Picture Perfect.

Bryleigh, and Rebekah, get ticket's to their favourite boy band. They meet the boys, and become friends.
What happens when they fall for each other?


3. Chapter 3.

Rebekah's POV


"And well, he went into kiss me, but a bunch of fans spotted him, and ran towards us, and he pulled away.." I sighed.

"Oh.." Bry said looking at me.


"Maybe next time then.." She smiled.

"That's if theres even a second time.."

"And why wouldn't there be?" She asked.

"Well I don't know.. Why would there be?"

"Well for starter's he gave you his number, he then asked you out, and then, went to kiss you! What more do you want?"

"I don't know.." I sighed.

"Anyway! Enough about you! Help me decide what to wear tonight!" Bryleigh said walking to her cupboard.

"Alright, alright! Why don't you wear like, your blue maxi dress, with your converse, and white jacket?"

"That's not over the top.." She smiled.

"Yeah, and you always look pretty in a dress!" I said.

"What about my hair?" She asked.

"Curl it!"

"Sounds good!" She said pulling her stuff out of the cupboard.

"I'm going to go! Have fun tonight!" I said heading towards her bedroom door.

"Okay! Thank you!" Bry said.

"Bye! Love you!"

"You too! Bye!" She said.

Bryleigh's POV

Rebekah left, and I had a quick shower. I decided to do my make up before I got dressed, as I always spill it on myself! I did it really simple, so I wasn't over the top. I just did my foundation, mascara, eye liner, and a little bit of eye shadow, I added a light pink lip gloss, and I was done. I turned the curler on, and went and got dressed.

I curled my hair, and then it was almost time to go, so I walked down stairs to talk to mum.

"Where are you going?" She asked.

"I'm going out with Dan.." I smiled.

"Who?" She asked.

"Dan, you know, Dan Lewis from M.A.D.." I said.

"Why are you going out with him?" She asked.

"Because he asked me.."

"Well I want to meet him before you go out!" She said walking towards the kitchen.

"Mum, why? Don't embarrass me!" I yelled as she disappeared through the door!

It wasn't long before there was a knock at the door.

I stood up, and fixed my dress. That's when the nerves hit me! The butterfly's were going crazy in my stomach! I took a deep breath, and walked to the door, and opened it.

"Hello.." I smiled.

"Hello. You look absolutely stunning!" Dan smiled.

"Thank you.." I smiles going a little red.

"Ready to go?" He asked.

"Ahh.. This is quiet awkward, but my mum wants to meet you before we go.." I sighed.

"Oh, that's no problem!" He said. "Should I come in or...?" He said.

"Oh, yeah! Come in!" I said waving him in. "Follow me.." I said as we walked into the kitchen.

"Mum.." I called.

"Yeah, when are you.. Oh hello.." She smiled turning around.

"Hello Mrs Cooper.." Dan smiled.

"Hello Dan.." She smiled.

"You don't mind if I take Bryleigh out tonight do you? He asked.

"No, that's fine.." Mum said.

"Alright! Bye mum!" I said trying to leave.

"Be home by 9pm.." Mum said.

"Mum!" I said. "I'll be home when I'm home!" I yelled back.

She mumbled something as we walked towards to front door, but I didn't hear her.

"So where are we going?"

"Uh... Just to a nice restaurant.." Dan smiled.

We walked to the center of town. It was only 10 minutes away, so it wasn't bad.

"Okay, follow me.." Dan smirked.

"Where are we going?" I laughed as he pulled me through the park.

"Just wait and see.." He smiled.

"I thought we were going to a restaurant.." I asked.

"Well.. Kind of.."

We got to the middle of the park, and there was fairy lights in two trees by the pond. There was a picnic blanket, with a basket sitting on top.

"Oh wow!" I said

"I like first dates the best ones.." Dan smiled.

"Oh.. This looks lovely.." I said.

"Here, take a seat.." He smiled helping me down.

We sat for ages, and talked getting to know each other.it was really nice, and quiet romantic.

"You're really quiet beautiful.."

"Oh thank you.." I said going a bit red.

"No really.." He smiled.

"So ahh.. Would you mind if I kissed you?" He asked quiet nervously.

"Ah.. Sure.." I smiled.

I was like screaming on the inside from excitement, but I didn't want to seem too keen.

