The Necklace

At birth every child is given a unique shaped necklace. On there 18th birthday the necklace glows. When you feel heat coming off it you are close to your true love and when it turns cold you are far away and you need to get closer to this person. This is Sarah's story.


3. Chapter 3

I wake up hearing Megan getting ready. I open my eyes and I'm about to stand up when Niall pulls me closer to him. I pretend I didn't wake up and close my eyes back. This had actually been like the best sleep I've gotten in a couple of years. I turn my head towards him and smile and his sleepy face. I want to get up but I don't want to move. Wait a second. My necklace heated up when I met that one guy not Niall. God this is so confusing. I keep looking at him until he opens one eye and I quickly shut mine back so he doesn't notice. He puts his head up and lays it back down and squeezes me tighter. I feel so relaxed like this isn't weird. I open my eyes back up when I feel his fingers pushing the hair behind my ears. I can't help but smile and he smiles back. I god I can't help but wanting to kiss him so badly. We still lay with his arms wrapped around me smiling like idiots at each other. Please just kiss me already I keep thinking. I want to make the move but if he isn't thinking that it will be super awkward. He finally leans in but just pushed the hair out of my face. His fingers are so soft. When my hair is out of my face he leans in again. I close my eyes hoping for him to kiss me. Instead of feeling his lips against mine I feel them pushes on my four head. I'm slightly disappointed. I open my eyes back up. He takes his arm off me and I get up and meet Megan in the bathroom to brush my hair. She is doing her make up while I grab a brush.

"What happened last night?" she asks with a wink.

"Nothing we finished my desk ordered a pizza and watched a movie." I say.

"Yeah okay sure." she says.

"I'm not kidding we didn't do anything." I say and start my make up. I hear him get up from the bed and yawn. I walk back out of the bathroom and get some clothes. I grab a sweatshirt and some skinny jeans. Niall walks to the bathroom and I quickly change. When I get my clothes on I grab socks, put them on and start making my bed. I finish and slip on my shoes.

"Niall I need to go to work right now. You can stay if you want to." I say. He walks out of the bathroom pulling a shirt over his head.

"Nah it's alright I have something's to do today." he says.

"Alright." I say and grab my purse and walk out the door. I can actually walk this time to work. I walk into the coffee shop and walk behind the counter.

"Hi Harry." I say while putting my apron on.

"Hey." he says and wipes the counter off. I set my purse down and make myself a coffee. The advantages of working at a coffee place, free coffee.

"Glad to see your not late this time." he says.

"Yeah u actually woke up on time today." I laugh.

"Good." he says and walks to the other tables to spray them. The same business man is here again today. My necklace heats up. I close my eyes and take a deep breathe.

"What would you like?" I ask him.

"A large black coffee and a date maybe?" he asks.

"Sorry my name is Eric." he says.

"I'm Sarah." I say and start making his coffee.

"So about that date?" he asks again. I think for a moment if my necklace does heat up for him I might as well go on a date with him.

"Yeah sure." I say with a smile.

"Great I'll meet you here at seven. Okay?" he asks.

"Sounds great." I say and hand him his coffee. He pays and leaves. I grab my phone out of my apron pocket and I open my contacts up. I find my best friends name, Chloe. I press dial and have Harry take the next person in line. I step outside to get out of the music and sound.

"Hello?" she picks up right away.

"Hey Chloe it's Sarah. We need to talk." I say.

"Alright." she says.

"Okay so you know how I have that one job at the coffee place on campus?"

"Yeah continue." she says.

"Okay so this guy named Eric walked in and my necklace heated up and he asked me out." I say.

"Oh my gosh!!" she says.

"Yeah but wait there's more. I have feelings for Niall though. What if the necklace is wrong?" I ask.

"The necklaces are never wrong everyone always ends up with the person that there necklace burns for." she says.

"What If I don't even like him." I say.

"Well you are going to have to. The necklace is telling you to be with him because you will have a good life with him." she says.

