My Romeo

Logan is the innocent goody-two shoes who does everything she's told, until she meets Harry. The forbidden love between them only makes them want each other more. What risks will they be willing to take?


1. Chapter 1

Logan's POV

I swear I'm just your average teenage girl! Sure my family is filthy rich, I live in a huge mansion, and I'm homeschooled, but that's not my fault! If it were up to me I would be exploring the world! Enjoying the outdoors! But it's not. It's up to my mother and father who say the only time a lady should leave the house is in her Sunday best, bible in hand, on her way to church. So that's what I do. Okay so enough with the backstory. Let's start when it all began..... My birthday,

~~February 3rd, 2014~~

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!" I heard my mother and father yell. I groaned and sat up in my bed. I looked over at the clock that read 5:30.

"Mum, dad, why are you waking me up so early?" I ask in a tired voice.

"Well.... Because we are putting you into a school! A public one! We know that's what you've always wanted, so you know.... We did it!" My mum cheered. I couldn't help but let a smile spread across my face.

"Oh thank you! I will be ready soon! Now shoo!" I giggled as I pushed them out the door. After doing so I ran to my giant walk in closet and looked around. I didn't want it to be too obvious that I was new so I picked something casual. Dark denim skinny jeans, a white blouse, and white Vans. Now it was hair time. I walked over and sat in front of my vanity. I put some defrizz thing in my naturally annoying curly hair and bounced downstairs. I quickly ate my breakfast and brushed my teeth. Just then I heard a honk outside my house I looked out and saw a.... Bus?! My indestructible smile faded at the sight as I put a fray hoodie on and slung my floral backpack over my shoulder, walking outside and climbing on the bus. I found an empty seat and sat down, looking around awkwardly.

Just then my eyes met his. A tan boy with a curly quiff if that's even possible. His sparkling green eyes stared into my blue ones as I secretly admired everything about him. His tattoos, lip piercing. He honestly looked like bad news and I knew my father wouldn't approve, but hey, he wasn't here and I could stare as much as I wanted. Then as the bus was still in motion he got up and walked over to my seat, sitting beside me.

"The names Harry. You're new aren't you? Yes you are, I haven't seen you around." Harry studied me as I tried to find words to say.

"Y-yeah I am new. Yeah, my names Logan." I stuttered. Great now he's going to think I have some sort of speaking disorder!

Harry smiled showing deep dimples in his cheeks. "Well it's nice to meet you Logan. Just so you know, no matter what you do, you will be teased at this school. So just be who you are and.... I'll help as long as you don't turn prep on me." I nodded and smiled weakly. He seemed really sweet but I had only just met him. Maybe it was only an act. Oh well, won't know until I get to know him... Right?

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