The Reunion

"Zoe Renee Parks, I still love you." She paused for a moment, "Y-You love me?"

Zoe Parks was your average teenage girl, but that was about to change. Her and her best friend Julie get VIP tickets to Magcon Tour. What they didn't know was that their entire lives were about to change.


4. Reuniting With.......

"Zoeeeee!!!!!! It's finally happening!!! After a year of fan girling and obsessing, we get to meet them!! I'm so happy, I can't even breathe!" I chuckle. "Breathe deep Jules. I'm so excited too! I'm screaming inside because I'm so happy!" It wasn't a total lie. I was excited and I was screaming inside, but it wasn't from happiness. It was my anxiety. We walked into the room, and there was already a swarm of girls crowding the stage. "Ready to attack this crowd, Jules?" I asked with excitement in my voice. "Yep!" She grabbed my wrist and we started pushing and shoving our way to the front. We finally got there just as the announcer started speaking. "Please welcome the Magcon boys!!" Everybody started squealing and screaming, Julie and I included.He then began to announce the names. "Nash Grier! Hayes Grier! Shawn Mendes! Taylor Caniff! Carter Reynolds! Matt Espinosa! Aaron Carpenter! Cameron Dallas! Jack Glinsky! And Jack Johnson!" All the boys ran out as their names were called. Next thing you know, he sees me. I look at him and he's smiling. Does he really remember me?


Carter's POV

I came out as my name was called and she immediately caught my eye. I saw her standing right in front of my face. I just kept walking, but I looked at her and smiled, hoping it would indicate that I still remembered her. How could I forget her? She was amazing. She looked so different then she had two years ago when I was 15 and she was 13. She looked even more beautiful from when I last saw her. It was now time to choose a girl from the audience to come up for the Nae Nae and Lipgloss dances. I was hoping that I would get to choose first so that none of the others would choose her. I mean, she is beautiful and she is right in the front row. I grow disappointed as I hear the announcer say, "Matthew, choose one girl from the audience." I hoped Matt wouldn't choose her. He wouldn't. I talk about her all the time. About how much I loved her. Matt chooses, and thank god, he chooses somebody else. "Carter, you choose one girl now please!" I didn't even think twice. "I'm gonna pick an old friend of mine, Zoe Parks." She walked up onto the stage and I grabbed her hand. As all the other boys picked girls, I whispered something in her ear. "I still love you Zoe Renee Parks." She paused for a moment. "Y-you love me?" The music came on and all 22 of us on stage started dancing. I could tell by the look on her face that she was shocked, but in a good way.

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