Bloody Secrets

"That’s when I saw it. The most terrifying thing I had witnessed the whole day. My eyes widened, as I saw a gun sting up from his back pocket"

One night is gonna change her whole life. Will she survive? And how many bloody secrets are hidden behind the surface? This girl got many.


1. Party, all night long!

I had been lonely, like never before when we moved to Stratford. Sometimes I still am. Sometimes I still feel like the big gap in my stomach is on its way back, but now I at least have Alexa. I wish I would never have to feel the loneliness again. I would at some point, I was convinced about that. When I was done with High School we were gonna move to a new city again, and I would like always feel like I had been left by everyone on Mars, but this time I had made a deal with myself. I needed to stop focusing of what I was gonna lose when we were gonna move to the next city, and focus on what I had right now. I couldn’t keep pushing everyone away, just because I knew I was going to leave them again. I needed them in my life even if it was just for a short while. By them I mean Alexa.

That’s why my feet know were on their dangerous way down the stairs. A little squeak from a step and I would be caught. I swallowed every time my feet took a step further. This was probably complete suicide, but every step I made was a step closer to the front door and my only opportunity to get out of this hellhole of a house. When they had made their way down the stairs, my legs carried on through the front door and out into the darkness of the night. As I went down the streets, I finally could let out a breath I didn’t even know I had kept inside. ‘Yes, I have just sneaked out of my house to go to a party,’ I kept thinking to myself, and for every time I said those words they seemed even more crazy. I swung my head down and gathered my long dark-brown hair in a loose ponytail. I had felt like I was gonna explode of warmth when I was inside, but as I approached a high pumping bass blasting through a pair of speakers I could feel the heat growing.    

“You made it,” a high pitched voice screamed at me from behind. My whole body turned around in matters of seconds in chock, until I realized it was just Alexa.

“I could never miss it for the world!” a smile grew at my lips as I answered her.

Without another word to each other we made our way inside, and it did not take long before I had drunk the first beer in my entire life. It’s not that I actually found the disgusting liquid tasty, but I needed to have a little fun.

The time went by, and by the stares from everyone around me I could tell I became even drunker. At that point I couldn’t care less, and I continued the little party of mine.

“Hey Syd, having fun?” Alexa made her way to me through the crowd of laughing, dancing and drinking people.

“Hell yeah! I’m having the time of my life,” even though my stomach told me else, I screamed the words out.

“I’m going home now as that party killer I am, but you must have fun!” she grinned at her own little mark.

“See yeah,” I gave her a side hug, and threw another drink down my throat. The bad taste didn’t irritate as much as it did in the start. Alexa turned away from the hug, and reeled out of the backyard the party was held at.

After a couple of hours everyone seemed to make their way home, and I found myself doing the same. As I went down the streets I suddenly forgot how I had ended up there. Strange, I thought to myself as I furrowed my brows trying my hardest to remember. When nothing seemed to come to me I started banking my head down in my hands as if it was gonna help me. I sighed frustrated when nothing helped. I threw my arms in the air and looked down the dark streets of Stratford. I had no idea where in this stupid city I was, and I had no idea what direction I needed to walk to get home. When realization hit me I couldn’t help but shed a tear. I had no place to go for the night. I had no one to talk to, and my parents were gonna find out about all of this when they woke up and find an empty bed. As the thoughts sank in more tears started to stream down my face. I couldn’t stop them. My stomach churned from all the alcohol. My mind became one blur, and I couldn’t take it anymore. I wanted to get home. I needed to get home. The tears streamed down my cheeks like a waterfall. I buried my head in hands, as I sat down on a stone door step. I hoped whoever owned the house didn’t mind, because the last thing I needed right now was trouble. Then everything went black.

My sweaty body woke up on a tiny couch, and my nails were buried in the cloth it was made of. I had never seen the couch before, and neither had I seen the rest of the room I was laying in. I tried to sit up to get a better looking, but a sudden pain in my forehead made me fall heavy back down to my precious position. My body screamed for help, as I could feel the effect of the alcohol taking over. I gulped down, and lay my hand carefully on my pounding forehead. My whole body was covered of sweat, and my stomach kept complaining of the poison (the alcohol) I had filled it with.

