Your My New Dream

Rapunzel Grace Atherton, know to her friends as Ray, is 17 and a Los Angeles born girl. She one day makes the biggest mistake of her life with her boyfriend, Flynn but this mistake ends up being her new dream. Find out what Rapunzel's new dream is in my new movella. (Title based on a quote from Flynn Ryder/Eugene Fitzherbert in Tangled and is kind off a Tangled-based story)


8. Highs and Lows of Parenthood

Today was the day of Rapunzel's first ante natal class in Beverley Hills. She was going with her friend, Tia as Flynn was working and was getting a lift from Flynn's mom as she stayed there the night before. She was now 4 months and the bump was expanding, plus she was finding out the general in 2 weeks.  She was wearing a blue stripey top and black maternity leggings too cushion her baby. "Were here Rapunzel love" April said, waking her from her slumber as she pulled into a parking lot and saw Tia waving at her. "Thanks for the lift, April." She said, climbing out of her blue Chevrolet. "My pleasure, see you soon." She said, driving off back towards Corona. "Hey Ray, your looking ill, why ain't you in makeup?" Tia asked, Rapunzel looking at her friend dressed in a green tank, denim shorts and black vans with frilly socks, her hair curled and back combed and her face plastered in makeup. "Because, Tia. I'm not meant to look glamorous coming to an ante natal class full of 30 something women having kids who have already had a few." Rapunzel said, opening the door to the centre where it was taking place. "You do realise once this thing comes out I'll look like this a lot right!" Rapunzel said, seeing Tia's jaw drop. "Seriously! I'm never having kids." She said, walking through some double doors to the hall. "Hi, come on in! I'm Rachel Slater I'll be your teacher if you want to call it that." She said excitedly.  "Hi, I'm Rapunzel Atherton, this is my friend, Tia Mantaray." She said. "Come sit down." She said, Rapunzel and Tia sitting down on blue seat that looked like ones from high school. "Are you a single mom?" A heavily pregnant woman sat next to her asked. "Oh no, my boyfriends at work so he couldn't make it." Rapunzel explained, the woman not looking to convinced. "Your first?" Rapunzel asked. "Oh no, second. I've got a little boy, is it your first?" The woman explained. "Yea, well I'm only 18 so I don't think I'd want a baby any younger." Rapunzel explained. "Oh, well my names Belle, nice to meet you." Belle said. "I'm Rapunzel, this is Tia. Nice to meet you to." She said back, shaking Belle's hand. "So are you a single parent?" Tia asked. "Oh no, I'm married my husband's over there. Adam over here!" Belle shouted, a tall blond man walking over with a little boy in his arms. "Adam, this is Rapunzel." She said. "Nice to meet you, good luck with parenthood but I'm sure you won't need it." He said, chuckling. "Thanks." She said laughing." So who's this?" "Oh this is Ben, we had him 2 years ago." "That's lovely" she said admiring this plump baby boy. "Hi everyone. Class is beginning!" The teacher woman yelled. 

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