I walk down the street hoping to find a place to sleep. Wait I should not start like that should I? Sorry I am not very good with words. I guess that's my dad's fault, he is the reason I don't trust anyone. Ok my name is Blair, which also means plain, I guess it makes since because my dad named me. My mother died when I was born. So sadly I had to deal with my dad. It wouldn't have been as bad if he actually gave a fuck. No he had to raise me as a drunken asshole with no life and no future going his way. Like seriously he needs to get a life, and stop ruining mine. Ok now that I have told you some things about my life, I should probably explain how I got to finding a place to sleep. If you want to stick around you will find out.


3. Chapter 3

The next day I woke up feeling refreshed and ready to leave this place, it feels to much like home, I mean who wants to go to a hotel just to back to your house, if you wanted it to feel like home then you would go home, you go to a hotel to relax, have fun, and NOT be reminded of home, kind of like a stress reliever. Before I leave here I should pick up some things from the mall, like more food and maybe some waters, I also need to find a place to stay for a while, somewhere not to expensive. I get dressed in my red skinny jeans with rips and put on my galaxy cross shirt. I brush my teeth and do my hair. I finish by putting on some light eye liner and macara. I never bother putting on cover up because somehow and someway i always mess up and you can tell i have it on, so i just gave up on it. Im so glad today is saturday because i dont have school, speaking of school how i am supposed to go if i dont even have a way there, the hotel i would need to stay at would be to far to walk. I might need to take the public bus, i know what you are thinking, why not the school bus? well you see if took the school bus everyone on it would make fun of me even more and do shit to me, and i really dont want to deal with it, plus if they end up ripping my clothes (which has happend on more then one occasion) i wont have to go all day with people staring and laughing, well even more then they already do.

∞∞∞∞ Harry's P.O.V∞∞∞∞

Yesterday was hectic, we had a concert, did a signing, and let people with V.I.P passes come and see us which lasted over an hour because out little irish leprechaun had a crush on one of the girls that were here. Don't get me wrong they were all pretty but most of there faces were caked up with make up and they has belly shirts on, most guys would love that for a night but i want someone true to themselves. I was quiet surprised when Niall took a liking to one of them, this one was not that bad though, she has some make up on but her shity covered her stomach. I'm pretty sure Niall ended up with her number, which hopefully if he ever does call she wont give it out to the world, he is a little to trusting to some of the fans. I really hope Niall finds his princess someday because he deserves someone. If your wondering, yes i do have a girl friend her name is Georgia, and i love her dearly but i dont think the lads like her so much, whenever she is around all they do is like glare and make gaging noises to each other when we kiss, they don't think i know about it but I do. "are you alright mate?" i heard from behind, apparently according to Zayn i have been staring at the same spot on the ground for like 10 minutes. I just said that i was fine and continued to think about our fans, sometime they will do anything just to get to us...

~ Flashback ~

We finally got out of the van that we were temporary using and made our way through the fans, I love the fans and i know that we would not be any where that we are without them, but sometimes they need to realize that we are just normal people to and like space, i mean Niall has to always be around security because he is scared of small spaces, one time he passed out from it. I didn't even realize that we were already in due to my constant thinking. We made our way up to the front desk and seen a lady sitting down in a chair looking very bored, but right when she seen us its like the world suddenly got brighter. "Hello!" she chirped in the happiest voice like humanly possible, "My name is Kim and I would like to inform you that you will be staying on the second floor because all of the other halls have at least one person in them, I know that you wanted a floor to yourselves" She told us with a bright smile on her face. "by any chance are you a fan?" I asked trying not to laugh at her perkiness. "Well i have heard a few of your songs, so i guess i am.. " she trailed off at the end, I did not even notice her boss standing over her shoulder until she was kinda like pushed out of the way by him and he whispered in her ear, she looks terrified, not really my problem though. The guy stuck his hand out and shook all of out hands introducing us saying his name was Charlie and he is sooo existed to have us here. ( note the sarcasm, because I did) Charlie made his way to the back and Kim got close to us, i thought she was trying to kiss Liam for a second there, but she ended up whispering to us all. " Don't worry about him, He just thinks he rules the world, I'm not supposed to talk about my life so i guess he got mad when i tried to talk, I am a fan but dummy over there would probably kill me if i said anything, he is a jerk" she finished and Louis pipped in "then why dont you quit" she bit her lip for a second before answering, "I would have a long time ago but there is not many jobs open, so im suck here until i can find one" she replied sweetly. Now i know why she was so happy, not only was she a fan but she had to deal with a dick all day. "Well sorry to hear that we hope you find a good job, love" i said trying to be nice, she just smiled at me. "Thanks Harry" she smiled even wider "welcome" i smiled back. we finally went upstairs as Zayn got the keys, we were just watching him talk with her for a minute then the guards were pushing a girl away from the door, god do they really have to be this nosy?. After a while of her taling he finally lets her in, why would he let a crazy fan in?! She walked right up behind Zayn and he was still talking to Kim, I notice her and Zayn talk for a minute and thats when he finally walked his way to us. I saw that she got a room key, I thought the other floors were taken? where is she going to go? I backed up a bit noticing all the other lads were gone, but i wanted to see where this fan was going to sleep because i dont want her on this floor, not to be mean or anything but, you know how fans are. I hid behind my door as the elevator came up and dropped her off. What the fuck? I thought this was supposed to be our floor, now that i am seeing her up close she seems to have a duffle bag with her and she is drenched, also she is limping the slightest bit. she walked right passed the door and didn't even look at it, she noticed her room which was like a door after us and she went inside, i walked back in and asked Zayn why she is on our floor, he explained everything about her not really being a fan and shit so i just went to bed for some sleep that hopefully will last tonight.

