Hold On Till May, If You Can't Hang

Vic and Kellin's daughter is growing up, Kellin is weary about letting Cosette join them around America for Warped Tour, but when Cosette finds love, her best friend finds it also- with the same person. Will the two lose all friendship or something else?


1. Cosette Antonia Fuentes

Hi there, I'm Cosette, strange name right? I resemble my parents that way though so it's pretty cool.

I'm 16 years young and living in San Diego with my dads, yup "dads".

I'm the daughter of Vic Fuentes, singer of Pierce The Veil and Kellin "Quinn" Bostwick, singer of Sleeping With Sirens. Also better known to me as 'dad' and 'daddy'. I get some pretty strange looks on Father's Day when I go out and but two cards.

ANYWAYS, just like my dads, I can sing and play guitar. I also don't get that much freedom with daddy(Kellin) around, I've been begging them to let me and my best friend Madison to spend a couple weeks with them at Warped, but as I've been told and seen in interviews of daddy--he's not letting me go ANYWHERE.

I just hope one day me and Madison get to go to Warped Tour with them! Bye!

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