Picture Perfect.

Bryleigh, and Rebekah, get ticket's to their favourite boy band. They meet the boys, and become friends.
What happens when they fall for each other?


6. Chapter 6.

Rebekah's POV

I got to Bryleigh's a short time later, and just let myself in.

She was always in her room with her music blaring, so she never heard it, and her family were out most of the day.

I walked straight up to her room, where she was sitting on her bed drawing.

Bryleigh was amazing at drawing! She had amazing talent!

"Hey!" I said as I sat on the bed beside her.

"Hey!" She smiled.

"What are you drawing?" I asked.

"Dan.." She smirked.

I looked at her picture, and it was a pencil drawing of Dan. It looked so real.

"Wow! That looks so good!"

"I guess.." She laughed.

She always doubted her talent!

"Have the boys gone yet?"

"Yeah, just said see you to them, before I walked here.." I sighed.

"How was Dan?" She asked.

"Oh you know, the usual cheeky Dan.." I laughed.

We both just laughed, and she continued drawing.

The thing I liked about our friendship, was we could sit there for hours, and barely talk, and yet, I felt like I've had the best conversation I've ever had.

I pulled out my phone, and was going through my twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

I was going through Facebook, when I noticed Michael had posted a photo, and had tagged me in it.

I opened it up, and it was the picture of the little girl Allison. He had tagged me, and said "Thanks to my amazing photographer, Rebekah Chambers!"

I just laughed, and liked the photo. I noticed I had a couple of friend requests, so I clicked on the request button, and they were a few M.A.Dones.. I just left them there. I didn't want to have a heap of strangers on my Facebook.

I was about to lock my phone, we it vibrated in my hand. It was a text.

"Hey babe! Miss you already!

I'll call you later


It had only been like and hour. I just laughed, and replied.

"I miss you too.

I look forward to you call.😘"

Bryleigh and I decided to FaceTime our friend from Australia. She had visited a while back, and we met her, and hit it of straight away. We've keep in contact as best we could, as the time difference messes with us.

"I'll message her to see if she's awake. Bryleigh said grabbing her phone.

It was 2pm here, so it was like 11pm there..

I heard Bry's phone go off a few second later.

"She's awake!" Bryleigh smiled.

"Sweet!" I said as we sat up properly to call her.

I dialed her number, and she pretty much answered straight away. Bryleigh and I sat up properly, so we were both seen on the camera.

"Asher!" I smiled.

"Hey guys!" She smiled.

"It's been ages! How are you?" Bryleigh asked.

"I've been really good! Working hard, you know.." She laughed. "What have you two been up too?"

"You remember how we said we were going to see M.A.D?" I asked.

"Yeah, how was it?" She asked.

"It was amazing!" Bryleigh laughed. "I'll send you some photos!" She added.

"Okay!" Asher smiled.

"But we also met the boys!" I added.

"Really!? I'm so jealous!"

"That's not even the best bit!" I laughed.

"What happened!?" She asked.

"Michael and I have been on a date.." I smirked.

"As if.." She laughed.

"No serious.." I said. "We also hung out yesterday, and we kissed, and he spent the night last night with me.."

"Rebekah Chambers! Why did you not tell me earlier!"

"Well..." I started.

"No excuses!" Asher laughed.

"I went out with Dan too.." Bryleigh laughed.

"What is this?" Asher yelled. "All dating the band!" She laughed.

"Well, not really.." I laughed.

We laughed, and talked for around an hour. We always have so much to talk about all the time.

Asher was older than us, she was 20, but she was as mature as us. We always obsessed over bands, and shared bands, and singers from our countries. It was good!

"Guys! Guess what!?" Asher smiled.

"What?" Bryleigh and I both said at the same time.

"I'm coming over next week!"

"Really!?" Bry and I both said at the same time, again.

"I literally just booked my ticket before use rang!" She laughed.

"Seriously!?" I asked.

"Yep! I was going to surprise use, but I'm too excited!"

"Where are you staying?" Bryleigh asked.

"Well actually, I booked a room in London.."


"I'm there for a month, come stay with me?" Asher suggested.

"Well we can for two weeks, because we're on holidays, but maybe not the other two..." Bryleigh said.

"Let's just do it!" I laughed. "The boys are also in London for a couple of days for some gigs, so we can see them as well!" I added.

"That's sorted then! This is exciting!" Asher laughed through the phone!

"I can't wait!" Bryleigh smiled.

"Anyway guys.. I better go. I have to be up early.." Asher laughed.

"Alright! We'll talk soon!" I said.

"Of course! Bye guys!"

"Bye Asher!" Bryleigh waved.

"Bye!" I said as I hung up.

"I can't wait! This is going to be so good!" I said turning Bryleigh.


Bryleigh and I say around for ages talking about our plans, and other stupid stuff. I decided it was time to was home, as it was getting late.

I made my way home, and walked straight through to the kitchen, where mum was sitting with her head in her hands.

"Hey mum.." I said walking straight to the fridge, opening it.

"Honey.." She said.

I turned around, and she had lifted her head. She has red puffy eyes, and black water marks down her cheeks. She had been crying.

"Mum, what's wrong?" I asked.

"Rebekah, please sit down, I need to tell you something.."

"What's happened?" I asked sitting down beside her.

"Honey, there was an accident..." She said as a tear fell down her cheek.

"What? Who?"

"There were no survivors.." She said. I could see the tears building up in her eyes.

"Mum! Who?" I asked again.

"It was.."

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