Dan moved closer to me, and put his hand behind my neck, and his other hand around my waist, pulling me closer to him.

I could smell his cologne. He smelt amazing!

I could feel his breath on my lips. I couldn't believe this was happening!

Our lips finally met. They fitted like puzzle pieces!

We kissed for what felt like forever, but it was only like 2 minutes.

We pulled away, and I bit my lip looking as his lips as a smile formed.

Dan put his arm around my shoulders, and we sat for a while longer and talked.

Dan looked at his watched, and turned to me.

"Let's go.." He smiled.

"Where?" I asked.

"For a walk, then I'll walk you home.." He said standing up, and putting his hands out for me to grab, to help me up.

We walked around the park for a bit and then Dan slightly grabbed my hand, which caught me by surprise, and I looked down at our hands. He then fully grabbed my hand, and we continued to walk hand in hand all the way back to my house.

We walked up the path, and stood by the door.

"So I had a really good night tonight.." Dan smiled.

"Me too.." I smiled.

Still holding hands, Dan leans in, and kisses me again.

His lips were so smooth. They moved in sync together.

I can't believe I've kissed Dan Lewis. Twice!

"Thanks again for tonight. Hopefully we can keep in contact once I'm gone.." Dan said seeming a little down.

"Don't worry. We will!" I smiled with confidence.

"Good! I would live to talk and hopefully see you again!" He replied.

"It would be.." I said.

"Bye Bryleigh.." He said as he slowly let go of my hand, and walking away.

"Bye Dan.." I smiled giving him a small wave.

I walked inside, and leaned up against the door!

That date was amazing!

I ran up stairs to call Bek! I had to tell her everything!

Rebekah's POV

After leaving Bryleigh's house, I walked into the centre of town, to go to Starbucks.

While sitting in at a table, someone came up behind me, and put their hands over my eyes.

"Guess who.." They said

"Ahh... I don't know.."

"Really.." They said stepping out, and revealing who it was.

"Michael!" I said standing up and giving him a hug.

"I believe we didn't get to finish something earlier.." He smirked.

"What?" I asked a tad confused.

That's when he leant over, and kissed me! He kissed me in the middle of Starbucks!

"Oh my god!" I smiled.

"Can I join you?" He asked.

"Of course!" I said sitting down.

We sat at Starbucks for ages. I laughed so much at some of the ridiculous things he does.

His voice in general was amazing! I didn't want him to stop talking. I could listen to him talk forever.

"When you leave, will you call me?" I asked a bit concerned.

"Of course!" He said looking at me like I just asked a stupid question. "I wouldn't have asked you on a date if I didn't want to keep in contact.." He smiled.

"So it was a date?" I asked.

"Well.. Yeah.. What did you think it was?" He asked confused.

"Uh.. Never mind.." I smiled.

We talked for a while longer, and it started getting a bit dark.

"Want me to walk you home?" He asked.

"Sure.." I smiled.

We walked home, talking, and laughing all the way. It was really nice.

"You're really great.." He said as we got to my door.

I was about to say something back, when the front door flung open. It was my older brother Bennett.

"Oh, what is this!" He teased.

"Go away!" I said pushing him back in the door.

"Nah, I know you some how.. You look quiet familiar.." Bennett said pretending to think.

"Ben, Seriously.. Go away!" I said getting annoyed.

"I know you! Your the guy that my sister has posters of, all over her walls!"

"Ben!" I growled. "Muuum!" I yelled out.

"What honey?" She asked coming to the door.

"Tell Bennett, to go away!" I said getting angry.

"Bennett, stop hassling your sister." She said shoving him out the door. "Go do what you were going to do.." She said waving him off. "And who might you be.." She said turning to Michael.

"Mum, this is Michael.." I said.

"Oh, your the boy that took Rebekah out earlier?" Mum said.

"Yeah, That was me.. Nice to meet you Mrs. Chambers." Michael smiled.

"You too. Would you like to stay for dinner?" She asked.

Michael looked at me, to see if I was saying anything.

"Stay for dinner love. Nothing like a home cooked meal.." She smiled waving him to come in.

"Looks like you're staying for dinner.." I smiled.

"Looks like it.." He smiled grabbing my hand as we walked inside.

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