Metting MagCon boys

Nykiema (na-ke-ma) is finding the boys everywhere and she loves it. She goes to MagCon things are Bout to change


3. Chapter 3

They danced,chased,talked, and laughed. They were chasing them around and she bummed into Cameron (the light were off) they fell and hit the ground hard and laughed it off. This time ran into each other and held each other like they were at prom. They were so close and having fun hey looked at each other and said "I love u more then anything." They swayed around and touched heads and said "Love" and kissed. They kissed for a while because they loved each other so much. Soon Cameron ask edger to be his girlfriend. She had to stop and think then said yes. They had to keep this a secret.

They had to pretend that they were friends but really boyfriend and girlfriend. They had to tell them sooner or later. They loved each other more then they loved food. They started hanging out with friends to not reveal, but they need to have alone time. The best thing that ever happened to them.

It was the day they had to tell. So they called every single friend to come over to tell the news. About and hour or two all friends showed up.


They all came all quiet.

"Okay so I have news and I don't won't u guys to hate me." Nykiema said.

"U want to tell them babe."

"Okay me and Nykiema are dating."

Every gasped and then cheered so did Nash. They both tweeted it and got a lot of amazing feed back. They were so happy they showed instead of hiding.

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