The Reunion

"Zoe Renee Parks, I still love you." She paused for a moment, "Y-You love me?"

Zoe Parks was your average teenage girl, but that was about to change. Her and her best friend Julie get VIP tickets to Magcon Tour. What they didn't know was that their entire lives were about to change.


2. Zoe and Julie

Chapter 2

My name is Zoe Parks and I'm 15 years old. I'm just your average teenage girl. Brunette hair, blue eyes, and average height. But, every brunette needs a blonde best friend, right? My best friend is Julie Reed. She's 13 and lives right next door to me. We've been best friends ever since she moved in when she was 2. We do everything together and we tell each other all of our secrets. "Zoe!! The Magcon boys are coming to New York soon," she shouts as we walk to school. Oh yeah. I forgot to mention that I am a huge fan of the Magcon boys. "OMG!!! We need to go! When is it?" "Next week!" Next week? After all these years of not seeing him and I only have to wait a week? This day is already turning out perfectly! We got to school and I went to English class. 20 minutes into class, I left to get a drink. When I came back, there was a note on my desk. It said: Zoe, I need to talk to you. Meet me in the courtyard right before lunch. -Anonymous. Who could it be? What do they need to talk to me about? I couldn't concentrate after that note. Thank god lunch is next period. Ring! Ring! Ring! The bell for 5th period rang and I went directly to the courtyard. There, I saw Liam West. "Hey Zoe. Can we talk?" "Yeah. What's up Liam?" There was an awkward silence for about 30 seconds. Something broke the awkwardness, but not the silence. He kissed me. Liam West had just kissed me. He pulled away and said, "Sorry Zoe. I shouldn't have done that. It's just that I've liked you for a while now and---" He cut himself off and kissed me again. I pulled away this time and said, "Liam, listen. You're nice and all but I don't feel the same way. I'm sorry." I picked up my books and walked off to lunch. I turned back to see his eyes tearing up. I just kept walking and didn't turn back. I got to the cafeteria and Julie runs up to me. "WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? YOU'RE 10 MINUTES LATE!" "With Liam West. He kissed me and told me he's liked me for a while." Why did I tell her? She's gonna be so nosy. "OMG!!! What did you say??" Told you. "I told him I didn't feel the same way and that I'm sorry. He started to tear up but I just walked away." "What the hell is wrong with you? You turned down the hottest boy in school!" Liam was the hottest boy in school. He also happened to be one of the nicest. I was probably one of the only girls who didn't coo over him. I wasn't really much into dating. "Sorry but you know I'm not into dating that much. I'm saving my heart for someone special." She gave me 'the look'. The rest of the day went by pretty quickly. I still wasn't able to think straight. I mean who would be able to after that? However, last period I had math and it felt like it went on for ages. Finally, the bell rang. Julie was waiting for me at the front exit, just like every other day. "Okay so when we get home, we have to go buy VIP tickets for Magcon," she said. I nodded in agreement. We got home and I checked the date on the computer. "Julie! It's tomorrow! I thought you said next week!" "Did I? I meant tomorrow. Sorry." Tomorrow? I only have until 12:00 tomorrow to prepare!!! I purchased the tickets and closed the computer. "Jules, do you think you can go home? I kinda just wanna be alone until tomorrow." "Sure thing. See you tomorrow." I stayed on my phone for about 5 hours watching Vines and YouTube videos. Then I laid down and thought about things until I fell asleep.


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