"Come." He said flatly.

She obeyed, stood up and pushed her chair in, sniffling the whole time. The two walked out of the dinning room and down the hall to the left.

I stayed standing, trying to let what just happened sink in. I looked at Mom for answers, but she just sat their biting her lip, trying to riddle it out herself.


She put a hand up and picked up her fork. "I don't know."

I finally sat down after both Mom and Gwen started to eat. Eventually, I too began to eat. The guards by the door

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