Metting MagCon boys

Nykiema (na-ke-ma) is finding the boys everywhere and she loves it. She goes to MagCon things are Bout to change


2. Chapter 2

Hopped off the plane and into the cab. The hotel wasn't that far so it was a pretty short ride. When they arrived they signed in and went to their hotel room. They spent most of their time hanging out in their room. Try we're having so much fun that they forgot to eat. They just ordered pizza. After they ate pizza they went to go to the lobby where the fans would show up and they were thousands of fan screaming, poster are everywhere.

They did there usual and wave to the fans, make vines and control them. Nykiema just stayed in the room. Nash texted her saying " the boys are coming to our room so be ready for the craziness,loudness, and messiness." "Okay" she said. As soon as the boys came in the loudness happened. Nash wasn't joking saying that there was gonna be loudness. But later she got used to the sound. She asked Cameron if he could have Mahogany KIK, Snapchat, follow. He said yes and as got them. Mahogany was her favorite person in the MagCon family. before they left some how got he boys Snapchats, KIK, and follow. She was a super lucky girl.

It was the day of MagCon she as so happy.she had to go early because she was a fan not part of the MagCon family. She wish she was part of the family. When it was her turn to go inside she was even more excited because she gets to get stuff signed,Pictures,Vines,Music and many more. When she got in she moved to the back because she didn't want to get hurt really bad.

They were partying,Jamming and I'm pretty sure everyone knows that they pick people to go on stage. She forgot to bring her poster but it was okay because he already met some. She sat on the table because her feet really hurt. She just looked on stage smiling. "Okay we are gonna pick 8 or 9 girls." Dillon said. After he said that Cam whispered Into Dillion's. She had a confused looked but she thought he needed to tell him something important. It was time to pick out the girls. He looked around the room looking for her and spotted her and pointed right at her and said "You, right there." Dillon said. She pointed at herself and he nodded. He put her backpack down and brought her phone. When she got on stage she looked at the crowd And it was huge. Everyone was yelling at her saying she didn't have a poster, that's not fair. But they didn't listen. The picked the rest of the 7 girls.

They were dancing so crazy the music was amazing she managed to get pictures with all the boys and Mahogany. She had to go off the stage because she had to go to the bathroom and lucky enough they had to get off stage. She ran to the bathroom and ran back into room. More jamming and more music and it was time to sing and slow down and relax. She loved when it was time to sing. It was a time girls wouldn't be as loud which is what she wanted. After about half an hour it was time to meet the boys. She was jumping up and down with this huge smile on her face. It took a while to get to all the boys it took about 20-30 minutes to get to each one, but she didn't mind. She was most excited about meeting Sammy and Dillon. When she got to Sammy she started crying a little because she got to see her star in real life. They took about three to four pictures. She basically did that with every person. When she got to Cameron she was last and that was good because he had to tell her something.

When it was time to see Cameron. As soon as he saw her he said "Hey u gonna have to say after this because we are gonna have fun."

"Okay" she said.

After they took there picture she went to go where Mahogany was DJing. She sat on the stage and said hi to Mahogany. She said hi back and thy hit it off they kept on talking. They had most things in common. What Mahogany talked about her. Nykiema had to know more about. Mahogany was really interesting. When they were done they jammed out and back to singing. It was 11:00 when MagCon ended. She was tired but she had to do what Cameron Dallas said. What, it's Cameron Dallas who wouldn't listen to him? But back to the story. It was just Cameron and Nykiema. She had to hide under the table so she wouldn't go into trouble. Cameron snaped her and said cost is clear. She got out from under he table and hugged him because they were all alone.

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