Story of my life\H.S.

Harry had a difficult life...he didn't know the meaning of love until that day in that forest, in Holmes Chapel he saw her...
Hope changes harry's life, helps him , supports him, who loves him, that gives him a new family and his lost family...
I know it sucks but I'm not good with prologues... this ff is my first one and I hope you like it.
Sorry for the mistakes :D


1. Prologue

And here I am again ... It was at least 10 years since I came here, I'm talking about a forest, Holmes Chapel to the city where I was born in England .. There I was for all the times that I was angry or sad . . I brought a book with me, quite large, light brown , is worthy of a secret diary , I like it ... I sat on a bush on the ground, and began to write in my journal : My life has not been one of  the best .. I know that everyone has problems, but my life is full of problems came to a point where I thought : 'BETTER IF I  DIE' .. And just when you think you're alone , you're hurt , sad , angry with everyone and everything, no one helps you , everyone will turn their back to you  ... and, unfortunately, where some like me, use alcohol to calm down , and a few even like me come up with some alcohol, and do you think that God doesn't exist, that there is none , there is no thing , nor a friend , even in this crappy life with the beginning of a dangerous job , and that's why I was depressed , believing that the love between friends doesn't exist, love, NOTHING! There was only the track where I had to run with my car .. that sucks, I risked so much to die ... but my life was a mess ... but then in that moment when everything will go wrong, all ugly, dark ...  you fall in love with her, she catches you, take you  home,  I was all wet, in the middle of the road because of a fight , and in fact I was aching all over ... in  that moment, start your life ... and you're just grateful to her, that helps you , supports you , who loves you, that gives you a new family, but also helps you to remain in your old family , I understand that if she didn't exist, that night I would have been there in the rain dead ... But now I work , a shop where I sell cars, from my previous job .. wow! 2 children and one on the way ... a wife, now I also have a mother , a sister, all thanks to her, my wife , my love , my first and true real love...Hope ...


Its my first fan fiction so i hope you guys like it and sorry for the mistakes :D

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