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Friends and family want Angel to mean her 'dream guy' before the age of 16.


1. Awoken

I could tell she wasn't going to let me escape, not here and certainly not now. His beautiful ocean eyes would gaze upon me from time to time as he tried to convince his mother. His walnut hair nearly groomed back and a thin diamond crown that say above his had symbolising his position. "SALISBARY!" He cried.

Every day, I repeat this annoying dream. As if it was a flashback memory. It leaves me frantically curious yet annoyed.

"Sweetie, breakfast is ready," my mother's words bought me back to reality every morning reminded me of where I am. "Darling please hurry you have guest downstairs."

A guest? Who could that be? You see I'm not the type of typical social girl that my mother expects me to be, she is so desperate to find me a friend, I keep reminding her, I'm fine with the way I am. She is never convinced.

I climbed out of my bed, and stared at myself in the mirror. My brown tinted hair, blue/green eyes and pink lips. Why is everyday the same? No challenges, no doubts.

I threw on my Bikini and shorts, grabbed my board and sprinted downstairs. "Thanks mum; for making breakfast. Can I head down to the beach?" I said, not noticing the random boy beside her.

"Love, this is Niall. He just moved into Miss Stephans house."

"Pleasure to meet you, Niall. I said awkwardly. "So mum, can I go?"

"Sure, but can you show Niall the water please. And then being him back up for lunch."

She's making me look after this random. *groan*

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