Hold On Till May, If You Can't Hang

Vic and Kellin's daughter is growing up, Kellin is weary about letting Cosette join them around America for Warped Tour, but when Cosette finds love, her best friend finds it also- with the same person. Will the two lose all friendship or something else?


2. Chapter 1: Popping The Big Question

-Cosette's Point Of View-

(Reminder- Vic is 'dad' and Kellin is 'daddy')

I stood in the hallway pulling my shoe on my foot while glaring at my dad's who were sitting talking about video games, I don't get them sometimes. I guess that's what being in a rock band does to you, makes you act like a child even though you're really not.

"Cosette, tell your dad Call Of Duty is an awesome game" my daddy said standing up from his seat.

Dad followed suit not long after, "Don't bring her into this"

"I just don't get how you hate the game"

"And I don't get how Mike hates Star Wars and Tony hates Harry Potter"

"What has that even got to do with COD and FIFA?"

My dad shrugged, "I don't know, I just got sick of this argument"

My daddy cocked an eyebrow at him, making me snicker a little, "Whatever, can we just say 'I love you' and forget about the argument?"

"You just did love" my dad said and kissed my daddy on the lips.

I turned and walked away to the kitchen 'cause I really don't want to see them making out again, I love their relationship though, they have told me so much about how they fell in love but it was kind of hell and worry to begin with, about how my dad got kidnapped and how they got into an fight and nearly broke up but they loved each other to much to leave their love.

I smile every time they kiss, they always say how they feel like they are falling in love all over again and to me that is real love.

I sat on the kitchen counter with a cup of coffee in my hand and sipping it slowly while scrolling through tumblr, I heard foot steps come in and I saw my dad.

"Was there something you wanted to ask back there Cosy?" he asked.

I nodded, "Yeah, I want to talk about warped t-"

"We've already told you Cosette, you can't go"

"But dad, I'm 16, don't you trust me?"

My dad started rubbing his temples and looked me dead in the eye, "Fine, I'll talk you Kells about it, but I want you to bring a friend, I'm not having you by yourself princess"

I smiled and tackled him into a hug, "Thank you, thank you, thank you" I said quickly, "I'll bring Maddie" my dad chuckled then wrapped his arms around my waist and kissed the top of my head.

"Anyway, while I talk to your daddy, you have to get to school or you'll be late"

I nodded, "I'm gonna' kick but in music today " I beamed as I picked up my backpack and threw it over my shoulder.

"You better, I mean you do have to singers as dads" he laughed and waved at me as I left the house, I hope he can convince daddy.


I saw Kellin sitting on the floor with his notepad writing something down, must be lyrics.

I sat down next to him and lay my head in his lap.

"Hey baby" he said and pecked my nose.

"Hey" I smiled.

"She asked again?"

I nodded, "Yeah.. I was thinking, if we let her take Maddie then she'll be in less trouble, plus all our friends will be on the lookout for her."

Kellin bit his lip then ran a hand through his black hair, even after eighteen years, he still manages to look attractive as hell when he does that. It's like a major turn on.

"I guess but where will they sleep? my bus is full with the other four guys along with the driver and manager"

"They can bunk with Pierce The Veil, I mean the guys love Cosy half to death and we'll have spare bunks with there only being four band members including me and then our manager"

Kellin nodded and I sat up, wrapping an arm around him and pulling him onto my lap, "Alright, I guess they can go... who's telling her?"

I shrugged, "I don't want to get attacked by two teenage girls so we'll get Austin (Carlile) over to say it, he's cheery enough and loves Cosy more than we do probably" I laughed.

Kellin joined in laughing along with me, once all laughter had died down, I rested my head head against Kell's shoulder, "She's growing up isn't she?!" Kellin said more to himself.

I nodded in response, "Yep... remember when she was ten and she told us that she never wanted to go to warped because everyone looked terrifying?!" I laughed at the memory, "But look at her now, she's never been more exited to go"

Kellin kissed my temple, "Does she have to grow up so fast?"

"If we don't let her then anything could happen, we could lose her and that's the last thing I want"

"Yeah... I love you Vic, you know that? more than anything"

I looked up at Kellin who had a little smile playing at his lips, I smiled and kissed them softly, "I love you too Kells, forever, remember?"

Kellin nodded again and kissed my lips once more but more passionately, "Forever" he whispered when he pulled away.


I walked through the doors of my school and headed straight for my locker. I saw Madison standing in the arms of her boyfriend Chad, sharing little kissed from time time. I cleared my throat, getting their attention.

"Hey Cosette, did your dad's say anything?" Maddie asked.

I half smiled and opened my locker, pulling things out that I needed for today, "My dad said he'd talk to daddy for me and try to let us tag along"

"Ohemgee, that's amazing, I'm so coming over tonight"

I laughed and slammed my locker shut, "We'll probably be staying with...." I started but stopped once I remembered that Chad was still here, listening in on our conversation, "Erm.. Chad can we talk alone?" I asked looking at him.

