Your My New Dream

Rapunzel Grace Atherton, know to her friends as Ray, is 17 and a Los Angeles born girl. She one day makes the biggest mistake of her life with her boyfriend, Flynn but this mistake ends up being her new dream. Find out what Rapunzel's new dream is in my new movella. (Title based on a quote from Flynn Ryder/Eugene Fitzherbert in Tangled and is kind off a Tangled-based story)


7. The Next Few Months

It was now October. Rapunzel was now 3 months pregnant and the nerves were starting to kick in, even though she had another 6 months to go. She and Flynn were finding out the gender in almost 2 months which was starting to get exciting. She was getting ready to go round to Flynn's house for dinner so she was doing her hair and makeup. She was wearing a black skater skirt and a flowy white shirt with some black sandals. She was putting her hair up into a messy bun and was wearing powder, mascara, eyeliner, a natural eye shadow and a place pink MAC lipstick. "Rapunzel are you ready! Flynn's parents will be expecting you and the drives about 15 minutes!" Stephen shouted up to her. "I'm ready dad!" Rapunzel yelled grabbing her phone and bag for Flynn's house. They arrived to see Flynn stood outside in a white top and black suit pants. "Hi Blondie." Flynn said, kissing her cheeks. "Hi Flynn." She said. "Hello Rapunzel darling!" Flynn's mother, April Rider said coming towards them. "Hello Stephen, how's Primrose?" April asked. "She's great, thanks so asking. Well I'd better be off to get home to your mother. Have fun Rapunzel, tell me when you need picked up!" He said, jumping in his BMW 4×4. "Bye dad!" She shouted before heading towards Flynn's house. "So Rapunzel, how's our grandchild doing in their?" Flynn's father, Michael Rider asked. "He or she is indeed fine, thanks for asking." She replied. "Have you decided on any names?" April asked, placing a bowl of soup down in front of her husband. "We have decided on a few. We like Anx and Fly for a boy and Lin and Aubree for a girl." Rapunzel said. "Ray, I did have an idea the other day I want to pass by you." Flynn said. "Go on." She said, wondering what would come out of this mouth in the new few seconds. "I was thinking, we could put together one of the boys and one of the girls names. I thought we could put together Anx and Lin and make Anxelin." He said. "Before you say anything, it would fit in with both a girl and a boys name and if you don't like it we can always change it."  "No Flynn, I love it Anxelin Aubree or Anxelin Fly Rider!" Rapunzel said, kissing her boyfriend. "Oh that's lovely you two. Here's to Anxelin Rider!" Michael said. "Anxelin Rider!" They all said. 

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