Metting MagCon boys

Nykiema (na-ke-ma) is finding the boys everywhere and she loves it. She goes to MagCon things are Bout to change


1. Chapter 1

It was just a normal day in sunny California. Nykiema walked out into the fresh air to go and walk her dog. What she didn't know was that Nash and Cameron lived right next to her. Walking her dog was a normal routine. When she got back she ran into the house and jumped onto the couch because it was really hot. She just sat there waiting till she done being lava.

Half an hour later Nykiema went back outside and play some BasketBall for awhile. Five minutes later Nash walks out with Cameron laughing. Nykiema slowly turned around and she quietly screamed. (She was really good at quietly screaming) Nash and Cam just sat out there laughing and talking.

Minutes later they got up and went over to Nykiema. She could hear them coming to her. She had to keep her cool. "Hey we saw u playing. Can we play with u?" Cam said She nodded her head. "Awesome!" Nash said. " wait, can I call my friends to come hang out with us and play basketball?" Cameron said. " yeah go ahead" Nykiema said.

An hour later some of his friends showed up to party. Once we all joined and picked out our teams (which was two teams) we had played for about 3-4 hours. That was the best 3-4 hours of my life. Well playing BasketBall of course. She thought. After the game they went back home and Nykiema grabbed the ball and went to go find shade. Minutes later Nash walks over and asks if she want to hang with them. She said yes.

"I live right next to u guys" Nykiema said. "Awesome." Nash said. When they got to their house Cam said " we run get food go upstairs and lock door okay." "Okay" Nykiema and Nash said together.when they got to their room they talked a lot and laughed to. They made a whole bunch of youtube videos. Nykiema had he time of we life. It was getting late an she needed to get home and rest maybe. Nah and Cameron gave her their number, snapchats, kik's and follows on twitter. They hugged and Nykiema went home.

Cameron text her saying "Hey let's stay up and talk and I know u are a fan of us. Also there is a up coming MagCon are u coming?" She replies " okay and it didn't know there was a MagCon coming up looks like I can't go :(" "We can take u :)" "that would be awesome is it this week?" "Yeah" they kept on talking till 5:00. It was a Saturday so they got ready and head out the door and drove to the air port. That had to wait a while which was fine they had a lot to talk about. It was time to get on the airplane. It was Nykiema second on an airplane in a long time. She kind of remembers what to do.

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