Picture Perfect.

Bryleigh, and Rebekah, get ticket's to their favourite boy band. They meet the boys, and become friends.
What happens when they fall for each other?


1. Chapter 1.

Rebekah's POV

"Brrrryyy! Get upp!" I say as I jump on the bed beside her.

"Whaaaaat.." She mumbled.

"Today's the day!" I said standing on the bed, and jumping.

"Get upp!" I yelled a little.

"Alright, alright! I'm up!" She said sitting up.

Today was the day we were going to see M.A.D, and we had Meet and Greet tickets, which we were so excited about! We couldn't wait!

"What are you wearing?" I asked jumping of the bed, and walking towards her wardrobe.

"I don't even know.." She laughed. "Jeans, and I'll get a fan shirt when I get there.."

"Sound's good! Me too!" I smiled.

We got up, and showered, and put our make up on, and did our hair. We then got dressed, ran down stairs to have some breakfast.

"Are you girls excited?" My mum asked putting a plate on the table in front of us.

"Yes!" I laughed.

"Me too!" Bry smiled shoving some food in my mouth.

"I can't wait!" I said taking a sip of orange juice.

We finish breakfast, and headed to the middle of town, and My mum dropped us off, so we could have a look around, and then get to the concert early, so we got a good spot in front of the stage.

We spent most of the day hanging around, and then headed for the venue for the concert, and lined up.

We met two other girls, who were huge fan's also.

We finally got in, an walked straight up to the front of the stage, and waited for the openeing act to come on, when they did, we screamed so loud!

It wasn't long before Michael, Dan, and Ab walked out, and started singing. Everyone screamed so much louder!

While taking photos, I noticed Michael kept looking at me, and smirking, and often winked. I could feel my cheeks burning up a little.

"Mike keeps looking at me!" I said turning to Bryleigh.

"Really!?" She laughed.

She hadn't noticed, because she was too busy looking at Dan.

Just before they guys finished, Michael gave me one more wink, and a smirk, and then they all walked off stage.

I started to get a little nervous, as we still had our Meet and Greet.

"Oh my god!" Bry said doing a little bit of a jump up and down, while we waited in line.

The line slowly got smaller, and smaller, and it was finally our turn to meet the boys. Michael walked straight up to me, giving me a hug.

"Hey.." He smiled.

"Hey.." I smiled going a little red.

"What's your name?" he asked.

"I'm Rebekah.." I smiled.

"Beautiful name.." He said.

"Can I have a photo with you?" I asked.

"Yeah sure.." He smiled standing beside me, as I grabbed my phone from my pocket.

As I went to click to take the photo, he leant in, and kissed my cheek.

I smiled, and we took a couple more photos, and he gave me another hug.

While in the hug, he whispered in my ear.

"I've just put a piece of paper in your pocket.. call me.."

All I could do was nod.

He walked over to Bryleigh, and gave her a hug also, and got a couple of photos with her, while I got photos with Ab, and Dan.

As we were leaving, I turned around, and Michael gave me a little wave, and a smiled, and mouthed, 'call me'. I just smiled, and we walked out.

"I can't believe that! Dan is so much better looking in person! I got him to kiss my cheek for the photo!" Bryleigh smiled.

"I didn't even ask Michael for a kiss, and he gave me one, and I think he also gave.." I started as I rumaged through my pocket for the piece of paper.. "me his number.." I said as I found the paper, and opened it up.

Sure enough, there was his number, along with a 'call me x' I just smiled.

"Oh my god! You have to call him!" Bryleigh demanded.

"I can't.." I smiled.

"and why not?"

"Because we've just left, and he'll still be busy.. I'll call him in a couple of days or something.."

"Oh good point.." She laughed.

We went home, and talked about our day. It was still so exciting, that we'd met them, and that Michael had given me his number. Like, how many famous guys do that, to a fan, they've just met..

Bryleigh went home, and I went to bed, and watched some tv, I got out the piece of paper, and added Michael's number to my phone.

Bryleigh's POV

Oh my god! I couldn't believe today actually happened! I got to met Dan Lewis! I've loved him since the start. I'm not sure if its the way he talks, or his blonde hair, but I've just liked him.

When I got to me him, he was really sweet, and when I was getting a photo I asked is he could kiss my cheek, which he didn't hesitate to do.

He made me a little nervous, but it was nice.

When Rebekah told me that Michael gave her his number, I couldn't believe it! She was so lucky! I wish Dan had given me his number, or something!

Once we got back to Beks, we chatted a bit, and then I went home.

Rebekah's POV


I wasn't sure whether to ring, or text.. I was quiet nervous about calling him, so I sent him a text.

"Hey, Is this Michael Sutthakorn?"

"Ahh yeah.. and this is?"

"Hey! It's Rebekah, from today.. You gave me your number.."

"Oh hey you.. I was hoping to hear from you..:)"

"Oh really?"

"Yes, you were the most beautiful girl in the whole room today.. I couldn't keep my eyes off you..;) x"

"I noticed that.. Don't worry, I couldn't keep my eyes of you either..;) x"
"well that's probably because I was the entertainment.. haha. x"

"That is true.. But still. x"

"So uh.. Is there any chance we could catch up, before we move on with my tour? x"

"Sure! I'd love to.. when? x"

"Tomorrow? 12? x"

"Sounds perfect.. x"

"I better sleep now, I'm so tired.. Sleep tight babe..  night x"

"Night Mikey.."

I was kind of freaking out a little. I was just texting Michael, aaaand I'm meeting up with him tomorrow! Oh! My! God! What!? This sort of thing doesn't happen in real life... Only in the movies..

It took me so long just to go to sleep, but i eventually fell asleep. and then I was woken up by my mother, who needed me to do something. I felt like I'd only just gotten to sleep.

I looked at the clock after helping mum, and it was 8:30am, so I decided to go back to bed for a bit longer..

I woke up again at around 10:30, and went for a shower. I washed my hair, and then dried it once I got out, and did a small quiff. I then walked back to my room in just a towel, and grabbed out a pair of skinny jeans, and a nice t'shirt.

I then walked back to the bathroom, and put on a bit of make-up, and I was ready. I still couldn't get over the fact that I was meeting up with Michael.

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