“Feeling dizzy? Headache? I guess someone got a little bit too much to drink yesterday. By the way I’m Jazmyn.” A girl around my age, with long light-brown hair, brown eyes and not pretty high, made her way to the couch I was laying on. Her eyes were filled with joy, and her skinny jeans and short top which showed an inch of her stomach, made her seem confident and mature.

To answer her question I lifted my head slowly up and down in a nod. Her face lid up in a smile, when she saw my scared expression. That’s when I realized that my parents were probably freaking out right now, and I was gonna be in so much trouble when I got home. My face was filled with worry as I looked towards my phone on the coffee table.

“Oh my god, my parents must be-” I didn’t get a chance to finish the sentence before the girl, which was apparently named Jazmyn, interrupted me.

 “Don’t even start! I found your phone, called your mom, and said I was your friend from school, and you went to my house early because we needed to work on a project. You’re not in trouble; even though she seemed a little suspicious it wasn’t you calling. You’re welcome!” Jazmyn’s smile grew on her lips, as she watched me frown on the couch.

I had no idea what I should think or say, neither did I have an idea of who the hell this girl was, and what the hell I was doing on her couch. I didn’t know if I should be scared or thankful. My mind was one big blur, and if anyone demanded me to decide anything at that point they must have been out of their mind. Why was this girl, so kind to me and yet again so mysterious? My nails dug even deeper into the cloth of the couch as I decided to be afraid of this girl. Drops of perspiration showed on my forehead, as I tried to keep calm. Anyway nothing seemed to work.

“Who are you?” the words came out of my mouth like a low whisper, but I was convinced she had heard it. My heartbeat was fast, but my body was numb. If I needed to escape it wouldn’t be a possibility, ‘cause by body was too much of a wreck.

“You fell asleep on our doorstep. We decided it would be nice to take you with us into the warmth. We have been taking care of you since. By us I mean me and my mom, Pattie. We’re not gonna hurt you. At normal circumstances I would have asked you the same question, but I saw you at the party,” Jazmyn smiled kind to me as she pushed me to lie down on the couch.

“Now you are gonna lie down and get some sleep, and I need to leave. I promised my mom I would help her on work as soon as you woke up,” Jazmyn continued as she threw a TV remote at me. Her warm brown eyes glanced back at me once more before she turned around and were on her way out.

“Jazmyn wait!” I almost screamed the words out, as I sat up which resulted in my head almost cracking of the sudden pain.


“Thank you,” despite the pain, I managed to get a little smile on my lips anyway. She looked at me with an amused smile on her lips.

“Just try to not break anything while I’m gone,” We both cracked up. Humorless wasn’t a word to describe her with.

“I will!”

Everything went silent, when Jazmyn turned around and left the room. It gave me good time to look around. The walls were covered by pictures. Most of them were of Jazmyn and a little guy I assumed must be her little brother. Exactly as Jazmyn his hair was light-brown and he had the most amazing, cute, big, brown eyes. The dining table was made of dark-brown wood, as well as the chairs and the cabinet. It all seemed pretty old-fashioned. The couch I was laying seemed pretty old as well.


I whipped my head around to find a guy standing in the hallway taking his leather jacket off. His jeans were hanging extremely low, and he wore a couple of big Supra shoes. In a sudden rush I could have fallen from the couch, he turned around.

“What the hell?” he looked straight at me. He clenched his jaw, and his eyes blazed with anger.

I swallowed hard before I had the guts to answer his question.

“I-I’m a friend of Jazmyn,” was all I managed to get out. He didn’t seem too pleased by it, but he let it go. Without as much as a word more to me, he turned around on his heel. I clung to the couch, and my insides screamed. The tension hung in the air. That’s when I saw it. The most terrifying thing I had witnessed the whole day. My eyes widened, as I saw a gun sting up from his back pocket. 

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