The Reunion

"Zoe Renee Parks, I still love you." She paused for a moment, "Y-You love me?"

Zoe Parks was your average teenage girl, but that was about to change. Her and her best friend Julie get VIP tickets to Magcon Tour. What they didn't know was that their entire lives were about to change.


3. Today Is The Day

We arrived at the Meet and Greet and went up to the booth to get our tickets. "Can you believe it Zoe? We're actually going to meet the Magcon boys!" "Yeah. I'm so excited." I was actually nervous as hell. I mean it's the first time I'm seeing him in years! "Okay. I mean you should be. Considering who were meeting today." "Yes yes. I know. We're meeting the magcon boys." The line was huge. We were online for about 30 minutes already and we weren't even close to the front. I started to think about him. Would he remember me? I hope so.


"Good morning beautiful" he said as he kissed my forehead. "Good morning. What are you doing here so early?" I pulled him down to meet my eyes. "I couldn't wait any longer to see my favorite girl." "This is why I love you" I said as I leaned in for a kiss. We kissed. It was my first kiss. It was magical. I got up out of bed and he brushed my hair out of my face as we were interrupted by my overprotective, jerk brother, Logan. "GET YOUR HANDS OFF MY SISTER!" He shouted. "Logan! Will you quit being so overprotective! He's not like other guys! He's not gonna try anything!" "I should go" he said as he hugged me and walked out. "Zoe, I'm sor-" I cut him off. "Save it. Just leave me alone."


"EARTH TO ZOE!!!" I hear Julie shout, attracting attention. "Sorry Jules. I was just thinking." "Must've been deep thinking. I've been trying to get your attention for the last 5 minutes and you haven't responded." She was right. I was in deep thought. That day was the last day I saw him. Julie had no idea about that because it only lasted a month. The month her and I got into a huge fight and didn't speak to eachother. "Sorry. What did I miss?" "Well" she said happily. "Matt Espinosa walked by and winked at you." "Really? Anybody wink at you?" I was hoping for someone else to wink at me, but Matt was the second best person. "Yeah. Hayes Grier!" She had a huge smile on her face and started jumping up and down. She was obsessed with Hayes. I mean, his eyes were gorgeous and he was popular with the younger fans since he was 13. Another half hour went by but it seemed like forever. We were closer to the front, but I could tell that we had at least another hour and a half to go. The Magcon boys sure were popular and this probably wasn't even 1/5 of their fans.


I walked by and saw one of the most beautiful girls I had ever seen. She was just standing there waiting to get her tickets when I walked by. I winked at her but she didn't seem to notice. She seemed like she was in deep thought. I hope she is a VIP. I want to talk to her and get to know her. I hope her heart is as beautiful as she looks.

Julie's POV

There was something going on with Zoe. She hasn't been herself lately. It started ever since I told her about the Magcon boys coming to New York. It could be just coincidental but she hasn't been herself ever since. I mean she didn't even notice Matt wink at her. It took me five minutes to get her attention. Something was up with her, and I was determined to figure out what it was.

Zoe's POV

The girls behind us couldn't get anymore annoying if they tried. All I've heard for the past 20 minutes was screeching and squealing. "OMG! Can these girls behind us just be quiet already?" Julie said in annoyance. "I was thinking the same thing. Like some people have ears." I said it loud enough for them to hear. "Sorry. We are just so excited!" I felt so bad. I really did sound like a jerk. "Can this line move any slower?" Julie piped. She had always been very impatient. She has to understand that we are on a line to get our tickets to meet somebody famous, not to get cheese burgers at Wendy's. "Julie, chill. Don't forget where we are." The line was taking forever though. I got to see him again. He's been to all these different cities and met all these different girls that only like him because he's famous. Well, sorry to break it to you girls, but I liked him before he became famous. Yeah. That was 2 years ago. Now he's at like 2 million Vine followers and has millions of girls cooing over him. It'll be a miracle if be remembers me. After the incident with my brother, we never spoke again. I was depressed for a while after that. I mean, after all, he had been my first kiss and my first serious boyfriend since I was only 13 at the time. Julie and I hadn't talked much the whole time we were online. I thought most of the time and she mingled with another girl her age who was on line near us. Finally, after two and a half hours, we were at the front. "Two VIP tickets for Parks please" I said as we approached the ticket window. The man handed us our tickets and I handed him the money. Was I ready to see him again after two years? I guess I had to be.

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