The Necklace

At birth every child is given a unique shaped necklace. On there 18th birthday the necklace glows. When you feel heat coming off it you are close to your true love and when it turns cold you are far away and you need to get closer to this person. This is Sarah's story.


2. Chapter 2

I wake up and look at the clock it's almost eleven. I look across from me and Megan's already gone. I have and internship on campus and I might be late on my first day great. I get out of bed and rush to my closet. I grab jeans and a light blue t-shirt and rush them on. I run to the bathroom and start my make up and my hair. My hair is super wavy this morning and I plug my straightener in and finish my make up while it heats up. My brown hair starts to straight thank god. I finish quickly and slip on my vans and grab my purse and keys and rush towards the door. I run out of the building an towards the coffee shop a half a mile across campus. I bump into people and get there dirty looks but I don't have time to deal with that. I keep running until I get there right on time. I put my hand on the counter breathing heavily.

"Right on time your lucky." A voice says behind me. I turn around to see a guy with curly brown hair.

"Yeah I know." I say to him.

"What's your name?" I ask while I put on an apron.

"Harry. Yours?" he asks.

"Sarah." I say.

"Nice to meet you." he says and puts out his hand we shake and he shows me the routes of what I have to do. Someone walks in.

"I'll take the first one you can take the next one." he says and takes the girl's order. He finishes and A guy with a suit on looking like he's a really successful business guy. As I take his order my necklace starts to burn. My eyes get huge and I start making him his coffee. He looks older then me. Really society him. I never would think he would look like that.

"Thanks. Keep the change." he says.

"Thanks." I say and I keep the extras he gave me. As he walks out my necklace cools back down and I relax. I guess destiny is destiny. He looks like too professional for me like I wouldn't be able to act myself around him I would be the common house wife that's all smiles and everything is perfect. I don't want to be that girl. i don't want to be the wife that puts on a fake smile and is actually dying inside. These thoughts build up in my mind during my whole shift.

"Sarah!" Harry yells at me to get the next costumer.

"Sorry I was zoned out." I say go help the lady.

"What would you like?"

"A medium mocha." she says and I get started making it. I finish and hand it to her. Harry had to yell at me a couple of times to stop day dreaming but I don't want my life to end like that. I finally finish my shift and I hang up my apron.

"Nice meeting you." Harry says as he hangs up his apron and makes sure the next people are here.

"Yeah nice meeting you too." I say and walk out the door. I'm glad I don't have to sprint back to my dorm. I walk slowly looking around and I get to my dorm. I walk in and see Megan making out with Lou. I guess she told him about the whole necklace thing and his most likely did the same thing.

"Oh hey Sarah I didn't think you'd be home early." she says with her cheek flushed red. Lou turns around and his cheeks get just as red. I set down my purse. and sit down on the floor to start with my desk again.

"Hey Sarah sorry to leave you this soon but were going to go." she says and pulls Lou of her bed and towards the door.

"Okay bye." I say and I hear the door shut. Maybe I should call Niall to help me. I grab my phone out of my purse and dial his number.

"Hey." I say.

"Hey Sarah." he says.

"I was wondering if you could come back to my dorm and help me put together my desk?" I ask.

"Yeah you need help with your desk or do you just miss me even though I saw you yesterday." he say with a laugh.

"Can you just come and help me with it please." I say.

"Yeah I'll leave in a little bit." he says and hangs up the phone. I take the pieces out of the box and lay them out. Well this is as far as I'm going to get I think to myself and turn on the tv and put on how I met your mother and wait for Niall. I watch about two episodes and I hear a knock at the door I get up and open the door and let Niall in.

"Alright let's do this." He says and cracks his knuckles. He sits down and starts screwing boards together I sit down next to him and hand him the pieces he needed.

"Well this is really easy I don't even understand how you couldn't get this." he says laughing. I lightly punch his shoulder.

"You could be a little nicer." I say.

"Yeah I could but nah." he says and finishes the desk. I lift It up and set it down with my chair and grab the rest of my books and set them on the desk

"I don't think you have enough books." he says laughing.

"I'm sorry if I like to read." I say. I hear my stomach growl.

"Want me to order a pizza?" I ask.

"Yeah I'm starving." he says and I start dialing on my phone.

"Hey can I have a large pepperoni pizza?" I ask. I give him the address and hang up the phone.

"Just like old times." he says.

"Yeah so what movie do you want to watch?" He asks.

"I think we should watch she's the man." I say.

"Yes!" he says and I pop the disk in the DVD player and turn off the lights and sit next to him. I wish I had popcorn.

The movie starts and we get into it and there's a knock on the door.

"Pizza is here thank god." he says and I get up and grab my wallet. I open the door and hand him the money and take the pizza. I turn on the light and bring the pizza to the bed and open the box.

"I'm starving." I say and grab a slice.

"Tell me about it." he says and grabs a slice and I continue the movie. We finish the whole pizza and I set the box next to the garbage can and turn the light back off. I sit back down and I rest my head on him and he moves his arm around me. I look at him as we watch the movie. He looks back and I quickly turn my head back to the movie. We get to the soccer game against Cornwall and I look at the tv until my eyes completely shut and I fall asleep and my dream starts.

I'm on a soccer field just like the movie and I score the winning goal. I turn around and the whole team is congratulating me and I get pulled away from everyone I haven't realized whose taking me away. We get to the other end of the field and Niall was the one pulling me away. He's wearing a soccer jersey too so I guess he was playing too.

"I've always wanted to do this." he says and grabs my waist and kisses me. I don't stop it I keep moving with him. He leans back and grabs my hand and we start walking back and I trip over something and hit my head hard.

My eyes open right away and look at the clock it's 3am. I look at Niall just the way he looked before I fell asleep. I also noticed Megan is asleep in her bed. When did she get back. I look back at Niall and push the hair out of his face and put my head back on his chest and try to fall asleep. I can't fall asleep. I look back up at Niall again and close my eyes and fall back asleep.

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