The Necklace

At birth every child is given a unique shaped necklace. On there 18th birthday the necklace glows. When you feel heat coming off it you are close to your true love and when it turns cold you are far away and you need to get closer to this person. This is Sarah's story.


13. {Chapter 13} Accident


I reach to the table slamming my hand against my alarm clock. I slowly sit up and stand up. I grab a sweatshirt and a pair of jeans to put on. I grab my brush and brush my hair. I put my hood up. I put on a pair of shoes and grab my bag.

I put everything in it and walk out of my room. My phone goes off and I answer.


"Hey Sarah you ready for tonight I'm so excited."

"Yeah me too." I say.

"So about tonight I'm going to pick you up at 7 we will be with some of my other friends from college and Jake." she says.

"Sounds great. I'll see you at 7."

"Bye." she says and I hang up. I walk to my class skipping my morning coffee. I walk into my class and look around the room. I sit in my normal spot and wait for class to start. I turn around and see Harry walk in and sit next to me.

"Hi Harry." I say.

"Hey." he says.

"Alright everyone quiet." Mr Lockwood says. He turns to the board and starts writing stuff down.

"Sarah switch spots with me." Harry says.

"Uh alright." I say and switch. Mr. Lockwood looks back at us.

"Everything alright?" he says.

"Perfect." Harry says. He turns his back and starts writing. We get up and switch chairs again. I start giggling and he turns back again.

"Alright what's going on here." he says.

"Nothing." I say. Harry covers his smile with his hand. Mr. Lockwood turns back around. We look to the front of the class and we see two empty seats. We look back at each other, smile and quietly move to the front seats.

"Alright everyone.." he stares at us. He blinks hard. "Weren't you two just back there?" he asks.

"Uh no Mr. Lockwood I don't know what your talking about." Harry says. We sit there the rest of class until he dismisses us. We walk out of the room laughing.

"See you tomorrow Harry." I say.

"Yeah bye." he says and walks away. I got to the rest of my classes and start waking.. I walk into the coffee and order.

"Thanks." I say and hand her my money and she hands me my coffee. I sit at a booth and slowly drink my coffee.

"Yeah the beach." I hear a lady say and the beach with Niall pops in my head.


Niall!" I scream and I start splashing him. I walk towards him and push him into a wave of water. He pops his head up from the water. I start laughing. He takes my arm and pulls me into the water and I go under water. I come back up right away. I look at him and he's laughing at the fact that my mascara is all over my cheeks. I wipe it off and I start laughing.


I throw my coffee out and hopefully the memory.

I open the door of my dorm and set my bag down. I set my alarm for five and start to take a nap.

Niall's pov~

"Niall if you want to fix it your gonna have to get off your ass and stop playing xbox." Zayn says.

"Well I'm thinking of what to do." I say.

"You say that every time we ask you to do something." Louis says.

"I got nothing she's ignoring me. I went over a couple of days ago and Megan said she wasn't there and she was." I say.

"You need to do something big that she'll have to go back with you" Zayn says.

"Yeah I know." I roll my eyes.

"Why don't you just buy like a ton of flowers and do something to them and give them to her." Lou says.

"Not a bad idea." I say. "I'll be back." I say and leave for the flower shop.

Sarah's pov~

My alarm goes off and I turn it off. I get up and rub my eyes. I grab the dress I got with Megan and sparkly black heels to go with. I put the dress on and plug in my curler. I grab my make up bag and start it.I start curling my hair and my phone goes off. I pick it up and slide it open.

*Going to be there in about 15 minutes*

From Chloe

*okay* I text back and set my phone back down. I continue to curl my hair and finish. I quick grab my purse and put my phone in it. I check what I look like one last time. Chloe opens the door.

"You ready?" she asks.

"Yeah just let me grab my keys." I grab them and put them in my purse. She walks out and I follow. I get in the passenger seat and buckle myself.

"I'm so excited it's been too long." she says.

"Yeah I know way too long. I forgot to ask hows Jake?" I ask.

"He's really good he has a girlfriend you'll meet her tonight." she says.

"Aww little Jake got a girlfriend." I say and Chloe laughs. I look out the window to try and find out where we're driving. We get to an intersection and she starts turning onto another road. All see is the lights coming fast toward us. I close my eyes I don't want to see this.

Niall's pov~

I drive out of the flower shop parking lot with my car filled with flowers. Every kind you could imagine. My phone goes off and of course it's under the flowers. I stop at the sign and grab my phone from under the flowers.


"Is this Niall Horan?" a ladies voice asks.

"Yes it is. Is there a problem?"

"Um do you know a Sarah Maclain?"

"Yes I do why?" I ask.

"She's been in an accident and you were one of the last callers on her phone." she says.

"What hospital is she at?" I ask.

"Aurora emergency room." she says.

"Alright I'll start driving there." I say and hang up. I start driving right away to the hospital.

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