He rolled his eyes but walked off anyway, "Okay, so who will we be bunking with? PTV or SWS?"

"PTV, they'll have more room and it's a lot easier than having to bunk with five guys, four is at least an exception" I giggled, "But I don't know yet, my dad loves my daddy too much to say no to him so we may not be aloud to go but we'll be able to go to one of the dates and that's when they get back to San Diego"

Madison nodded, taking in every piece of information, she was about to say something but was stopped by the bell. "I'll catch you in music Cosy" I nodded and waved her 'bye' then made my way down the hall to social studies.


I sat in the back of the class with Maddie, going over the songs we chose to preform. "Cosette, you're up" my teacher Miss. Skies announced over to me. I nodded and took my sheet music up to the front with my guitar in hand. I pulled my acoustic over my shoulder and quickly checked the strings, all in tune.

"So what are you preforming?" Miss. Skies asked.

"I'll be doing Hold On Till May by Pierce The Veil" I smiled, the whole class seemed to regain contentiousness and turned their attention to me.

"She sits up high surrounded by the sun

One million branches and she loves every one

Mom and dad, did you search for me?

I've been up here for so long I'm going crazy

And as the sun went down

We ended up on the ground

I heard the train shake the windows

You screamed over the sound

And as we owned this night

I'll put your body to the test with mine

This love was out of control

3, 2, 1, where did it go?

Now don't be crazy, yes now

Of course you can stay here

Been in a touring band going on ten years

"Big deal", she said

"I guess you're official"

I only said it 'cause I know what it's like to feel

Burned out!

It gets you down

We've all been there sometimes

But tonight I'll make you feel beautiful once again

And as the sun went down

We ended up on the ground

I heard the train shake the windows

You screamed over the sound

And as we owned this night

I'll put your body to the test with mine

This love was out of control

3, 2, 1, where did it go?

If I were you, I'd put that away

See, you're just wasted and

Thinking about the past again

Darling, you'll be okay

And she said

"If you were me, you'd do the same

'Cause I can't take anymore

I'll draw the shades and close the door

I'm not alright and I would rather"

And as the sun went down

We ended up on the ground

I heard the train shake the windows

You screamed over the sound

And as we owned this night

I'll put your body to the test with mine

This love was out of control

Tell me where did it go?" I sang, I put my hand over the to stop the sound going throughout the room. I smiled at my effort, it didn't take me long to learn that song, hell my dad sings it all the time so I have no choice but to know it.

I heard a snicker come from the back of the class but due to the amount of heads I couldn't see who it was. But then they spoke up, I really with they hadn't though.

"Sounds like her dad's don't give a fuck about her" they laughed, "Fucking faggots can't raise a kid, I mean look at her, you has to cut herself at least every day, or at least starve herself, ugly rat" they laughed again. I felt tears prick at my eyes. I've been getting so weak lately, I threw my guitar around so it rested on my back then ran.

I ran out the class, through the school halls, out the school doors and down the streets till I got home. Tears streaming down my face, neither of my dad's cars were in the drive so they must be out, either together or with their band or some other band. THANK GOD!

I unlocked the door and raced to my room then into the bathroom, locking the door behind me. I slid down the door and to the floor, crying helplessly into my hands, I don't get why I'm so weak and why I can't handle the words that get thrown at me, it's not like my dad's didn't get hate when they came out to the public, I know that they did, everyone knows.

I looked down at my wrists, my bracelets had fallen down my arms so my scars were clear to see. I bit down on my lip, another few cuts couldn't hurt anybody right? right!

I some how managed to pull my self up from the floor and over to the draws that had all my bath supplies in, I dug through towels and make up and hair products, everything till I came across the once shiny, silver blade, I smiled and leaned against the counter, I pressed the blade to my skin, dragging it across three times, going deeper each time, I suddenly felt better.

I sat on the floor, allowing the blood to pour from my arm, just thinking over my stupidity and twirling the blade between my fingers, debating if I should do it ag-"

"Cosette?" my daddy's voice said from the other side of my bathroom door, "You alright baby girl?"

I mentally face palmed, I left the front door unlocked and Maddie would have called one of them, "Yeah, I-I'm okay, just feel a little ill is all" I said hoping he'd buy the lie. While I waited for an answer back, I quickly washed my arm and bandaged it up pulling my bracelets over the cuts and throwing the blade back into the draw.

I unlocked the door and saw both my dads and Austin and Alan from Of Mice and Men. I smiled at them all,"You sure you're alright Cosy?" my dad asked this time with a concerned expression.

I nodded, "Not to be rude or anything but why are Austin and Alan here?"

I saw both my parents smile, "We'll be down stairs with plugs in out ears" they said and left my room, leaving me with the guys.

I cocked an eyebrow at the two and they dragged me to the bed and we all sat down, Austin on one side of me, Alan on the other, both guys with a smile that could spread from coast to coast.

"Okay... it's good news, great news in fact Austin stated.

Alan finished it off for him, "You're going to warped this year"

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