Job done


1. The story

Stones crunched under foot as she walked towards the house. The House that was what the children of the town called it, abandoned and rotten with dead plants and trees turning to dust under the shoes of those brave (or stupid) enough to approach.
"I dare you to knock on The House's door."
"I dare you to go to the house." It had become almost a tradition for a person to be dared to go to the house at birthday parties or for a joke. No one ever really went. Well except her. She stood on the porch of the old rotting house the floorboards creaking under foot. She raised her hand and knocked on the damp wood with loud thud. No answer. Of course there'd be no answer no one had lived in the house for years. She turned the doorknob and pushed on the door which slowly creaked open. She slowly, gingerly walked inside to a large hallway with a staircase leading to the homes second floor. Her heart skipped a best when she noticed the light shining from underneath a door leading into what she assumed was the front room. Had there been a light at the window? No they'd all been blacked out by curtains he heart thumbed against her ribcage as she watched the doorknob turned and the door slowly opened. A boy stood there holding a plate in one hand, he looked only a year or two older than herself and he had floppy black hair that hung slightly in front of his eyes. 
"I-I'm sorry I-it was a dare and-”
"Oh it's fine,' said the boy shooting her a pearly white grin "I have kids knocking at my door all the time, I'm used to it." The girl swallowed a lump in her throat 
"I'm sorry it's just your house,"
"Looks like a craphole?" 
"No, I-I didn't I'm sorry," the boy chuckled and walked past her placing the plate on a table shoved against the wall. "Let me he guess you were dared to come here by your friends?" The girl nodded and looked at the floor. "Well I can't have you going back to your friends telling them I'm the kind of man that throws a poor girl like you out on the streets in the middle of the night can I?" 
"Oh god, no I'm fine I'll go-" 
"No I insist, go sit in the front room."
"No I'm fine honestly,"
"Go sit in the front room." The girl nodded and walked into the front room throwing her self down onto a small leather sofa, she sat on the edge of her seat her heart beating fast. Why had she not left when she had the chance? The man walked back into the room holding a tray carrying a china tea set. 
"I made some tea for us to drink before you leave," he shot her a pearly white smile and sat down next to her placing the tea tray on the coffee table in front of them. "My name is Derek Hartford by the way," said Derek as he pored the tea into two cups, "what's your name?" 
"Jo," said the girl looking down at the floor "my name is Jo Ellen." Derek handed her one of the cups full of steaming hot tea. 
"Jo Ellen." Her name sounded different when he said it. It sounded beautiful. "Your name is very pretty," her heart beat harder, "t-thank you." Why was such a nice person living in a house like this? She took a sip of tea which tasted of strawberries and honey. "Ouch!" She placed the cup on the table and saw the small spike of china sticking out of handle of the cup. A small drop of blood ran down her thumb. Derek took a deep breath and his grin spread even wider across his face. 
"You smell so nice Jo Ellen." He suddenly turned and grabbed her wrist his fingernails digging into her skin.
"Let me go!" Screeched Jo trying to pull her arm from his grip. 
"Why would I do that?" He started to pull her hand towards his lips planting a kiss on the cut. His eyes turned to a deep ruby red, he turned and pushed her so she was lying on her back. He ran his finger nail down her cheek cutting into her skin before running his tongue over the cut lapping up the blood. Her blood. "This is going to hurt quiet a lot Jo Ellen but it will all be over soon I promise." He grabbed her chin slowly turning her head to the side leaving her neck exposed. His skin pressed against hers was so cold it caused her to shiver and his mouth was hanging open slightly revealing two long sharp fangs. He bit slowly down into her neck causing pain to shoot through her body. He licked at the wound pressing his body against hers.
"So this is how you do it," said Jo breathing heavily as the vampire suckled at her neck. "Using the legend of a abandoned house to your advantage to lure your victims here and drain them dry." She slowly reaching into her coat pocket pulling out a small pocket knife. He was to distracted feeding that he didn't notice as she reached her hand behind him before pulling it down on her neck cutting off his head and watching as the creature exploded into dust. She stood up slowly pressing her hand against the bite on her neck and using her free hand to brush the remains of the creature from her clothes. 
"Job done."


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