"But what if I'm unhappy?" I ask

"Well I guess you are just going to have to suck it up. I have to go I'll talk to after your date. Bye." she says.

"Bye." I say and hang up the phone. I turn my phone off and put it back in my apron. I walk back inside and take the next couple costumers. I fill back up my coffee cup and lean against the wall waiting for anyone else to come. Harry and I are the only ones in the shop now. Finally a good song comes on.I grab the broom and start sweeping the floors.

"Simmer down simmer down. They say we're to young to amount to anything else. But look around we worked to damn hard for this just to give up now. If you don't swim you'll drown but don't move honey. She looks so perfect standing there in my American apparel underwear and I know now that I'm so down. Your lip stick stain is a work of art. I got your name tattooed in an arrowed heart and I know now that I'm so down." I sing as I push the broom down the floor.

"Nice singing there." Harry teases. I look at the clock it's finally time to go. I take my phone out of my apron and hang up my apron. I put my phone into my purse and start heading towards the door.

I walk out and start walking to my dorm. I get there and I throw my purse on my bed. What if the necklace is wrong. I've never asked my mom if she's happy with my dad. Ugh I fall onto my bed and check the time. It's five thirty. I pull my hands down my face. I get up and start picking out my dress. I have no idea where we are even going. I grab a light pink dress out and lay it on my bed. It's not too fancy and not to casual. I think this will be fine. I grab a pair of black heels out and set them next to the dress. I go into the bathroom and plug my curling iron in.

I put my dress on and walk into the bathroom to start my make up. When I finish I start curling my hair. The curls soon fall on my shoulder. I look at my phone it's six thirty. I unplug the curler and grab my purse. I shove my phone and a pair of extra shoes into my purse. I look at myself one last time in the mirror as I walk out of my room I bump into Lou and Megan coming back to the room.

"Oo where are you going missy another night with Mr. Niall hmm?" she ask.

"No I'm not I'm meeting someone." I fire back.

"Alright." she winks at me and walks into our room. I walk out and start heading towards the coffee shop. I watch the beautiful sun set as I walk. I get to the coffee shop at six fifty five. I take a seat at a table and wait for Eric to come. I check my phone every few times. The door opens and I look over Eric is wearing a t-shirt. Not a suit this time I meet him by the door.

"Hey." he says.

"Hi." I reply to him.

"I was thinking we could just grab a coffee and take a walk." he says.

"Okay." I say. We order out coffee and walk outside.

"So Sarah where are you from?" he asked.

"I grew up in San Francisco. I stayed in California so I wouldn't be to far from my family. So I picked Los Angeles." I say. "So where are you from?" I ask.

"I'm from Connecticut I really wanted to move away from there. Not because I didn't want to see my family I just wanted a fresh start." he says. I take a sip of my coffee.

"I've always love California." I say.

"Yeah me too." he says.

"I love going to the beach. I barely get to go anymore because of prepping for college, it actually starting and my job at the coffee shop." I say.

"Yeah." he says and nods. We are almost back to my dorm. He talks about his family. I talk about mine. We get to the doors and we stop walking.

"Goodnight." he says and places a kiss on my forehead.

"Goodnight." I say I get inside and take my heels off and walk to my dorm. Before I get to my room I'm dialing my moms number. She answers.

"Hello." she says.

"Hi mom. I have to tell you something." I say.

"Okay tell me." she says.

"Okay um I went on a date with a guy and my necklace heated up for him, but I'm not even sure I like him you know. I think the necklace is wrong." I say.

"No. No no. The necklaces are never wrong that's the man you will end up marrying. It doesn't matter if you like him or not you will even if I have to force you. End of discussion." she says harshly. I walk into my room and throw my heels onto the ground.

"Mom you don't understand I don't love him. Wouldn't you want me to be happy instead?" I ask her.

"The necklace is your faith for the last time. You will be with that man!" she shouts and before she finishes what she's about to say I hang up and toss my phone on my bed. I change into sweats and turn off the light Megan's already asleep and tomorrow is the first day of my actual classes. I get into my bed and fall asleep.

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