Story of my life\H.S.

Harry had a difficult life...he didn't know the meaning of love until that day in that forest, in Holmes Chapel he saw her...
Hope changes harry's life, helps him , supports him, who loves him, that gives him a new family and his lost family...
I know it sucks but I'm not good with prologues... this ff is my first one and I hope you like it.
Sorry for the mistakes :D




 I went back in the woods, as always with my trusty friend, my diary. As my usual, I was alone and sad. I sat down on the ground under a tree, where I always sat there since a kid. There I was already just since a kid, because I was always only just a child raised in an orphanage because I've never met my parent and I don't know the reason they left me there, I just know that I have a sister, at least this is what I was told by the nuns of the convent. I wrote about what happened to me in my world, because I belonged to only to my world,everything that was going out , I didn't care.I looked at the clock in my wrist and noticed that it was 16:00 in the afternoon of course, and I fell into a sleep in those days I was very tired , for my work, that is? To go to the races with my car, my darling , but I'm not usually a ''male'' who thinks only of the car , I love it , but it is only an object and also insignificant. When I  woke up, I saw the clock again and were 17.30, wow i slept one hour .. I tried to put everything in focus , noticing a girl a little  away from me towards the left, and I thought - who could be a girl here in a wood block? It must be a vision- But then my eyes went wide , and it was not a vision, but the truth. There was a tomb, and a girl sitting on embraced, and spoke in a language I didn't understand, she was in front of me, but far away, dressed in black, obviously in mourning, as she wept, dressed in black, sitting on a grave, but this forest is not a graveyard, a tomb is very strange here, in an isolated forest, I came here since I was about 14 years old, now I'm 19, I've never seen anyone here! That girl had a jacket and a black skirt, and stiletto heels even blacks  brown hair, almost down to his shoulders, tied in a bun and also ordered, but you could see her face...then she mumbled something in that strange language which alas, I am in knowledge of English because I am English, and the French... But anyway then she got up and started walking towards me, I looked dazed , she was walking slowly maybe because the ground full of  grass, and a couple of stones to avoid falling, and asked me something in that language yet unknown, I just know that she was very pretty... she was tall, because of the heels but I think if maybe if she didn't have them she would come to my shoulders, her eyes like a cat among the green and brown, they looked exactly the eyes of a cat, but a cat who cried, her eyes were red, in fact before I heard her sobbing, I had problems of my own, we lack also a girl crying for someone, and just just comes to me, crying, makes me even more sad, then had a nose slightly to the potato, and normal lips, rosy, of course,she  was very pretty, but like any male, not only think about the face. I looked at her  from up to down, the jacket was noticed a white shirt with 3 buttons opened, you could see that a little  let's say the middle line .. of the breast, it was a nice little curvy, and I also thought nice legs, and the shape of the skirt very close to the knees, the thighs had in the flesh, so better to just admire at least that was beautiful, I hate girls who are careful in what they eat, that is, their salads, and nothing else, that sucks!

" Excuse me ...i just wanted to know  if you know this address" the unknown girl said and  handed me the slip of paper with the address written.

"Oh yeah .. I know, I always go that way, but it takes a while, just an hour or so right..." I say

"Ah OK , thank you ... - she was sad, I noted, but not only for mourning but also because I think she didn't  know how to go there , but in a way it is also due to come here ... - I was going away, but I turned and saw that she was leaving and so I told her "I bet you don't even know where and how to get there right?"

" Well yeah, you're right " she laughed nervously.

 "I'll take you there "

"Oh no, do not worry about me , don't bother"

 "I have to go that way anyway, come on!" I said the truth

"Uhm...OK, have you got a car?" she ask

"Yes, my range rover"

"OK , ah I'm sorry we haven't yet presented, I'm Hope , Hope Higgins. My mum -she lowered her face on the ground- choose this name and I love it"  

"I'm Harold Edward Styles, but you can call me Harry".

"It is strange when I saw you mentioned your mother-"she cut me off "She died days ago..." 

"I'm so sorry , condolences!"

"Thanks"she replied 

We arrived at where I had parked my car ... I opened the car door , like a gentleman , noting the back of the girl, wow was put in place and then finished drooling, I went to my seat, the driver's seat , I saw that she had trouble tying the belt, that sweet, like a child who needed the dad or mom, who fastened it to him, I told her "I'll help you" and helped her lacing the belt, she smiled at me .. it was breathtakingly beautiful! I noticed , from what little I could because I had to watch the road, she had a blank look , absent ... looking out the window.

"Would you want to tell me something about yourself?" I asked interrupting the silence

 April thought, and blushed a bit, she was very shy,  she said, trying to make some turns of phrase

"Well, I have not had an easy life, how have I told you before , my mother was very fond of to my father, and then they got married married and here I am, but after a few years , which I was already there, my parents divorced, and my mother suffered so much, she was alive in recent years to raise me , because my father has cheated me .. but then she died from grief he had for my father , since he remarried .. in fact it will seem strange , that my mother was there, in that forest, but she told me that she had known my father here in this forest, so she wanted to be buried here, she left a letter, in which it announced"...


AUTHOR SPACE: Hope you guys like it, its my first chapter :D

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