The Necklace

At birth every child is given a unique shaped necklace. On there 18th birthday the necklace glows. When you feel heat coming off it you are close to your true love and when it turns cold you are far away and you need to get closer to this person. This is Sarah's story.


11. {Chapter 11} How Could You

Sarah's pov~

I hear laughter from the other room and my eyes slowly open.

"Truth or dare Niall?" someone says. I assume they're probably all drunk.

"Dare!" Niall shouts. I slowly get up out of bed. I rub my eyes and open the door. I look at Niall as he makes out with a girl I don't know. Everyone's laughing until I hear a whisper and everyone goes quiet. A tear rolls down my cheek. No I need to stay strong.

Niall turns around and looks at me.

"Tell me I didn't see what I just saw." I say.

"I, I." he makes out and I storm back into the bedroom and grab my stuff. I zipper up my bag and walk back out of the bedroom.

"Sarah wait!" I hear Niall shout as I close the door of the apartment. I continue to walk and I hear the door slam shut.

"Sarah please I'm sorry." he says. I turn around.

"The funny thing is that I fought for us against my mom. Now we don't speak with each other. I said no when she said to be with Eric and stayed with you. I guess I was wrong." I say and turn back around. I walk away as he stands speechless. I go into the elevator and wait for it to go down.

I walk out of the building and I finally let go of all my tears. I get in my car and let my head hit the headrest. Tears and more tears fall down my face. I lift my head back up. I start my car and drive out of the parking lot.

Niall's pov~

My two hands bang on the wall. I put my head on the wall. I open the door of my apartment and grab my keys off the counter. I ignore everyone trying to talk to me as I put my jacket on. I walk back out and to the lobby. I get out of the building and into my car. I start it and drive out of the parking lot.

"Where could she be?" I ask myself. Her dorm? I think. Most likely she went there. I turn and start driving to her dorm.

I pull into the dorms parking lot and walk inside. I walk to her door and knock. No answer. Come on where could she be. Maybe her mom's house. I walk back out and into my car. I pull out and start driving.

I drive up to her parents house and see her car. A sigh of relief goes through my body. I park my car on the road next to their house. I nervously walk up the steps of the porch and knock. I wait and the door opens.

"Hello." I say to her mother.

"You shouldn't have come here. She needs to be alone right now sorry." she says.

"But I need to speak to her." I say.

"But you are the one that caused this so I think not." she says.

"Okay well tell her I'm sorry then." I say and walk down the steps.

"She should of listened to me, then none of this would of happened." I hear her say to her husband. I sigh and walk back down the stairs. I get in my car and start driving to my apartment.

Sarah's pov~

I walk downstairs.

"Mom who was at the door?" I ask.

"Oh just out neighbor Molly." she says.

"Who's Molly?" I ask.

"Oh she just moved in. She's a little bit older than you." she says.

"Okay." I say and walk to the kitchen and my mom follows.

"Hey Sarah your couch for soccer just called me asking if you were okay. He said you haven't been showing up for practice." she says.

"Yeah about that. Can you talk to him I have to much on my hands and I can't play I have to worry about school more." I say.

"Are you sure about this?" she asks.

"I know I'll miss it but it's for the better I need to focus on school right now." I say.

"Okay I will call him back." she says and leaves the room. I walk and grab a glass of water and sit next to my dad reading the newspaper.

"Hey dad." I say.

"How are you holding up?" he asks.

"Yeah I'm fine. I just can't wait for thanks giving break. I mean I know it's not long but least I get a break from school." I say.

"Yeah but that's not for awhile you still got almost all of October left, but it will be nice having you back here for a couple of days." he says.

"Yeah. Do you know when moms going to make dinner, I'm starving." I say.

"She already started she said she will finish after she's done talking to your couch." he says. My mom walks in and continues making dinner.

"Dinner will be ready in about 10 minutes." she says.

"Alright I will set the table." I say and start. I finish and my father and I wait at the table for my mom to bring the food.

She walks to the table carrying mashed potatoes and sets them down. She walks and grabs the chicken and sets it down.

We eat and talk over our dinner. They ask how college is going and how I have to wake up earlier because of the drive. I help my mom clean the dishes and clear the table.

I finish and walk upstairs to my room. I lay in bed and pick up my phone off the bed side table. I wasn't even thinking about Niall until I see a bunch of texts and missed calls from him.

The image of him and that other girl kissing appears in my mind and break down again. I delete the conversation with Niall off my phone so I don't ever look at those old texts. I grab a tissue and wipe my eyes.

I set my phone back down and go under the covers. I turn off my lamp and lay my head down. I try to fall asleep but all these thought fill my mind especially this one.

I should of listened to my mom.


I wake up the next morning a hour earlier than usual. I get up and take a shower.

I get out of my shower and get ready for class. I blow dry my hair and take some of my old clothes out of my closet. I change and do my make up. I grab my backpack and my other bag and walk downstairs.

I leave a note for my parents and grab an apple and leave the house. I get in my car and start driving back to campus.

I park my car and start walking to the coffee shop. I walk in and see Liam waiting in line and walk next to him.

"Hey Liam." I say.

"Hey Sarah. I haven't seen you here in a while." He says.

"Yeah I know I been getting up to late and haven't been able to make it here lately." I say.

"One sec." he says and orders his coffee.

"Okay. So how's the dilemma with your mom?" he asks.

"It's good now I was back home yesterday actually." I say.

"That's better so now you don't have to talk about your love life every time you see her." he says and I quick order.

"Yeah I know thank god." I say we both pay and walk to our classes.

Classes go by fast and walk back to my car to drive back to my dorm. I get there and unlock my door. I walk in and set all my things down.

I take my phone out and call Chloe.

"Hey Sarah we haven't talked in like forever how are you??" she asks.

"I'm great how are you?" I ask.

"Fantastic. Okay since you called I think we need a ladies night on Friday!" she says.

"Yeah that would be great." I say.

"Okay I'll text you the details later." she says.

"Okay well bye I'll see you Friday." I say.

"I can't wait four days it's too long haha! Okay bye." she says and hangs up.

Megan walks in the door and throws her bags on the floor.

"Ugh I hate the school part of college!" she says.

"Yeah I know." I say. She falls back on her bed.

"Well I was going to order a pizza. Would you want some?" I ask.

"Yes after a hard day I would love some pizza." she says.

"Well what time is it?" I ask.

"Like three." she says.

"Well late lunch late dinner then." I say and call the pizza place. I order and hang up.

"So how are you and Niall?" she asks. I knew this question was coming.

"Not on the greatest terms you were at his apartment." I say.

"Yeah but I was drunk though." she says.

"You do remember what he did though?" I ask.

"Ehh no." she says.

"He was kissing some girl." I say.

"Oh yeah. I remember now. That was Amber. I think you met her before. Anyway it was just a dare." she says.

"Yeah a dare that I saw." I fire back.

"Okay calm down a little how about you take a nap until the pizza gets here." she says.

"That will probably make me less grumpy I guess." I say.

"See good Idea huh now I'll wake you when the pizza gets here." she says.

"Alright." I say and get under the blankets on my bed and close my eyes and wait to fall asleep.

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