Caught In The Heat Of August

Caught in the Heat if August. August Alsina to be exact. He played so many girls and I said I'd never be one of them. But I am. I'm scared he's gonna play me. He seems faithful to me but then again that's what his other relationships seemed like. I don't wanna be played, especially not by August. I don't even know how were together. I don't understand anything now that I'm with August. But I do know know that he's really not all that bad. At least not from the August I've seen. *an August Alsina fan fiction*


1. Prologue


Kayla's POV

My phone rings. I roll to the other side of my bed and answer it.


"Wassup Baby!"


"Alright, alright. wassup babe." He chuckles

I scoff into the phone.

"Kayla, I'm just fucking with you."

"I know you are. So what do you want August?"

"I wanna chill with my best friend."

"Chill, you know what they say when a guy just wanna 'chill'."

"I mean if that's how you wanna chill then shit, we can chill." He laughs


"I'm just fucking with you damn. So we gonna chill or nah?"

"Sure. My place or yours?"

"Don't matter."

"Well, I'm to lazy to get up so, my place it is."

"Alright, I'll be right over." He laughs before hanging up the phone.

I place my phone screen side up on my end table. I yawn, letting out a big scream. I stand up and walk to my closet and grab my white, purple and light blue tie dye sleeveless t-shirt with a white alien that says 'far out' on it, and throw it on. I squeeze into a pair of light blue skinny jeans and slip on some white ankle socks. I head downstairs, pulling my long black hair onto a high ponytail. I enter my kitchen and grab a bowl of fruity pebbles with milk. I pull out a stool and begin eating.

"Fuck, I forgot to grab my phone." I say dropping my spoon into my bowl.

I run upstairs and grab it off of the dresser. I have 4 texts. They're all from August.

"Hey wanna grub?"

"Wanna smoke?"

"I'm here."

"When you gonna let me in nigga?"

I laugh at the last one and head downstairs to let him in. I see his light skin ass hiding from the sun on my porch.

"What, light skin nigga forgot his sunscreen?" I laugh letting him in.

"Nah but you take mad long to open doors." He says walking in.

"Sorry I was eating some fruity pebbles and I forgot my phone upstairs." I shrug, entering the kitchen to retrieve my bowl.

I hear August let out a sigh before collapsing on my couch. I grab my bowl and take a seat near August.

"So what are we gonna do?" I say drinking some of the milk from my bowl.

August gives me a smile that already tells me what he wants to do.



"No August."

"Please." He whines

"Fine." I sigh placing my bowl on the coffee table before he places his warm hand on my thigh.

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