Hold On Till May, If You Can't Hang

Vic and Kellin's daughter is growing up, Kellin is weary about letting Cosette join them around America for Warped Tour, but when Cosette finds love, her best friend finds it also- with the same person. Will the two lose all friendship or something else?


3. Chapter 2: Let The Fun(and awkwardness)Begin!

-Day Of Warped Tour-

I jumped on my suit case trying to close it, I'll be away from my home for the next few months so I had to pack a lot. Maddie still wasn't here but I knew she would be soon, mostly 'cause she's been more exited than I have.

"Cosette, get the door" I heard Gabe shout.

I ran down the sets of stairs and looked over into the living room, both PTV and SWS were either playing on the xbox, on their laptops or on their phones, "Lazy fucks" I mumbled and made my way over to the door. Maddie stood there with a huge smile on her face, her outfit was a total ship match with mine. "I think we're ready" I laughed and dragged her inside.

I had dragged my bags downstairs on my way to the door so Maddie and I set them by the door and stared at both bands.

Uncle Mike was the first to acknowledge out presence, "I love Cosette more than Maddie" he smiled with his arms in the air, I've known Maddie since birth so obviously everyone else will.

Everyone turned and looked at us all, "Nah, I love Maddie more than Cosy" Justin said and glared over at Mike. Making Madison and I roll out eyes at them, the second we heard horns beep, me and Maddie were the first out the house.

"Dad, please can I put the mustache on the bus this time" I begged and started walking slowly over to Pierce The Veil's signature blue tour bus. My dad looked over toward his band mates and they all nodded, Tony handed me the sticker and I ran to the front of the bus and started attaching it. "Okay, on three" I said to Madison... "THREE" with that we ripped the back of the sticker off while laughing our heads off.


I lay in my assigned bunk, at the back, left wall, middle. I had my earphones in and I was blasting My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark by Fall Out Boy, and playing slender on my laptop. I had managed to collect a four pages so I was half way do-

"What cha' doin'?" Maddie said throwing the curtain to my bunk open.

"ARGH" I shouted, nearly throwing my laptop out of the bunk in the process. Madison burst out laughing, I could also hear the guys laughing as well. I closed the lid of my laptop shut and pulled my earphones out. and glared at my best friend, "I seriously hate you" I said and smiled at her.

"Love you to hun, Vic wanted me to tell you that we're here if you want to look around"

I nodded and jumped out the bunk, I walked down the little corridor with Maddie following, I hit half the band upside the head, but I couldn't do that to my dad since, y'no he can ground me and everything, "Mads and I are going to look around" they all nodded and we left.

"Oh Cosette, if you see Matty, he may have is son with him so you can make friends with him" my dad shouted from the window. I nodded and linked arms with Maddie.

"What do you want to do?" I asked

She shrugged, "Meet band members? I mean you know a load of people and I don't... plus I'm your best friend Cosette" she said with a poutty (sp?) face.

I rolled my eyes and smiled, "Sure, okay, who do you want to meet first?"

"All Time Low maybe?"

"Okay, come on, Gaskank can't wait forever" I laughed and dragged her over to ATL's bus.

We walked for a few feet until we finally found the bus, I knocked on and the second my fist hit the door, it flew open, the first thing I spetted was the 'Boner' shirt then the black hair with blonde streak in it. I smiled, "Hey Jack"

"Waddup Annie, who's your friend?" he asked totally calm, strange for Jack to be honest. Oh yeah, ATL are the only band that calls me 'Annie' because of my middle name 'Antonia'

"This is Madison but normally goes by Maddie" I smiled.

Jack smiled back at us both, "Come on in, the cunts are just waking up"

"JACK IS THAT COSETTE?" I heard Alex shout from inside.

"Yeah?!" Jack shouted back

"Dude, if she tells either Vic or Kellin that we swear at her, we're screwed"

I roll my eyes, "I'm not going to tell them... I pretty much swear half the time"

Alex put his hand over his heart and let go of the breath he was holding, "Oh thank god, come in" he said walking in and throwing himself onto the black leather sofa, Jack following his actions but with his head in Alex's lap, Maddie and I took the other sofa opposite them.

"So any new guys on the scene then Cosy?" Alex wiggled his bushy eye brows at me.

"Nope! I'm more focused on my music"

"God you sound like Vic, not botherd with rela-" before Alex could finish there was a knock at the door.

I looked over at the guys, it was clear that they weren't going to answer it so I stood up and went for it. When I pulled the door open, there stood a guy who was about my age, long black hair, brown eyes and was taller than me by inches, not many though, he was still pretty short.

Our eyes locked on each others, neither of us saying or doing a thing- "Hey Cosette, I see you've met my son Alex" Matty Mullins said coming up from behind who I'm now guessing was Alex.

I smiled and nodded, "Yeah... have you seen my dad's yet?"

"You have two dads?" Alex asked, I nodded, "Oh you're Vic Fuentes and Kellin Quinn's daughter right?!"

I smiled, "That I am, Cosette Fuentes at your service... not really, I only work for myself?" I giggled to myself then felt a pair of hands on my shoulders and two sets of feet behind me. The hands belonged to Alex, I knew that because of his rose tattoo and the other set of feet must have belonged to Maddie.

"Hey Matty, Alex" Gaskarth said, "Cosy, me and the guys are going to walk around for a bit, you know, so we know everything for tomorrow, we're playing music later"

All of ATL including Flyzik pushed past me, leaving me with Matty Mullins, Alex Mullins and Maddie. "Oh, this is my best friend Maddie, my dads made me bring her because they don't trust me by myself"

I earned a few laughs after that, "Kellin was the same way when he had Copeland... if he had it his way then she wouldn't be leaving the house even now, speaking of which I'm going to go find him, I'll see you guys later" I waved Matty 'bye' and shoved my hands in my pockets, an awkward silence filled the air, making me chew on my lip as a habit.

I pulled out my phone to check the time- 4:30pm- "So.... what does everyone want to do?"

They shrugged, "I think I'm going to go grab a monster or something, maybe hang with Alan for a bit" Maddie said, I nodded and watcher her walk away.

I mentally groaned, "Want to come back to my bus to hang or something?" I said nervously.

Alex smiled weakly at me and nodded, allowing me to lead the way.

How come, it's always awkward with the super hot ones? was it this hard for my dads? or anyone else in the world? ergh, I feel like Tony, I'm a total awkward turtle!

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