The Necklace

At birth every child is given a unique shaped necklace. On there 18th birthday the necklace glows. When you feel heat coming off it you are close to your true love and when it turns cold you are far away and you need to get closer to this person. This is Sarah's story.


7. Chapter 7 {Necklace}

I wake up to no blankets and freezing. I look over and Niall took all the blankets. I tug at the blanket which causes him to take his arm and wrap it around me but I still don't have any blankets. I pull harder to get some blankets. I finally get some of the blankets and I turn towards him now and watch his face expression as he sleeps. I slowly push the hair out of his face, which makes him squeeze me tighter.

I look at the clock. Oh my god it's four in the morning. I need to go back to sleep. I stare at his face till I fall back asleep.

I soon get woken up again by Niall pushing the hair out my face as I did to him. I slowly open my eyes.

"Good morning beautiful." he says.

"Good morning." I say back and kiss him. I lean my head back and smile.

"What time is it?" I ask. He turns to see the clock.

"Five thirty." he says.

"That early. Why are you up?" I ask him.

"I don't know I kinda just like woke up with no reason." he says.

"Well then we might as well get up." I say and get pulled back down.

"No lets just stay here until it's a reasonable time to be up." he says. I nod in agreement and he slides his arm back around me. He kisses my four head, then the nose, and then on the lips. We continue to kiss until he rolls over on top of me and starts kissing my neck causing me to moan a little. He keeps kissing my neck and goes back to my lips. He slides his hand under me and I feel my bra unhook. I take one of my hands and pull my bra out from the sleeve. He places his hand up my shirt and keeps it there.

"Niall I have to tell you something." I say breaking up the kiss. I need to tell him about the necklace.

"What is it?" he asks.

"I, I um you the necklaces. Um the reason why we left from the restaurant was because my necklaces burns for another man and think he's just a dull business man and I don't like him and I told her I'm with you not him." I say and his eyes get big. He rolls off me.

"So your necklace burns for another." he says.

"Yes but i don't want to listen to it I want to follow my heart and be with you." I say.

"But what if it is right and we're not meant to be?" he asks. I put my hands behind my neck and unhook the necklace and throw it across the room.

"That's how much I care about that stupid necklace. I'd much rather be with you then some guy that stupid necklace tells me to be with." I say.

"But Sarah this is your life we're talking about. If it says to be with him then I guess i'll step aside and you can be with him and we can go back to being just friends." he says. And my eyes get watery. I run my eyes so he can't see them.

"Niall I don't want to be with him." I say.

"I don't want you to either believe me. I'm trying to save you. If you necklace burns for him then I guess you should go." he says.

"But..." I say.

"Just do it okay. I'll be fine." He says.

"Niall. I won't be fine with this." I say.

"Why not he's the guy your supposed to be with not me. I'm doing this for the better so we won't get to attached and having you walk away when we get more into our relationship. That's what the necklaces are for. To save the heart ache." he says and the last sentence replays in my mind.

"No Niall please don't." I beg.

"I'm sorry." he says. Tears slowly fall down my cheek. I get out of the bed and put the dress back on because that's the only clothes I have. I walk out of the bedroom and my eyes overflow. I shouldn't have said anything about it. We would be perfect without me saying anything about it. I grab my heels and walk out the door.

Niall's pov~

I get out of bed and walk to her necklace and pick it up.

"Fucking necklace." I say and throw it back on the ground. I never wear mine because I don't want some stupid necklace telling me who and who not to be with. I just don't know what to do anymore. I thought Sarah was the one, but this is for the better. I walk to my closet and put a shirt and jeans on. I grab my necklace off my dresser and put it on. If Sarah's burns for another then mine has to also.

I walk to my car and start driving. I don't really pay attention where I'm driving so I pull into the closest parking lot. I look around I'm at a dorm building. I get out and walk to the door and realize it's Sarah's. I don't know if i should go in or not. I stand there for awhile debating to go in or not. I soon find myself sitting next to the door.

I get up after five minutes of sulking and open the door. I slowly walk to her door and lightly knock twice. No one answers this was a bad idea I told her to leave and now I'm coming back to tell her I was wrong. I start walking away when I hear the door open.

"Niall?" a voice says.

"Yeah?" I ask turn around it's not Sarah it's Megan.

"Do you know where Sarah is I haven't seen her today so I thought she was with you." She says.

"She was..." I say.

"Well where is she now?" she asks.

"I don't know that's why I came her to hope she was here. She told me something I didn't feel great about and she left and I thought she'd come back to the dorm." I say.

"Well you thought wrong. Where the hell is she." Megan says. "Wait I have an idea." She shuts the door and walks out.

"Are you going to tell me?" I ask and follow her out.

"I bet she's at the coffee shop." she says and we start walking.

"Why would she go there?" I ask.

"She works there and goes 24/7."

"Okay." We get the coffee shop and sure enough Sarah's sitting in there talking to someone. I tilt my head to see who it is. It's some guy with curly hair is this the guy her necklace burns for? I walk in and walk straight to the booth she's at. She looks at me right away.

I clear my throat. "Um Sarah who is this?" I ask.

"This is Harry, we work here together." she says.

"Can I ask you something?" I pull her out of the booth.

"I guess since you're already pulling me away." she says. I pull her to a corner and stop.

"Is this who your necklace burns for?" I ask right away.

"No. No Harry is just a friend. Why do you care anyways you basically kicked me out of your apartment today."

"I'm sorry for that really I wasn't thinking it was wrong of me to do that I just didn't want to ruin your future because your necklace doesn't burn for me. I wish I never did. I want you to feel something." I say and remove the necklace from my neck and place the hot necklace in her hand.

"Oh my god." She says.

"I, I never knew." she says.

"Yeah neither did I."

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