I walk down the street hoping to find a place to sleep. Wait I should not start like that should I? Sorry I am not very good with words. I guess that's my dad's fault, he is the reason I don't trust anyone. Ok my name is Blair, which also means plain, I guess it makes since because my dad named me. My mother died when I was born. So sadly I had to deal with my dad. It wouldn't have been as bad if he actually gave a fuck. No he had to raise me as a drunken asshole with no life and no future going his way. Like seriously he needs to get a life, and stop ruining mine. Ok now that I have told you some things about my life, I should probably explain how I got to finding a place to sleep. If you want to stick around you will find out.


2. Chapter 2

As the blood drips from my stomach I smile. I take off all of my wet clothes and put them in the dryer, yes the washer and dryer are in my room because my dad dont do the laundry anyway, I put on jogging pants with a polling stones shirt and a warm sweater I took from my dad when he was nicer. I start to think, My dad don't care for me anymore so I might as well leave, I wash all of the dirty clothes that are in my room and put them onto a duffle bag, then I grab a warm blanket and pillow and stuff them in there as well.

I take all the money I have saved up and out it in my wallet, it only adds up to about 997$ when I swear I had like 1000 more then that, I believe my dad took it. The last thing I set on my bag is my most precious, my life savor, it keeps me sane, my blade. I zip up the bag and look at my phone, 12:32am. My dad should be sleeping my now. I slowly creep down the stairs, "creek" the stair squeaks. I mentally groan. Why does this have to happen now? I keep walking hopefully the scene before did not wake up my father. I get down the stairs. "yes" I whisper pumping my fist. I walk out the door and look back one last time, all the memories that were held here, good and bad, i start to read up remembering the bad but start the chuckle remembering the good.

I turn back around and I feel a little droplet on my head, then another, and another. I start to run as the rain gets heavier and heavier, the nearest hotel is like a 5 star hotel like 200 dollars for one night! But the one after that is like 10 miles away and right now I just need somewhere to sleep.

My feet pad along the sidewalk as a black car comes zooming past drenching me. "what the fuck" I groaned. I kept walking and now it's like 1:15, I'm just so tired. I finally reach the hotel and there is like a million screaming girls at the entrance, ugh why today! I know famous people come here sometimes bit I really don't want to deal with the guards.

I finally got to the front of the girls when I got a scratch on my arm and not a little one no, and huge ass one that looks like a cat got very angry. "Excuse me" I look up at the guards and they just tell me to move back "umm hello, I am trying to get a room!" I say. "that's what they all say" one of the guards scoff. "Why won't you let me in?! I'm a tired girl haut walked like 5 miles got splashed with water by a car and just want to sleep in a room!" I say they look at each thee and let me through, "that what I thought" I say looking at them. I go up to the front desk and a tall black haired guy with a quiff is talking to the room lady. "PAUL!" he shouts when he notices me. "yes?" 'Paul' answers. "I thought no one was allowed on" he said through teeth trying to make it so I don't hear. "Um yeah, I can hear you and will you not take forever getting a room? I am cold hungry and want to go to sleep" I say rolling my eyes. I feel like people are watching me, I look up and see 4 other guys on the second floor staring at my with there mount agape. "what?" I ask getting annoyed, even the quiff guy has his mouth open. I talked loud enough so the 4 others will here me to "close your mouths, don't want to catch flies" I say smirking a little. "why are you staring at me?" I ask quiff dude. "well do you know who I am?" he asks, I respond with a shake of my head. He just says ok and walks off, that was weird. I look at the lady working, her name is Kim I see by looking at her name tag. "hi" I smile politely "I would like a room for one for one night" I say. "she looks down at the computer then hands me a key. "ok, this is going to cost 500$ for tonight because lucky for you tonight is the night one direction are staying here and they said to chop the bills in half". she finishes. That's why they look so familiar! I thank her, hand her the money then walk up to my room in the second floor, I guess it was the only one room available and she said since I was not a crazed directioner I could sleep there for the night., also its a lot more then i acpeced it to be for one night. I walk past 6 rooms and finally find mine. I put everything that's mine in there then walk back out running into someone, the quiff dude, "sorry" I mumbled. I walked away before he could say anything

I go to the cafeteria and look for food, I see a vending machine, yes! I quickly walk over to it and get some chocolate donuts, then walk back to my room for some needed sleep. As i get into my room i put in my head phones and start to listen to some music. The story of my life i take her home.. I start to sing along, yes i do have some one direction on my ipod but very little and story of my life is just a really good song that they made, i have not heard all of them though. I start to eat the doughnuts and get the crumbs everywhere. And when i say everywhere i mean everywhere, i am a very messy eater. After a while of eating my doughnuts and listening to music my eyes start to droop and i fall into a deep slumber.

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