Cold and Bloody

Anna has a really tough life. With bullies after her from first bell to the last bell. She finally had enough. She believes every word they say. Fat, ugly whore, unwanted and many more. Who are these bullies you may ask well they are the hottest boys in school. Harry, Louis, Zayn, Liam, and Niall. But can one summer change it all..... read to find out. *****COMMENT, LIKE, AND FAVORITE*****


2. Why Me



                                                        Anna's P.O.V



I press the dismiss button on my alarm, Mentally Face palm myself and getting dressed. I pull on some jeans, a red tank top, and a blue jean jacket. put on my regular black sneakers and walk out of my room. When i make it to the kitchen I open the fridge to see.... nothing absolutely nothing. Ugh my dad forgot to go to the store yesterday. I sigh and close the door, I walk to the, close my eyes , sigh and walk though to walk to hell, what i call school. well I walk I always wonder, why me. why is it always me that gets hurt beat up and called names like slut, whore, fate, ugly. that's not even the worst. so that's why at night when everyone's asleep I go into the bathroom grab my best friend, the only person in the world that cares about me wants me to be happy, my razor. Yes, I cut, but its good for you... I think. well anyway here I am about to walk into to hell so i'll be right back.            

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