The Necklace

At birth every child is given a unique shaped necklace. On there 18th birthday the necklace glows. When you feel heat coming off it you are close to your true love and when it turns cold you are far away and you need to get closer to this person. This is Sarah's story.


5. Chapter 5

I wake up to the smell of pizza. I lift my head off my pillow and look around and Niall's not on the couch.

"Niall?" I walk into his room and look around. I walk into the bathroom and he's not in there either. I walk back to the kitchen and pour some water into a cup. My phone goes off and almost makes me drop my glass. I walk and answer it hoping it will be Niall.

"Hello." I say.

"Sarah it's your mother. Have you talked to Niall yet?" she asks.

"Nope and I'm not planning to." I say.

"Sarah Ann Maclain you will tell that boy that you have to be with that Eric boy who your necklace burns for." she says angrily.

"No screw the necklace! I won't love him!" I scream into the phone.

"I will not tolerate you yelling at me missy." she says.

"You will tell Niall about your necklace or I will drive up there and tell him." she says.

"Your not in charge of me anymore I'm a adult now I can do what I want." I fire back.

"You've only been an adult for only a week now and you think you're ready for the rest of your life decisions." She says.

"Yes." I say and hang up the phone. The door opens and Niall has a plastic shopping bag in his hand.

"Sorry I just went and bought soda and plastic plates." he says.

"Yeah it's fine." I say.

"What's wrong?" he asks.

"Nothing it's just my mom." I say. He unwraps the plates and hands me one.

"Why what happened?" He asks.

"Just that I can't handle being an adult and I'm not ready to make life changing decisions." I say.

"Well that was harsh." he says.

"Yeah just a little." I say. I grab two slices of pizza and set them on my plate. My phone goes off again.

"Who is it now?!?" I say and storm to my phone.

"Hello." I say.

"Hey Sarah it's Eric I wanted to know if you wanted to go out to eat tomorrow night?" he asks. Sarah think it's either Niall the sweetest person ever or the necklace guy. I guess I should give Eric another chance.

"I.. Yeah sure." I finally make out.

"Great I'll pick you up at 6. Bye." he says.

"Bye." I say and hang up.

"Who was that?" Niall asks.

"Just Megan." I lie.

"Alright." he says. I grab the pizza box and take it to the couch. I pat the couch for him to come over. He rolls his eyes and sits on the couch.

"So what do you want to watch?" I ask him.

"Um. Oh I got it lets watch Austin powers." he says and I burst out laughing.

"Yes." I say and he gets up and pops the disc into the DVD player and sits back down. I continue to eat my pizza as we watch the movie. We finish the pizza and move the box from our laps. He shifts over and I move along with him. We now lay on the couch and watch the movie. My eyes slowly blink as they finally shut and I fall asleep.

~The next day~

My eyes slowly open. I check my phone to see what time it is.

"Niall." I whisper in his ear. "We need to get up."

"Mmm. Kiss me and I'll get up." he says.

"No we need to get ready." I say.

"I guess I'm staying here then." He says smiling. I kiss his cheek.

"Alright I did get up now. You never said the lips so get up." I say with a smirk.

"Out smarted me huh. Alright I'm up." he says and stands up. I grab my now dry jeans off the floor and walk into the bathroom. I take the sweatpants off and replace them with my jeans. I fold his sweatpants and set them on his bed. I walk out and into the kitchen.

"Hey can I just wear this today I don't feel like stoping at my dorm because my bag and books are already in your car." I says.

"Yeah of course." he says and pours a cup of coffee. "Want some?"

"Yeah." I say and he hands me the already poured cup. He pours the rest into another cup for him.

"I guess I'll just have to do my make up and hair in the car." I say.

We finish our coffee and I put on my shoes and wait for Niall to meet me. He walks to the table and grabs his keys.

"Ready to go?" he asks.

"Yep." I say and we walk out the door. He locks the door and follows me to the elevator. We get to the lobby and to his car. I get in and grab my bag right away to grab my make up bag and brush.

"I wish I would of showered this morning ugh." I say and start brushing my hair.

"Yeah you should of." he says laughing.

"Shut up." I say and playfully punch his arm. I pull my hair back into a pony tail and start my make up. As I'm doing my eyeliner he slams the breaks forcing me to pole myself in the eye.

"Niall!" I shout rubbing my eye.

"Sorry." he says laughing. I finish off and he pulls into the campus.

