The Necklace

At birth every child is given a unique shaped necklace. On there 18th birthday the necklace glows. When you feel heat coming off it you are close to your true love and when it turns cold you are far away and you need to get closer to this person. This is Sarah's story.


6. Chapter 6 {Dinner}

Sarah's pov:

It's finally the weekend and I get off from the coffee shop today. I slowly move from me bed and stretch. I look across to Megan's bed and she already gone. I check my clock. It's only nine why would she leave so early.

I get dressed in shorts, a neon pink top, and gray vans. I put my make up on and brush my hair. I grab my purse and put my phone and key into it. I walk out of my dorm and head to the coffee shop.

I walk in and Harry and a different girl are working today. I order and Vanilla bean frappe chino. I take my coffee, pay and sit down at a table. I go on my phone as I drink my coffee.

I turn off my phone and look around the coffee shop. My phone vibrates against the table and I pick it up. A text from Niall appears on the screen.

*Just filled out the papers to try to get in. Now just waiting to see if I got in.*

*Yay! Now were going to be at the same college. You know they'll accept you.* I send back.

*Hopefully.* he sends and I set my phone back down. My phone rings this time it's my mom again.

"Sarah?" my mom says.

"Speaking. What do you need?" I ask her.

"Did you tell Niall yet?" she asks.

"Uh yeah I did." I lie.

"Did you really?" she asks.

"Yes." I say more confident.

"Well anyways your father and I are coming down there to see you and eat dinner. I have the restaurant picked out already. Wait I have an idea bring Eric!" she says.

"Why?" I ask.

"So I can meet the boy who your necklace burns for." she says.

"What about Niall?" I accidentally slip I cover my mouth and whisper. "Shit!"

"Why would he matter he's out of the picture." she says.

"Yeah... Well I have to go. See you tonight." I say.

"Bye." she says and I hang up the phone. Great a dinner with my mom, dad, and Eric.

"Shit I have tryouts today!" I say to myself and hurry out of the coffee place. I sprint to my dorm and start changing. I put on shorts and a t-shirt. I put my hair up and search for my cleats.

I find them and put them on. I grab a drawstring bag and put a water bottle, my phone and keys in and put it on my back. I run back out of the dorms and straight to the field.

I walk on the field out of breath. I see all these girls stretching before tryouts.

"Alright ladies two laps!" the couch yells and I start running.

A girl runs up to my side. "Hi I'm Allie." She says.

"Sarah." I reply.

"Nice to meet you Sarah." She says.

"Yeah." I say trying to keep the conversation short. We finish running our laps and meet the couch in the center. There's a bunch of cones and soccer balls out. He lists what we have to do and I start.

All the girls and I finish all the drills we had to do and meet the couch back.

"You will be spilt up by second and first string. I will be naming the second string. Nicole Bender, Michele Garret, Haley Reece, and Zoey Young." he says and hands them a yellow jersey.

"The rest of you congratulations your first string. You're all dismissed." he says. Everyone walk away. I can just see the disappointed looks on the girls carrying the yellow jerseys. Allie pulls my arm.

"Locker rooms this way duh." she says. Well I didn't bring anything to change into or a lock. She stands next to a locker and pulls clothes out.

"Why aren't you changing?" she asks.

"I didn't bring anything to change into I was just going to change when I got to my dorm." I say

"Okay then you don't have to stay in here then. I'll see you next week." she says and I walk out of the locker room and to my dorm.

I open the door and Megan's doing her hair and is in another short black dress.

"Hey Sarah. Wow you look wrecked." She says.

"Yeah thanks. I was just at soccer tryouts." I say.

"Sorry. Well you wanna come out to a party this time I really want you to come." she says.

"I would but my parents are driving down for dinner." I say.

"Well that sucks." she says.

"Yeah tell me about it. That reminds me I have to call someone." I say. I pull out my phone and dial Eric's number.

"Hello." he answers right away.

"Hey I was wondering if you would like to go out to dinner tonight." I say.

"I'm sorry I can't I have plans tonight already sorry." he says.

"It's fine maybe next time. Alright bye." I say.