~ End of flashback ~

I walked away from the spot i have been in so long and made a bagel with cream cheese. After all we do have to go and see Lou today, she wants to try something new with mine and Niall's hair, I hope it wont look bad, wait what am i saying, this is Lou, she is amazing, anything she does will look good. I went back to the bunks after finishing up my bagel to wake Niall up. When i to to his bunk I heard a loud fart. He's awake, thats how he always wakes up. "Hey Niall, get up, we have to go and see Lou today" "alight mate just let me get dressed" he groaned.I just laughed, "oh come on Niall, its 4 in the afternoon" i said chuckling, He shot right out of bed and was ready in 2 minutes flat, he rushed to the door glancing at the clock only to realize that it is only 11:30 in the morning "Harryyyyy" he wined "yes" i said smiling "Its only 11:30, you promised i would not have to get up until 12" he pouted like a child. I cant never resist his pouty face, dont look, dont look, awe shit to late i looked and now i am pouting. "sorry Nialler, how about we go to McDonalds for breakfast?" i said ruffling his hair. He nodded eagerly and we were off.

Once we finished eating our McDonalds were we only had to sign a few autographs we went to Lou's. As we arrived we noticed Tom was not home, which means Lux must be here. That kid is so cute, Niall must be thinking the same thing because he has a cute little smile on his face. We walk up to the door and before we can even knock Lux comes running out of the hose and into my arms, " Hawwy" she hugged me tight, its so cute when she try's to say my name, i cant ever help but laugh. She looks over and notices Niall standing there with a grin on his face. she reaches over and he grabs her out of my hands "hey Lux!!" Niall said all chirpy, she giggled at his enthusiasm, although she dont even know what that is yet. We walked inside with Lux holding our hands to see a frantic looking Lou. "what wrong?" I ask. "Harry" she breaths a breath of relief once she notices i am here, "I need to tal kto you and Niall alone, I can't let Lux hear" she whispers in my ear. "alrighty" i say and take lux upstairs. She clung to me and yawned, i guess its nap time now anyway. I lay her gently in bed and pull the over over her, by this time she is already sound asleep i kiss her forehead and walk back downstairs to see why Lou is so frantic. "Lou she just went down for a nap, what did you need to tell me and Niall? " i ask "shit" she curses, wow this must not be to good, Lou never cuses. "Lou?" I ask in a desperate voice. "I need you to go and get lux when i am finished talking to you, I totally forgot today is the day i meet up with Phil and discus the plans for me and the next tour, this is really big guys and i really need you to keep Lux busy for a few hours. Please" she begged "of course" me and Niall say at the same time. She smiles "great, make sure your not here before 6:30 because i don't know how long he is going to be here, he is going to be here at 2 and still need to clean the house and stuff, so i suppose we could let Lux sleep until 1, if you help me clean" she says all in one breath "Lou calm dow new will help" I assure her. Niall's being offly quiet i look to my left and see he is gone. I look over Lou's shoulder and see he is lurking in the fridge. "Niall" i say with authority. He just turns backs and smile with food in his mouth. "we just ate!" I say laughing " I know" he swallows and grins. Lou shudders "that boy i swear" she mumbles and i laugh even louder. After all of the food mess we cleaned because of Niall we went on the the rest of the house. we finished around 1:33 or so.Lux woke up around 1 so she has been playing in her room with Niall because he said "she needed a friend" basically saying i dont feel like working anymore so i am going to go upstairs and stop helping. i wiped the sweat off my forehead and looked at Lou, she was doing the same thing. we chuckled at each other before i went upstairs to get lux and Niall. I brought Lux downstairs and we said goodbye to Lou. While we were inside we concluded that we were going to go to the mall.

As we arrived we noticed the mall was packed and there was like no space to park so we had to park a street away and i guess walk the rest of the way. We got out of the car and i grabbed lux, i was not sure if she wanted to walk so i just carried her, she squirmed at first then started to whine. I put her down and she ran to Niall, "oh i see how it is, trador" i said faking being hurt. "im sowwy, You to hard" she said as she cuddled into Nialls chest. I chuckled. "I guess your the softy of the group" i starte to laugh now "shut up' niall joined in on my laughing. We finally got into the mall and went to Justice for Lux to get some "stuffies" as she calls them. we ended up gettting her a stuffed Zebra and one Direction stickers of course. Next we went to Baby Gap, Niall put Lux down and she came over to me smiling. "Do you see anything you like?" I ask " I don't like clothes" she says. "Let me tell you something" i got down on a knee and whispered " I dont really like clothes either" i said and it made her giggle. I smiled and she ran away, I was going to go after her but Niall is right there, she is probably going to him. I looked throgh the little clothes finding something that would look cute on Lux. I turn back around and see that Lux is not with Niall yet, "Niall" I yell he tuns around "yeah mate" he calls back walking over to me " do you have Lux?" i ask, "No why would I? i thought she was with you" he responded> "Well she ran over near you" i said starting to get frantic. We both look at each other before running around the store "LUX WHERE ARE YOU?!?" i screamed, shit shit shit.

*please read authors note it's important*

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