The Reunion

"Zoe Renee Parks, I still love you." She paused for a moment, "Y-You love me?"

Zoe Parks was your average teenage girl, but that was about to change. Her and her best friend Julie get VIP tickets to Magcon Tour. What they didn't know was that their entire lives were about to change.


7. Home

Zoe's POV

Our date went amazing. He "taught" me how to play mini golf. I lied about not knowing how to play just so I would have an excuse for him to wrap his arms around me. "Tonight was amazing," he said as we sat on the hood of his car under the moonlight. "Yeah it really was." I leaned my head in and leaned it on his chest. "Your eyes look so beautiful in the moo--" He was interrupted by a text on my phone. "Hold on babe." I pulled out my phone and the text was from Matt. Julie must've given him my number. The text read:

Matt: Hey Zoe. It's Matt. I just wanted to check up on your date. I hope it's going well -Matt

Me: Thanks Matt. It's going perfect. -Zoe

"Who was it baby?" I didn't want him to get jealous, so I lied. "It was Julie. She was just making sure I had my room key 'cause she's going to bed." "This early," he asked. "Carter, it's 12:00!" "Oh. We should probably get back to the hotel." He kissed my forehead and we got into his car. I fell asleep during the car ride home.


Carter's POV

She was so cute when she was asleep. We got back to the hotel and I carried her up to her room, bridal style. As I laid her down on her bed, she woke up. "Go back to sleep, my angel." I kissed her forehead and she drifted right back off to sleep.


Matt's POV

I had taken a selfie with Zoe when I drove her to the hotel. I couldn't stop looking at her gorgeousness. Literally. I fell asleep looking at it. I woke up when Carter came in from his date. He seemed so happy. He's such a lucky guy. "Hey man. How'd it go?" He brushed his fingers through his hair and smiled. "Perfect," he replied. Of course it went perfect. He was with Zoe. "And she fell asleep in the car. Oh how is she adorable when she sleeps." I bet she is. I bet she's beautiful when she sleeps. "She seems like a good girl, Carter." She doesn't seem like one. She is. "I guess things are what they seem then. Haha. I'm gonna head to bed now. Night Matt." I'd go back to sleep, but I couldn't stop thinking about Zoe and how I wanted her to be mine. Only mine. Not Carter's. Carter's my best friend, but I've seen the way he's treated other girls. He gets jealous easily. Finally, after an hour, I fell asleep.


Hayes' POV

So, Carter has this new girlfriend named Zoe. She's really pretty, but I have a crush on her friend, Julie. I think I might tell her tomorrow. It's been like two weeks since Zoe and Julie got here and I've had a crush on her since I met her, the second day she was here.


Julie's POV

Well, I figured out what was up with Zoe, and now I'm having the same problem. I'm crushing on a Magcon boy. To be specific, Hayes Grier. He's just so perfect. I wanna tell him but he most likely doesn't feel the same way so I am gonna go ahead and pass on that. I mean why would a guy like him like a girl like me? It's been two weeks since Carter and Zoe got back together. They seem really happy, but I have a strong feeling that someone else has feelings for her. That certain someone is Matt. He's always talking about her and I see him sneaking a look at her picture on his phone. It's totally obvious!


Hayes' POV

I walked up to Julie's hotel room door. Was I really about to do this? I wasn't going to back down now. This was my best opportunity. I knocked on the door, and I could feel the butterflies build up in my stomach. She answers the door. "Hayes? What're you doing here?" I got so scared. I didn't know what to say, so I just went for it. Yes, I kissed her. She didn't pull away. Was that a good thing? "Sorry Julie. I just couldn't tell you any other way and it just came out. I'll leave now." I start walking and I hear, "Hayes! Wait! I like you too!" Next thing you know, she rushed up to me and kissed me again, but it was gentler than my kiss. It was perfect!



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