"Bye." he says and I hang up the phone. Without thinking I'm calling Niall.

"Hello." he says.

"Hey my parents are in town and want to have dinner and I was wondering if you could come." I say.

"Yeah sure where and when do you want to meet?" he asks.

"How about my dorm at 5:30 because dinners at around six." I say.

"Yeah sounds great I'll see you then bye."

"Bye." I say and hang up the phone. I set my phone on my bed and grab a towel and go take a shower.

I finish my shower and pick out my outfit for tonight. I grab a light pink dress and my white heels. I put my dress on and start blow drying my hair.

My hair isn't wet anymore so I start to curl it. I finish curling it and I redo my make up. It's 5:20 now and I'm starving I missed lunch today.

"Bye Sarah!" Megan yells to me as she shuts the door. I fall onto my bed and open up my phone I play a game on it until I hear a knock on the door and shut my phone off leave it on the bed. I get up and open the door. Niall's in a suit and a black tie.

"Wow you look beautiful." he says walking in.

"Thanks you look really handsome also." I tell him. "I just need my fancier purse and we can go. I find it on the floor. I pick it up and up my phone and keys into it.

"Ready." I say.

"Alright lets go." he says and leads me out of my room. We walk to his car and I get in.

"What's the restaurant?" he asks.

"Osteria Mozza." I say.

"Wow that place is so expensive." he says.

"Well you know my parents." I say.

We arrive at the restaurant at 6:03. We get out of the car and walk inside.

"Maclain please." I tell the man.

"Your party is already here. This way." he says and leads us to a table where my parents are sitting.

"Sarah." my dad gets up and gives me a hug. "How are you dear?" he asks.

"Great dad how are you?" I ask.

"Fantastic." he says and Niall and I sit down.

"Sarah can I talk to you privately?" my mom asks.

"Uh yeah sure." I say and we get up from the table and outside.

"Sarah why is Niall here?!?" she asks angrily.

"Eric couldn't come so I invited him. Anyway I don't really like Eric." I say.

"No you're screwing this all up!" she shouts.

"Why because I want to be with someone I actually like?!?" I shout back at her.

"Yes!!" she shouts back.

"You can't control me this is my life not yours!" I shout. I storm back inside. My mother walking furiously behind.

"Niall?" I tap his shoulder and he turns.

"We kinda have to go now." I say.

"Why?" he asks.

"I'll tell you in the car." I tell him and he gets up.

"Sarah where are you going?" my father stands up and asks.

"I'm sorry but I just have to go." I say and give him a quick hug goodbye

"Goodbye." he says.

"Bye." I say and while I walk away I shoot my mother a glare and walk with Niall to the car. We get in and he faces me right away.

"So why are we having to leave." he asks pulling out of the restaurants parking lot.

"My mom thinks she can control me and I can't stand to look at her right now." I say.

"Okay that's all I need to hear, but I'm starving can we drive through Taco Bell?" he asks.

"Yeah I'm starving too." I say.

When we finally get to Taco Bell and he goes straight to the drive through.

"What do you want?" He asks.

"Two soft shell tacos without tomatoes." I say and he repeats it to the drive through person and then orders his food. He pulls up and we wait for our food.

The lady hands us our food and I hand Niall some cash for my food.

"No I can pay it's only Taco Bell." he says pushing my hand away. He hands the woman the money and she gives him his change. He drives out.

"Do you want to go to my place or do you want to go to yours?" he asks.

"Can we go to yours?" he asks.

"Of course." he says.

He pulls into the parking lot of his apartment building. I grab my trash and when we walk in I throw it out. We take the elevator and go up. I follow him to his room and he unlocks the door. We walk in and I take off my shoes.

"I'm beat." I say falling back onto the couch.

"Why?" he asks.

"I had soccer tryouts then I had to get ready for dinner which took like forever for a dinner I never ate." I say.

"I grab you one of my shirts and sweats and you can go to sleep." He says. I follow him to his bedroom and he tosses me clothes. I put them on and climb into his bed. Before I see him get into bed I'm fast asleep.

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