Your My New Dream

Rapunzel Grace Atherton, know to her friends as Ray, is 17 and a Los Angeles born girl. She one day makes the biggest mistake of her life with her boyfriend, Flynn but this mistake ends up being her new dream. Find out what Rapunzel's new dream is in my new movella. (Title based on a quote from Flynn Ryder/Eugene Fitzherbert in Tangled and is kind off a Tangled-based story)


10. Baby Shower Surprises

A lot of time had passed and Rapunzel now only had 3 months to go until Anxelin was born. Today was the day of her baby shower that both her mother and Flynn's organised and planned perfectly. Rapunzel was wearing a purple maxi dress showing off her massive bump, some purple sandals and a silver necklace that had Rapunzel, Flynn and Anxelin enitials on it inside a love heart, her hair had been done at the hairdressers so it was now freshly dyed blond and down  her back and her makeup had been done by her mother's friend that worked on the Benefit counter at Macy's. "You look lovely, Rapunzel." Anna, the makeup artist, said completing her baby shower look. "Come on Ray, time to see the guests. There waiting for you. "Primrose said, emerging into the living room wearing a blue knee length dress and blue heels trying to put in one of her pearl earrings. "Hi Ray, congratulations." Her moms friend, Susan from Nordstrom said. "Hi Rapunzel, you look lovely." Tia's mom, Eudora said, handing her a small bag. She went past many more people who congratulated her and Flynn and handed her presents. "Hi can everyone quite down please!" Flynn shouted, interupptimg Rapunzels conversation with her friend from school, Charlotte. "Flynn what are you doing!" Rapunzel hissed. "Rapunzel, I've wanted to ask you this for a long time and I thought today would be the best time to do it." Flynn said, getting down onto his knee and producing a black box with a pink bow around it out of his pocket. "Rapunzel Grace Atherton, I've loved you since the first day I met you and I want to prove how much I love you. So Rapunzel, will you marry me?" Flynn asked, looking hopeful. "Oh Flynn, of course I will!" Rapunzel said, Flynn placing a silver ring with thorns entwined around it and roses in between the thorns. Then everyone in the room began to clap and cheer congratulations. Rapunzel would now be an engaged mother with all she ever dreamed of, a perfect fiance, a baby on the way, a wedding to begin planning after Anxelins birth and a lot of other things. This Baby Shower Surprise was surely the best for any girl. 

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