The Reunion

"Zoe Renee Parks, I still love you." She paused for a moment, "Y-You love me?"

Zoe Parks was your average teenage girl, but that was about to change. Her and her best friend Julie get VIP tickets to Magcon Tour. What they didn't know was that their entire lives were about to change.


6. After Magcon

Zoe's POV

I was walking to the exit when I bumped into Matt and fell on my butt. "You okay there, Zoe?' He asked as he helped me up. I brushed off my butt. "Yeah. I oughta be more careful next time." He laughed. "Yeah! Next time watch where you're going, freak," he joked. This is why he was my second favorite. "So you knew Carter before he became famous and all that good shtuff?" "Yeah. We met each other at a sleep away camp about 2 summers ago." "Oh believe me. I know you guys more than met each other. He was your first kiss." He playfully shoved me, which made me chuckle. "H-how did you know that?" "Oh please. Carter talked about you all the time. He always told us about how much of a great girl you were and how he loved you." "He really did that? Did he tell you why we broke up?" He shook his head. "No, he said he didn't ever want to relive that moment." I frowned and looked down at my feet. "My jackass of a brother walked in on us holding hands and freaked out. Today was the first day we've seen each other and talked since." Matt hugged me and said, "I'm sorry to hear that, Zoe. But at least you have him now, right?" He seemed like he really cared. "I better get going. I've gotta get ready for my date tonight." He frowned. "Hey, Zoe!" "What's up Matt?" "Let me give you a ride." We walked to his car and I got in. He turned on the radio and my favorite song, Sleeping With a Friend, came on. I, of course, started singing at the top of my lungs, while Matt just sat there and laughed his ass off the whole time. "Here we are. The Marriott Hotel," he said as we pulled into the parking lot. "Have fun on your date," he said as I walked into my new hotel room that I was sharing with Julie. "Girl, we've literally got two hours to get you ready!" I quickly hopped into the shower. I washed my hair, my body, and shaved my legs. When I got out, I blow dried my hair and curled it. After that, I put on the outfit that Julie had picked out for me. It was simply perfect. It consisted of black skinny jeans, black and white vans, a white shirt that said "Love", a grayish colored jean jacket, and a black beanie. I came out of the bathroom and  Julie did  my makeup. After she was done, I looked amazing. "Zoe, you look perfect. You're gonna have the best time!" She gave me a tight hug, as we heard a knock on our room door. It was Carter. "Ready my princess?" He said, holding his hand out for me. I happily grabbed it and replied with, "Of course, my prince." 


Carter's POV

As soon as I saw her, I immediately knew this would be the perfect date. She looked perfect. Not too fancy, nor too casual. That's my Zoe. As we walked to the car, she asked, "So baby. Where we going?" I gave her a peck on the lips. "That's for me to know and you to find out." "Hmm. I don't remember you being so mysterious." She joked as she stroked her chin. "You look perfect tonight, you know that, right?" She instantly blushed. "You don't look so bad yourself," she replied as she pulled off my sunglasses and put them away. "You also don't need these. It's not sunny out anymore. Plus, I wanna see your gorgeous eyes." Now, she made me blush. We pulled into a Mini Golf place. "Mini golf?" "Yeah, is this ok?" "Yeah it's just I don't really know how to play." He wrapped his arm around me and pulled me in close. "Don't worry, Zoe. I'll teach you how." She smiled, as she kissed me on the cheek.


A/N: Hey everybody! I'm sorry if this sucks! Like I said, this is my first ever fan fic. If you read this Movella, please tell me how you think I can improve it. Thanks- Gailen <3


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