"Thanks." I say.

"Welcome." he says smiling. I grab the collar of his shirt forcing him towards me as our lips collide. I lean back and smile.

"Bye." I say and leave his car. I wink at him as I walk past his car. I get to class and sit next to Liam again.

"Hey." I say to him.

"Hi." he says turning to me. Class starts and don't get the time to talk to Liam. I go to the rest of my classes bored out of my mind. Today is the last day the activities fair is open if I'm going to sign up for something I have to do It now. I walk past a bunch that don't interest me. Once I realize I still have a chance with soccer. I almost got a scholarship for it. Maybe if I try out I could maybe make it. I sign up and start walking to the dorms. It's around 2 now maybe I should head to Kohl's. I walk to my dorm and shower right away.

I get out and grab a light blue sweater, skinny jeans and a beanie to match. I quickly change. I plug in my blow dryer and start my make up. I finish my make up and start drying my hair. My hair finishes drying and I pull the beanie on my head. I check in the mirror before I leave I grab my keys, purse and slip some Uggs on. I look like the common white girl. I laugh to myself and walk to my car. I get in and start driving to Kohl's.

I pull in the parking lot and park my car. I start walking into Kohl's. I walk right to the dresses. I pick out a black sleeveless, a dark blue fancy dress and and a casual light mint green dress. I try them on. I end up buying them all and I start walking to my car and start driving back. I look at the clock dashboard. It's 4:30 perfect timing I'll get back at around 5 and have an hour to get ready.

I walk into my dorm and see Megan sleeping. I throw my keys and purse on my bed and I pull out the dark blue dress that I bought today and lay it on my bed. I grab a pair of white heels and set them next to the dress. Hmm. Yes. I put the dress and heels on and look in the mirror. I plug my curling iron and wait for it to hear up.

I curl my hair and check my phone. I have ten minutes left till Eric comes. I walk to my bed and see Megan slowly raising her head.

"Hey sleepy head." I say.

"Ermm" she groans pulling the blanket over her head. I play on my phone until I hear a knock at the door. I stand up and shove my phone and keys into my purse. I open the door and walk out.

"Hey Eric." I say.

"Hey. Ready to go?" he asks.

"Yep all ready." I say. We walk to his car and I get in. He starts the car and pulls out and starts driving. The drive consists of small talk. He pulls into the driveway and parks. We walk in and he walks to a lady handing a timer to another person.

"Hello." she says.

"Hi reservations for Eric Tillman." he says.

"Okay this way." She says and hands two menus to a waitress. She leads us to a table and sets the menus at the table.

"First off what would you like to drink?" she asks.

"I'll have an Arnold Palmer." I say.

"And I'll have just a water." Eric says.

"Great i'll be back." she says.

"Thanks for taking me out." I say.

"Your welcome."

"So how are you?" he asks.

"I'm great how are you?" I reply as the waitress sets down our drinks.

"Are you all ready to order?" she asks.

"Yeah I'll have a chicken Cesar salad." I say.

"I'll have the lasagna." he says.

"Great." she says and takes our menus.

"I'm good by the way." he says. I giggle a little. "You look beautiful tonight."

I blush. "Thanks you look handsome tonight also." I say.

"Thanks." he says.

~20 minutes later~

The waitress sets down our food, smiles and walks away. I slowly pick at my food. I don't want to be rude or anything but he is so boring. He's the same as every other business man. I start think about what Niall and I would talk about. We would talk about the next soccer game and who would win.

"Sarah." Eric says bringing me back to reality.

"I'm so sorry just something is on my mind." I say.

"It's fine." he says as his smile fades away.

"Would you like your check?" she asks.

He sighs. "Yes please."

"I'm sorry. I really am." I say.

"It's fine okay." he says and puts his credit card into the bill folder and hands it to the waitress. We sit silent until she comes back. She hands him the bill and his card and he gets up from his chair. I get up and follow him to his car. We sit silently until we get back to my dorm.

"Goodnight." he says.

"Goodnight." I say and get out of his car. I walk to my dorm and kick my heels off when I get inside. I change into some pajamas and slide into bed. I look over to Megan's bed and see Lou with her and I smile. I feel so happy for them. Then there's my situation. I hate this. If I go with Eric I won't be happy but my mom will and if I be with Niall I would be happy but my mom would hate me. My thoughts fill my head until I fall asleep.

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