Your My New Dream

Rapunzel Grace Atherton, know to her friends as Ray, is 17 and a Los Angeles born girl. She one day makes the biggest mistake of her life with her boyfriend, Flynn but this mistake ends up being her new dream. Find out what Rapunzel's new dream is in my new movella. (Title based on a quote from Flynn Ryder/Eugene Fitzherbert in Tangled and is kind off a Tangled-based story)


14. Nerves beginning to kick in

3 weeks. 3 weeks until Rapunzel and Flynn's lives would change forever, the day their child would enter the world and be stuck to them for 18 years until she began her own life at college, hopefully minus a child. "Rapunzel, I can't believe in three weeks our baby girl will be in the world. I'm so glad I met you, I'm so glad your the mother to my child." Flynn said, kissing her head and holding her very large bump. "I'm glad I met you to, if it wasn't for you, I wouldn't be the person I am today. I know these past 9 months have been hard for us not, but we've got 18 years to enjoy with our beautiful baby girl, I couldn't have asked for anything more than the life I'm living." Rapunzel said, kissing him. They had moved into there own apartment anpbout 3 weeks ago, Flynn and his dad had already painted Anxelin's room a shade of baby pink and had assembled all her essential equipment, like her cot and drawers etc. Flynn, her father and Flynn's parents had all helped with painting the other rooms of the house and helped to put together the furniture and put away everything that needed to be put away. Flynn's mother and her own mother had prepared her bag for the hospital in 3 weeks time so she could grab and go straight to the hospital when labour began. The phone in the hallway then rang, shocking them as they were falling asleep in each others arms. "I'll get it, you go to sleep. You need the rest." He said, rising and placing Rapunzels head on a pillow and tucking her into bed before going into the hall way, Rapunzel admiring his abs as he walked away. He came back about 10 minutes later. "Who was that?" She asked, yawning. "Oh just mom, talking about Anxelin, preparing for birth and parenthood all that, I just told her I needed to leave she was boring me." Flynn said, chuckling and getting back into bed with Rapunzel. "Are you OK about this? Labour and everything? Just so you know, I'll be by your side every second." Flynn explained. "I'm a bit nervous. But everyone's obviously going to be nervous about giving birth." Rapunzel said. "I guess, the nerves would kick in for everypne, but you'll do great, I promise." He said, reassuring his fiance. "Thanks Flynn, you really are the best thing in my world, beside Anxelin of course." She said, laughing. "You to." He said laughing back. 

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