Your My New Dream

Rapunzel Grace Atherton, know to her friends as Ray, is 17 and a Los Angeles born girl. She one day makes the biggest mistake of her life with her boyfriend, Flynn but this mistake ends up being her new dream. Find out what Rapunzel's new dream is in my new movella. (Title based on a quote from Flynn Ryder/Eugene Fitzherbert in Tangled and is kind off a Tangled-based story)


15. Its Time.

Rapunzel woke up in the earlynours of the next morning. Her waters had broken and it was time. Time to give birth to her new dream, her new world. "Flynn! Flynn!" She squealed, hitting him to wake him up. "What?" He yawned. "Its time! Oww!" She cried in pain. "Oh my god! I'll get the car ready! And call our parents!" He said, seeming more worried than she was. She kept screaming in pain and Flynn kept screaming in worry. "Flynn this baby's coming! Get my bag and get me in the car!" Rapunzel shouted. "OK, sorry." He said, grabbing her bag and his car keys and helping out of the house to his car. Then Rapunzels mother called her. "Rapunzel, I got Flynn's message! How are you? Are you feeling any pain? Do you want me and dad to come down to the hospital?" Primrose asked, worryingly like everyone else that knew she was in labour. "No mom, I'm fine," she said, screaming as a contraction came. "Come down later, I thinks it best if you stay out of the way for a bit sorry mom. Gotta go, were almost there!"Rapunzel said, seeing the sign for the hospital as a sign of hope and help yet to come. " Come on, its time to have a baby." Rapunzel said, clutching her fiances hand before going to push out a watermelon that she would love and care for for the next 18 years. 

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